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  • Hey man I just noticed I don't have you as a friend on PSN! :laugh:
    I'll add you tonight, would you be down for some 1vs1 MK?
    Before quitting MK9 you should give atleast 1 offline tournament a shot. A real good one like Devastation or something. I'm curious to see how well you'll do.
    Although I found that post about trolling people online slightly disturbing. I like your "Learn to deal with the high tiers through learning" attitude.

    We seem to share similar opinions of the higher tiers. People are always so quick to scream NERF before exploring EVERYTHING themselves. I wonder how many people actually had a raiden teleport. And tried every move/every option before going to the boards crying? I bet barely anyone on this site.
    u fought my kratos what did u think ur kitana was vary vary good just asking i've never fought him against cage so i would like to kno how u thought i fared against u?
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