Top 2 Characters You Play Best With In These Game.

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MK1: Liu Kang and Sub-Zero

MK2: Liu Kang and Raiden

MK3: Liu Kang and Sub-Zero

UMK3: Liu Kang and Sub-Zero (klassic)

MKT: Liu Kang and Cyrax

MK4: Liu Kang and Sub-Zero

MKDA: Sub-Zero and Kung Lao

MKD: Liu Kang and Sub-Zero

MKSM: Liu Kang and Kung Lao

MKA: Liu Kang and Kung Lao

MKvsDC: Liu Kang and Sub-Zero(Overall)

-DC side: Flash and Green Latern
-Mortal Kombat side: Liu Kang and Sub-Zero

MK9: Liu Kang and Sub-Zero.
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MK1:Liu Kang&Scorpion
MK2:Liu Kang&Scorpion
MK3:Liu Kang&Sub Zero
UMK3:Liu Kang&Scorpion
MKT:Liu Kang&Scorpion
MK4:Liu Kang&Scorpion
MKD:Liu Kang&Scorpion
MKA:Liu Kang&KAF
MKvsDC:Liu Kang&Scorpion
MK1:Sub-Zero & Scorpion
MK2:Reptile & Sub-Zero
MK3:Sub-Zero & Kano
UMK3:Classic Sub-Zero & Smoke
MKT:Scorpion & MK2 Jax
MK4:Scorpion & Reptile
MKDA:Scorpion & Cyrax
MKD:Ermac & Sub-Zero
MKSM:Reptile & Liu Kang
MKA:Sub-Zero & Motaro
MKvsDC:Scorpion & Joker
MK1: Sub-Zero & Raiden
MK2: Reptile &Sub-Zero
MK3: Cyrax & Sub-Zero
UMK3:Cyrax & Sub-Zero
MKT: +Noob Saibot
MK4: Sub-Zero & Scorpion
MKDA: Scorpion & Kung Lao
MKD:Ermac & Scorpion
MKA: Shang Tsung & Scorpion
MKvsDC:Liu Kang & Scorpion
MK2011: Sub-Zero & Scorpion
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mk1: scorpin & JC
mk2: baraka & JC
mk3: sub zero & sektor
umk3: sektor & subzero
mkt: never played
mk4: raiden & JC
mkda: liu kang & JC
mkd: subzero & cyrax
mka: raiden & JC
mk vs dc: raiden & the joker
MK1: Scorpion & Sub-Zero
MK2: Baraka & Scorpion
MK3: Sub-Zero & Liu Kang
UMK3: Scorpion & Sub-Zero
MKT: Baraka & Sub-Zero
MK4: Scorpion & Sub-Zero
MK:DA: Scorpion & Kung Lao
MK:D: Scorpion & Liu Kang
MK:A: Scorpion & Liu Kang
MK Vs. DC: Scorpion & Sub-Zero
MK1: Scorpion and Sub-Zero
MK2: Kitana and Scorpion
MK3: Smoke and Sub-Zero
UMK3: Human Smoke and Scorpion (almost said Ermac, since he's in a higher tier than Scorpion, but I really don't play as him enough)
MKT: Human Smoke and Noob Saibot (broken mother****er that he is)
MK4/G: Scorpion and Kitana
MKDA: Scorpion and Kitana
MKD: Scorpion and Jade
MKA: Scorpion and Kitana
MK vs. DC: Scorpion and Kitana

A bit redundant for the last few games, I know.
MK1: Sub-Zero(the only guy I ever managed to finish the game with) & Liu Kang
MK2: Kitana & Liu Kang
MK3: Nightwolf & Liu Kang
MK4: Scorpion & Liu Kang
MKDA: Scorpion & Kitana
MKD: Scorpion & Ashrah(yes, it is true. I'm great with Ashrah)
MKSM: Kung Lao & Scorpion
MKA: Scorpion & Kitana
MK vs DC: Scorpion & Deathstroke
MK1: Sonya and Sub-Zero (Though I don't play as Sub-Zero very much. I just like doing his spine rip.)
MK2: Kitana and Mileena
MK3: Sindel and Sonya
MKT: Jade and Sonya (With the one button combo and one button fatality secrets.)
MK4: Tanya and Sonya
MKG: Kitana and Tanya
MKDA: Nitara and Kitana
MKD: Jade and Mileena
MKSM: Kung Lao and Kitana
MKA: Jade and Mileena
MKvsDCU: Kitana and Catwoman (Overall)
MK side- Kitana and Sonya
DC side- Catwoman and Wonder Woman

Yup. I love doing the female roles. ;-)
MK2 Liu Kang- Sub-Zero
MKT Noob Saibot Scorpion
MK4 Liu Kang Scorpion
MKDA: Scorpion Kung-lao
MKD Liu Kang Scorpion
MK vs DC liu kang
MK (2011) Liu Kang
MK 1 : Sub and Scorp
MK 2 : Sub and Scorp
MKT : Ermac and Noob
MKDA : Sub and Scorp
MKA : Noob and Ermac
MKvsDC : Sub and Scorp

Noob is also going to be my MK 2011 main
MK1: Raiden & Sub-Zero
MK2: Raiden & Sub-Zero
MK3: Sub-Zero & Sheeva
MKT: MK 1 Raiden & MK 2 Raiden
MK4: Raiden & Quan Chi
MKG: Raiden & Quan Chi
MKDA: Raiden & Quan Chi
MKD: Raiden & Sub-Zero
MKSM: Kung Lao & Liu Kang
MKA: Raiden & Kintaro
MK side- Raiden & Scorpion
DC side- Superman & Batman
MK1: Sub-Zero, Raiden
MK2: Sub-Zero, Reptile
UMK3: Sub-Zero, Liu Kang
MKTrilogy: The Original Sub-Zero, Rain(lol I was really good with him)
MK4: Sub-Zero, Scorpion
MKDA: Sub-Zero, Quan chi(My second favorite character)
MKD: Sub-Zero, Noob-Smoke
MKA: Sub-Zero, Sektor and Rain are tied
MKvsDC: Sub-Zero, Sonya
MK1: Scorpion & Sub-Zero
MK2: Scorpion & Sub-Zero
MK4: Scorpion & Sub-Zero
MKDA: Scorpion & Quan Chi
MKD: Scorpion & Liu Kang
MKA: Scorpion & Smoke
MK: Scorpion & Baraka
DC: Batman & Flash
MK9: Scorpion & Johnny Cage

I <3 Scorpion lol.
mk2: Jax and Baraka
mk4: quan chi and fujin
MK DA: Dramin and Cyrax
MK D: Baraka and the fat guy