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  • Lol, hell yeah, sorry late response but I remember that night having so much fun with MK! Got to do that again sometime soon dude.
    I'm on TYM, but I rarely post. I just lurk read info here and there, then leave. The Jade thread people when I started up in there were SOOO closed minded to my Jade strategy they wouldn't even give it a shot. So **** em.
    So for MK9 examples: I wish Flagg would chime in on this as well.

    Do you think the American vs EU stuff helps EU's growth in MK9? Them wanting to show us up? or do you think Zoidberg/Flagg or anyone. That it drives them away?

    that's what i'm referring to.
    I just was not sure at the time, I will be having a big schedule coming up this next month. I work 8-9 hours a day, mornings or nights, plus I am trying to go back to college for spring so, my time is really going to be consumed. But I will do my best to participate.
    Oh man, I did not know you dropped me from the team until Zoid told me over Live. I did not say I could not do it, I just was not sure. I can still do it, but I have a very busy schedule ahead of me. Not just busy but unpredictable.
    I do not know if I can participate. My January will be very busy. I do not know if I will be working AM or PM, it is all over the place, and I talked to my friends, and they said they have not practiced, so I will count them unreliable. I would feel more comfortable in a single player tournament where I only have to worry about myself. I need more people. I will be gone for the next ten days so, I we need to figure something out. I commend you for your amazing work.
    What does the Team Captain all entitle? I guess I would have to be! I have to get the OK again, one said yes, but this was a a couple weeks ago and have not heard since, and the other still no word, we are just always working opposite times. I will be gone for a while this coming weds, but I will be back before the tourny, hopefully we can make more progress on this.
    Call me crazy but I bet if I took 40 babies to an island and raised them to believe Barney the dinosaur is a god, and if you disobey his teachings you will drown forever as your torment with no air. But if you follow his teachings of love you get to live happily ever after in his magical land. Really think Jesus is going to show himself? NO that's why there are so many different religions otherwise we'd all be on the same page no?
    that's what I got from his post. He was making it sound like christains grow up to be christains because of genes. He may have ment to say it out EKS said it. But it didn't come out that way to me.

    I'm not religious as this may sound arrogant. But the more I learned HISTORY, history of religion even took two courses of that. And the More I can use critical thinking and logic. The LESS I believed in God. Too many unanswered questions and false-info givin to me.

    I once asked "So what happens to people who live out of society and never heard of jesus?"

    He replied "Jesus shows himself to you at somepoint in your life it's up to you to accept him"
    Ok, I agree with that. But that is such a insignifcant amount of input for that thread.

    Genes affecting your religion is like maybe .5% compared to the 99.5% of environmental/society influence.

    Fake numbers I made up, but that's how small I feel that makes a difference, and it isn't even worth really bringing up. Unless you talk about it in the sense EKS did.
    So you don't think we're more of a Tabula Rasa? all stemming from life experiences?

    when it comes to behavior?
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