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  • Thanks a lot for the congrats my Friend, and yes I promise to use my powers wisely. I was honestly shocked when Pat offered me to become one because I thought there were more deserving people than me. But here I am, and I won't let anyone down!
    Yeah good Deathstroke you have. I use to play him but he don't fit my playstyle really since he mostly a zoner like Sinestro.

    Haha thanks! My main is Superman but sometimes get hate for using him though lol but co main Zod and also use Bane too :)
    I really hope Red Hood becomes DLC so I can use him too lol.

    Anytime you want to play Injustice let me know I think I have you added on PSN. Also still play MK9 too. Is your favorite MK character Liu Kang too?
    Jason Todd was the next Robin and, like Dick, his parents were killed and he was adopted by Bruce. Eventually, Jason was killed by the Joker. He came back as the Red Hood (which Joker was before, Jason was the new one). Bruce wasn't really that much of a dick to him, lol, but when Jason returned as the Red Hood, he was against Batman.
    Dick Grayson is the first Robin, lol.

    He didn't want to live in Batman's shadow anymore so he joined Teen Titans.
    Not all the time but there are times when he and Dick disagree. Dick eventually goes off to be his own person (Nightwing).
    hahaha, well, it isn't so much that he is a dick to him because he feels like it. Bruce Wayne eventually adopts Dick Grayson, but, as Dick grew older, he and Bruce clashed on things. Dick had one way of doing things, Bruce had another way.

    Dick is kinda cawky, lol, and Bruce generally worries about him and doesn't want him to get hurt. In the end, though, it's Bruce's fault because he was the one who asked if Dick wanted to be his sidekick.

    Think of it as more of a stern father being upset at his son.
    Thank you! You are very kind and polite. The friend that I deserve. :)

    Also, be sure to delete some of your PMs because I couldn't respond to you through there. lol ;)
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