Mk vs SF fight of the century fanfiction

Discovering that the two brutes have fallen, the shadow wraiths quickly kick away their foes dissolve into the ground and race through the feet of Ryu and Liu Kang towards the open window and pour out of the opening like water from a jug. Accepting their withdrawal as a victory the two heroes advance to the fallen duo. Balrog regains his senses and sees the four superior fighters directly above one of whom was ready for answers.

“Alright boxer where is Kitana!” Liu Kang demanded.

“Why............should I!” Balrog said spitting out blood

“Because I am not as merciful as you appear to perceive me.” Liu Kang warned.

“They.........” The Boxer began

“finish it!” Liu Kang Shouts

“They took her to the stadium to be executed.” Balrog finally reveals.

“To bad for you though they probably offed her ass by now...”

Angered Liu Kang stomps on the boxer's face knocking him out cold once more.

“Hes just talking.” Ken assured

“I'm sure whoever she is she may still be alive..”

“You are right.” Liu Kang admitted

“But we must hurry now. Time is not on our side in this situation.” Hastily, the four warriors run out of the building and advance down the stairs to hurry to the stadium in hopes of rescuing Kitana and if they're lucky rejoin Raiden as well.

oh and ViTaL Mileena will go through her first fight in chapter 13 and 14 so you happy now?
Not really but ask yourself this question without any bias.

Who would win in a fight, Juri or Mileena
if were goin by my story their dead even since Seth implanted a device inside Milly that works just like Juri's eye this was mentioned in chapter 6 i think i gotta look back
you know what out of curiosity to those who often stick around what is your favorite chapter and fight scene?
the last part to chapter 11

By the time Raiden's forces returned to the stadium they noticed it was basically barren with the only figures present are a few of the fighters of the tournament.

“Where is everybody?” Kai questioned

“Beats me?” Cage answered

“Probably just over for the night.”

“Perhaps the group over there may know what is going on.” Smoke guessed.

The lone group inside consisted of mostly denizens of Cammy and Chun li's world. They were Zangeif, a large Russian wrestler, Dudley, a chivalrous and dandy boxer Abel, a former mercenary accompanied by Fei Long, a skilled actor and Sagat a Muay Thai master. The last figure and the most enigmatic however was a unknown man standing to himself with a red band covering his eyes likely hinting at blindness he carried a long sheathed katana brimming with unique aura. He wore a form-fitting black and red one piece suit with his lower body nearly armored topped off with a red and white cloth with a dragon embellished on it. Despite his blindness he was well aware of the returning party more so than the rest of the waiting men.

“How long must we wait my muscles are aching for action!” Zangeif scoffed

“I must say I really do lament my poor choice of mine.” Dudley regrets.

“Yeah it's pretty unprofessional of these so called organizers.” Fei Long added. As the men talked among each other Abel soon notices Chun Li and walks over to greet her and her allies.

“Well well I knew it was only a matter of time before you would show up.” Abel boasted.

“And you brought friends as well.”

“Abel? What brings you hear?” Chun Li asked.

“I am helping Fei Long find his missing crew.” Abel revealed

“They vanished some time during the crazy storms that had occurred all over the world.”

“So looks like you're hear for the same thing as well.” The interpol agent says to her self.

“Hey don't mean to be a stranger but how long have yall been waiting hear.” Cage asked the cast of men.”

“Nearly two hours.” Sagat answered for everyone.

“A bizarre yet total waste of my time and skills........”

“Lord Raiden.” Kai whispered.

“You believe this could be a potential trap?”

“Likely but we should not jump to conclusions.” Raiden spoke. After ten more minutes of waiting and talking Shang Tsung and Seth appear in their respective piller of flames and light from atop a balcony ready to greet the fighters while the blind swordsman suddenly sprang up sensing a sinister energy looming in the hollow arena.

“Shang Tsung.” Sub-Zero pointed out.

“And Seth.” Cammy finished for the Lin Kuei warrior.

“Fighters.” Shang Tsung announced.

“Pardon our delay in time. As you know you have been summoned hear to take part in a special event that will truly declare a winner in the World Kombatant tournament.”

“Somethings not right.” Cammy thought to herself.

“Why is he taking no thought of the new fighters we brought.”

“What is this special event you may ask well.........”

“LORD RAIDEN!!” A voice boomed from the one of the many entrances catching everyone's attention.

The warriors trace the voice back to Liu Kang as he along with Kung Lao Ryu and Ken finally return from their botched rescue mission.

“RYU!?” Sagat and Sakura said in coincidental unison.

“Ah just in time.” The spectating sorcerer said in a sinister tone. Shang Tsung snapped his fingers causing a hidden trap door in the center of the arena to split open. Slowly two tall skull-faced pillar rise from the ground with chains attached them. The chains end with their respective cuffs hoisting up the hands of the disgraced Edenian princess Kitana.

“KITANA!” Liu Kang shouts.

“Since you all have finally arrived it is now time to put and end to this charade.” Seth decided. A colossal portal opens up in front of them revealing quite arguably the largest army of Tarkatans, shokans, centaurs, geki, shadaloo soldiers, and bizarre white humanoids that belong to Urien flood the arena surrounding the stunned fighters one by one. From the top of the balcony the fiercest gallery of villains from the two worlds line up around the stadium including the recently defeated Balrog and Goro.

“What is this barbaric spectacle!?” Dudley demanded.

“It appears you were correct Kai.” Raiden admits manipulating electricity around his hands.

“Well this a surprise.” Ken said keeping his sense of humor. From the middle of the evil gallery of pawns came the ruthless bosses of their own worlds, Shao Kahn and M. Bison.

