Top 2 Characters You Play Best With In These Game.

MK1: Scorpion and Liu Kang
MK2: Sub-Zero and Scorpion
MK3: Reptile and Sektor
UMK3: Reptile and Scorpion
MKT: Rain and Scorpion
MK4: Scorpion and Reptile
MKDA: Never played it.
MKD: Havik and Scorpion
MKA: Noob Saibot and Ermac
MKvsDC: [MK Side] Sub-Zero and Scorpion; [DC Side] Joker and Green Lanturn
MK9: Ermac and Sub-Zero

(But my two favorites are Ermac and Scorpion)
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MK1: SubZero/Scorpion
MK2: Kung Lao/Baraka
MK3: Kabal/Sektor
UMK3: Kabal/Smoke
MKT: Kabal/Smoke
MK4: SubZero/Scorpion
MKDA: Hsu Hao
MKD: Kenshi/Ermac
MKvsDC: who cares
MK9: Sektor/Ermac
MK1: Scorpion and Liu Kang
MK2: Kung Lao and Liu Kang
MK3/UMK3/MKT: Sub-Zero and Sheeva
MK4: Never played enough to get good with anyone
MKDA: Never played enough to get good with anyone
MKD: Never played enough to get good with anyone
MKA: Reiko and my Kreate-a-Kharacters
MKvsDC: Never played it
MK2011: Scorpion and Kitana
MK1:Johnny Cage & Sub-Zero
MK2: Johnny Cage & Liu Kang
MK3: Sub-Zero & Cyrax
UMK3: Smoke & Stryker
MKT: Smoke & Chameleon
MK4: Johnny Cage & Sub-Zero
MKDA: Johnny Cage & Shang Tsung
MKD: Sub-Zero & Liu Kang
MKA: KAF & Johnny Cage
MKvsDC: MK: Sub-Zero & Liu Kang
DC: Captain Marvel & Green Lantern
MK9: Johnny Cage & Sub-Zero
MK1 - Johnny Cage & Scorpion
MK2 - Johnny Cage & Mileena
MK3 - Never played.
UMK3 - Stryker & Rain
MK Trilogy - Johnny Cage & Rain
MK 4 - Johnny Cage & Sonya
MK DA - Johnny Cage & Kenshi
MKD - Didn't play enough.
MKA - Johnny Cage
MK9 - Johnny Cage & Sonya
MK1: Scorpion/Sub Zero
MK2: Reptile/Scorpion
MK3: Cyrax/No idea
UMK3: Reptile/Scorpion
MK4: Reptile/Scorpion
MKD: Scorpion/No idea
MKA: Reptile/Scorpion
MK Vs DC: Superman/Scorpion
MK9: Reptile/Scorpion
mk1: sub zero and scorpion
mk2: baraka and mileena
mk3: sub zero and cyrax
umk3: sub zero and smoke
mkt: sub zero and noob saibot
mk4: quan chi
mkda: quan chi
mkd: mileena and ermac
mka: quan chi and sub zero
mk vs dcu: sub zero and batman
mk9: quan chi and ermac
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MK1: SubZero/Raiden
MK2: Mileena/Baraka
MK3: Cyrax/Sektor
UMK3: Cyrax/Smoke
MKT: --never played.
MK4:Quan chi/Tanya
MKDA:--didnt play much
MKD: -- '' ''
MKvsDC:Sub zero/Batman
MK9: Quan chi/johnny cage
mk1: sub and scorp
mk2: mileena and kitana
umk3: jade and kitana
mk4: reiko and tanya
mkda: kitana and scorpion
mkd: scorpion and ermac
mka: KAK and mavado
mkvdc: kitana and flash
mk9: kitana and johnny
Mk3: Cyrax and ?
MkDA: Reptile and Cyrax
MkD: Noob-Smoke and Scorpion
MkA: Smoke and Reptile
MkvsDC: Scorpion and Baraka
Mk2011: Reptile and Noob
MK1: None
MK2: None
MK3: Sektor and Liu Kang
UMK3: Sektor, and Kabal
MKT: Sektor, and Rain
MK4: Shinnok and Liu Kang
MKGold: Shinnok and Tanya
MKDA: Li Mei and Mavado
MKD: Kira and Dairou
MKA: Scorpion and Drahmin
MKvsDC: The Flash and Shao Kahn
MK9: Sektor and Scorpion
MK1: Johnny Cage & Scorpion
MK2: Shang Tsung & Mileena
MK3: Cyber-Smoke & Mileena
UMK3: Cyber-Smoke & Mileena
MKT: Cyber-Smoke & Mileena
MK4: Johnny Cage & Shinnok
MKGold: Cyrax & Shinnok
MKDA: Shang Tsung & Frost
MKD: Mileena & Ermac
MKA: Mileena & Ermac
MKvsDC: Shang Tsung & Scorpion
MK9: Mileena & Shang Tsung
MK1: Sub-Zero & Liu Kang
MK2: Sub-Zero & Reptile
MK3: Sub-Zero & Cyrax
UMK3: Sub-Zero & Cyber-Smoke
MKT: Classic Sub-Zero & Shang Tsung
MK4: Sub-Zero & Reiko
MKGold: Sub-Zero & Kung Lao
MKDA: Sub-Zero & Scorpion
MKD: Sub-Zero & Scorpion
MKA: Sub-Zero & Reptile
MKvsDC: Sub-Zero & Scorpion
MK9: Sub-Zero & Scorpion
I will update this when I get the chance to play MKAK, but I already know one. It's just a matter of the 2nd one.

MK1: Liu Kang/TBA
MK2: Liu Kang/TBA
UMK3: Liu Kang/TBA
MK4: Liu Kang/Quan Chi (Haven't got to play the console one, going off the game boy edition)
MK:DA: Kenshi/Li Mei
MK:D: Liu Kang/Shujinko
MK:A: Liu Kang/CaF
MK vs DC: Liu Kang/The Flash
MK9: Liu Kang/Kenshi
MK1: Sub Zero & Scorpion
MK2: Sub Zero & Reptile
MK3: Sub Zero & Smoke
UMK3: Classic Sub Zero & Ermac
MKT: Noob Saibot & Rain
MK4: Sub Zero & Kai
MKG: Noob Saibot & Cyrax
MKDA: Kenshi & Drahmin
MKD: Havik & Sub Zero
MKU: Havik & Blaze
MKA: Havik & Noob
MK: Sub Zero & Jax
DCU: Flash & Deathstroke
MK9: Noob & Sub Zero

MKSM: Sub Zero