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  • Wow, sorry for the one month late reply, been ages since I even last came here too. o_O But yeah, you're welcome. :)
    Yeah, that was me! Lol, thanks, bro. I haven't played Injustice in a while. I been playing my PS2 and gameboy lately. Figured I go play with you guys. I'm gonna get back into it though. Your Zod is sick though!
    man of Steel Zod is gonna happen of course.

    Anyway after teeth? B+3, J2, 3, 2 Blooming Flower
    Yes the unblockable setups.
    My body is so ready

    You just gotta wait for Pat I guess
    You don't have a pocket Batman?
    Though you played a good Deathstroke too. You just need them combos and frame traps.

    Yeah as cool as Check's teeth combos are they are impractical

    Also I am hyped for Zod as well!
    That was back when people didn't know much about the game, and now.. 2 years later the game evolved and became a Kabal Fest, and No, I don't care because I have love for my character.

    Lmao, Can't wait man.
    Eh, She was strong, but a lot of character shitted on her for free.

    OMG, YES! Gears is so hype on a competitive level.

    Soon my friend, soon. :]
    I played Mileena the most, and eventually picked up other characters to cover her bad match ups or match ups I didn't feel comfortable playing with Mileena.

    Competitive CoD is Godly, TBH. It's just braindead on a casual level, I never got the chance to play Gamebattles with a legit MW2 team or BOII Team.

    No, I play on the Sexbox, but I'm getting a PS4 when it releases.
    I started in 2011, just 2 years ago. I jumped straight into MK9 and I don't regret it at all, man.

    I'm trying to get into other fighters, but it's hard because I'm so used to that MK style of play where everything is fast pace and requires quick thinking.. AE is too slow, but I'm trying to adapt. I don't like 3D fighters as much as I do 2D, the whole back dash canceling, Side stepping stuff isn't all that hype IMO.

    Yes, It is funny playing competitively and being able to compete with players who are better, and yea Fighters aren't braindead like CoD and Sports games.
    Sup man, and I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed reading a few of my posts and yea I was once closed minded when it came to fighters but once I started to get into MK9 on a competitive level (Mostly online though, lol) my whole point of view on them changed entirely.
    I'm quite confident I know you from Youtube lol FF9MovieMaker, or Umm_Pukka_Pie on PSN, joined to try and find some people to boost with
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