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  • Really sad how the TRMK "scene" fell through. We were so much more successful for MK9. Even Injustice had people sticking around for gameplay. These new cats though just want to argue about why their favorite character should be in the game. I swear to god I'm so sick of hearing about Fujin I hope that oxygen completely disappears from our planet.
    Hahaha I forgot I posted that. Yeah, I'm definitely hard for "Sektor". Did you see the gameplay trailer that dropped Tuesday? Alien looks like a beast. I'm really curious how that assist call works. That second Xeno that drops from the sky seems to thrash around for a bit before it jumps away.
    I'm not the person to ask this, MKX is really balanced comparatively so it isn't as blatantly obvious. But I would personally say
    Tempest Kung Lao
    Royal Storm Kitana
    Qu Ten Predator
    Heavy Weapons Jax
    Summoner Quan Chi

    Please keep in mind though, I really don't keep up with the tournament scene anymore. I'm just an online warrior.
    I believe we had a few disagreements, although it was too long ago to remember specifically. What matters though is how disagreements are handled.

    So behind all your knowledge of the games that you play, you're a casual?! Blasphemy. Kinda random, but I'm starting to explore Psychology and Philosophy now, at one point in time I had no interest in either of the two, but now I love to read more about them.
    Phagboy, Have you seen that French bread game called Under Night In Birth? It looks hella hype in tournament, all the East Coast guys are grinding it out until the official release.
    Hey, thanks for the suggestions Crit!

    I think I have the Ghost in the Shell movie on my computer actually, intending to someday be watched xD I'll start looking into all of those :D
    That was thanks to the patch.
    It use to be 6-4 NS favor but I got them buffs now lol
    You sent me a 16 long video to watch?
    I'll watch it after some Fairy Tail episodes
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