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  • It'll be August for me. I'm super pumped. I saw the dates yesterday and only saw St. Louis. I was debating it until a friend of mine posted an event on Facebook that said he was going to see them in Lawrence (where I saw SP for the first time) so I rechecked the dates and there we were near the bottom. Thank god I saw that before I made the final decision to see them in St. Louis lol.
    KMFDM is going on tour again and they're stopping here in Kansas. Definitely going to see them. Is there any dates near you?
    Yeah I just got a laptop but it can handle TF2 and CS:GO, that is all I really want to play. Just getting ready to move to Orlando on the 17th. I been to quite a few shows.. Dog Fashion Disco (actually flew to Baltimore and partied with them, got my name on the new album!), Psychostick, One-Eyed Doll, Electric Six, sure there are more! Hope to see DFD again when I get to Florida on the 20th!

    How has TF2 got to ridiculous? I have not played in about a year.
    I have warmed up to Rabies as of late. I'm still not too fond of Hexonxonx (which was cool live though) and Two Time Grime, but the more synth string songs with the horror themes are pretty cool, and Fascist Jock Itch awesome, but the real treats in Rabies are Worlock and Rodent is a fvcking beast of a jam.
    He will be a legit character, it's from the guys making Project M. He was gliding around like superman lol. I didn't explore him much. But he was fully playable with his own moves.
    lol nice,

    Well I saw Knuckles as a playable character on this copy.

    It's decently sized over here too. bigger than both brawl and melee, cuz it brings players from both worlds.
    Not even shitting you a friend brought over a developer copy of Project M. IF you want to know what I saw, Ill tell you.

    But if you'd rather be surprised. I'll hold it.
    I have a friend who's good friends with one of the programmers for Project M.

    They can make trophies playable characters too, if they want. Heard they might do lynn that Green aired chick assist trophy.

    I was kind of hoping Greyfox :D
    I play FOR melee, but alot of times Project M is ran side by side with Melee. so I play it often. like 90% of my melee skills carry over so I always do well in it.

    Project M here in pensacola had like 30 people enter it once.

    Dat Bowser super armor though lolol.
    lol I remember you saying you saw this little kid with a picture of "the Titans"

    And when I saw this image I instantly remembered you talking about that and the kid probably watching this shit LOL

    Nah girl, I have the black one too :slug:

    I actually played it a few days ago. Ninja Gaiden 3. Hard as shit, gave up pretty early. Also have the Pro Controller, the official one. Still don't really like it. It feels like a shitty 3rd party 360 controller. But it's a lot better than playing fast paced games with a TV dinner in my hands. Can't wait for Smash, but I'm more excited for Mario Kart.

    If you ever want to add me so we can compare NintenDogs scores, I think my tag is Captain_Planet69
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