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  • MK is my favorite fighting game series. I also love other fighting games as well tho especially Street Fighter. I wanna get that Skullgirls coming soon too that looks great.

    I played Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection and it does it indeed suck online. It like playing underwater. They need to fix this because this is unacceptable. I share your pain. Im in dissapointed at it atm as well :(
    Yeah, MK is one of my favorite games. However I just bought that DLC Kollection and it sucks playing online..what a dissapointment right now:(
    Oh kool. I remember you. I played you before on SF4. I know there was some kind of tournament at the time to be able to win SSF4 and some hori stick I believe as well. Well maybe not hori stick but some kind of stick. I entered and I remember playing your Blanka and my Akuma did not do so good lol.

    Welcome to this forum by the way. Its a good source for all of MK. And especially with this new MK.
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