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  • That's good stuff man! I'm doin the same ol thing, stationed in Colorado. Leaving to be stationed in the Middle East very soon, kinda nervous but I'm ready
    Nothing much man. I've been getting into a lot of fighting games lately. Like Smash Melee, MvC, KOF, and SF. But I fell in love with Smash and KoF. I'm really stoke for MK:X. I'm starting college this fall! And i'm still dancing.
    hey baby, why don't you bend over and let me inspect you? i mean....fck, inside voice came out.
    Mike!! Oh, I've missed you! I probably suck so hard right now. Give me like 15 minutes, I still have to do some things real quick.
    I remember watching one of your matches on Spooky's stream, man your Cage is badass.
    144 is a good number for MK9. The ones around me are no bigger than 30.

    But Pig of the Hut, and Redd live only 4 hours away from me.
    What state are those located in? I usually go to about 1-2 a year. I just don't got the money to spam plane flights. ONly been to two MK9 Tourneys. CEO and Impact Clash the one where Chris G was blown up by a Smoke player in a set.

    I might go to the other CEO, but not sure. I kinda hate going to a regional tournament and only playing MK9. I don't play SFIV or UMvC3, So I usually rely on Melee being there along with MK9 so I got two events to enter.
    How often you go to offline tournaments and how far are you usually willing to travel? We're both East Coast, If you go to tournaments, we might meet one day for a offline reactionairy BATTLE the way MK9 should be.

    I can't punish Raiden's teleport as hard online w/o "predicting/guessing", offline I can just watch it happen then punish it accordingly. And I'm sure you're the same way. I could definitely tell you were waiting for my mistakes, which did come. But because reaction online doesn't work that good, you ate stuff you shouldn't have.

    I'd like to see your reactionairy skills offline sometime :p
    That is pretty much why I dropped Baraka for the tourney. Instead of blade charge I would be doing b2 and uppercut, which is as punishable as Mileena's ball roll.

    And yeah the online meta game just makes it so unreliable, which is why I was so surprised how salty Saix and Treadmill were over a friendly online tourneyXD
    It works some of the time. The timing for getting out of JC's frame traps online are inconsistent at best. Was just trying to prove a point that people need to learn the game instead of whining and crying.
    Sup guy, heard you had a sick cage and Cage is my worst match up. You wouldn't mind playing a few games against me so I can learn the match up better? o-o

    Not now, but later sometime today :)
    I've posted this here as your mailbox is full, but I sent a cc of this to Treadmill and Tama Tones:

    As you guys know, it is only the three of you left and there can be only one!!!

    As you are all involved in finals, the L Bracket Final AND the Grand Final will be a best of 7 (first to win 4).

    Mike will be playing the winner of Treadmill and Tama Tones match today. Remember guys, this is Double Elimination which means yes, you will have to eliminate Mike TWICE to win, so in effect, you have to take 8 games off him, where as he only needs to take 4 off of you to take the whole thing.

    It's been an awesome tournament. The quality of players has been much better this time round and it'd be nice to see you guys come back for a third one.

    Anyways, thanks for your participation in this guys, even though there is no "cash prize", this has still been fun and competitive. Thanks again.
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