“BISON!” Chun Li yells. Attracting the dictators attention.

“So you are still groveling over your father cur?” Bison asked.

“No worries you will be able to make up for lost times with him in hell.”

“Not if I send you there first!” Chun Li threatened.

“Never would I have expected you of all beings to form an alliance with someone equal to your level of power Shao Kahn.” Raiden remarked sensing the immense twisted power within Bison

“This is merely a truce nothing more thunder god.” The emperor informed.

“I provide him with a sustenance for his psycho power and he in return provides me with the tools to take your realms.”

“So this tournament was a hoax from the start?” Liu Kang replies.

“Correct little monk.” Kahn commends.

“These pointless tournaments are nothing more than bothersome hurdles to power set forth by the toothless worms you deemed Elder Gods, all of which is beneath me!”

“Surely you must know that even with your mightiest army Sindels ward negates your access to Earthrealm warlord.” Raiden notifies.

“That will no longer be a burden to our conquest.” Quan Chi said from the gathering of villains when without warning a female with long white and black hair and a sinister yet revealing one-piece dark purple and black suit with long grey heeled boots that reached her thighs arises from behind the party straight to Shao Kahn's side.

“It can't be.” Raiden said in an appalled voice.

“Who is that?” Dan asked Jade.

“Queen Sindel.” Jade answered.

“Mother!” Kitana shouted turning her head around gazing upon her resurrected parent.

“Quiet child.” Sindel scolded.

“I am no mother of yours ever sense you abandon Shao Kahn's way

“But mother please!” the daughter pleaded.

“With Sindel revived and the ward gone your worlds are now vulnerable to our inevitable conquest.”
Bison summerized.”

This isn't over Bison! You and your barbarian friend won't get away with this!” Cammy declared.

“She's right.” Kung Lao agreed.

“No matter how many henchmen you throw at us they'll just get cut down!”

“Well then lets put that claim to the test.” Shao Kahn stated as one by one his and Bison's minions vanish into a large green portal behind them before he and Bison descend into the ethereal gate. Leaving the heroes with a massive army to contend with. As the portal itself vanished all of the fighters huddled up back to back instinctively leaving no open gaps to be exploited by the goons.

“I never thought it end like this. Johnny said to Ryu.

“Who said this the end?” Ryu corrected

“What are you talking about?” Cage questioned.

“You are both correct.” Raiden revealed confusing the two men as his eyes glowed brighter with electricity shooting out of them.

“This is just the beginning.”

Chapter 12 Trapped

Left at the mercy of the dark horde the trapped fighters had banded together anticipating which soul would be bold enough to attack

“This tournament was only a ruse to mask a united invasion of our worlds?” Sub-Zero asked

“We were already aware of it we just didn't know when.” Cammy confirmed.

“Cowards! Depending on mere pawns to insure we won't escape!” Sagat scoffed

“The main reason why I left Shadaloo in the first place.”

“Since this may really be our last time alive can I at least learn your real names.” Sakura nervously asked Sub-Zero and Smoke.

“Very well then.” Smoke agreed

“Tomas Vrbada”

“Kuai Liang.” Sub-Zero added

“Hay I forgot to tell you my name.” Ibuki realized.

“It's Ibuki”

“Well then Ibuki.” Smoke said

“It will be an honor to fight be your side till the end.” Ibuki blushed at the statement as she stayed waiting for the time to fight, but there was no movement from the horde they were still as stone and the only thing breaking the silence was the warriors own breathing.

“Anyone looking suspicious on your side?” Cammy asked Jade.

“Nothing w....wait.” Jade realized when she noticed the several goons had there eyes directed at on spot. Whatever it was it was not her even though their faces were staring at her.

“Who are they looking at?” As Jade shifted her eyes in tandem with the several foes she notices it is Dan who was quivering at the knees unwittingly acting as the Achilles heel of the heroes' tight knit circle. Unsurprisingly a Geki ninja lunges at the cowarding Dan, Claw out ready to disembowel the man until he receives a extended pole to his jaw from Jade. The blunt end sent the Geki flying at the tail end of the surrounding army. Angered the dark forces charge the heroes. But like the rebuffed Geki one by one the minions would be sent flying by punches, kicks, fireballs and weapons.

“Is this all they got?” Fei Long said whilst uppercutting a Tarkatan, knocking out nearly all of it's teeth.

“This is much easier than my movies!” off the corner of his eye the Asian actor sees a severed head belonging to one of Bison's soldiers drop past him. Looking beyond where the cranium came from he sees a headless body with a geyser of blood blasting out of it's neck before it crashes to the ground. In front of where the corpse once stood was Johnny Cage who just heard what Fei Long just said.

“Get out! You're an actor too?” Cage asked.

“Yeah why do you ask?” Long replied after kicking one of the white humanoids away.

“I'm an actor as well. Y'know when this is all over we should do a movie together” Cage suggested dodging several swipes from several enemies.

“Well......................I guess I could use a sidekick one day.” Fei long notes after dropping a Geki.
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“Yeah we'll see.” Cage quipped as he grabbed the headless body of his last victim and used it as a sheild against a charging Tarkatan who had struck the cadaver with his blade and got it stuck. Taking advantage of the disabled beast the actor karate chops the Tarkatan and splits his skull in two. It seemed like the battle was falling into the fighters favor Liu Kang, Smoke and Ryu had already taken down dozens of goons by themselves Sub-Zero, Abel and Ken eviscerate their fair share of foes. Kai, Dudley and Sakura prove their prowess against three large Tormentors while Dan............................ lets just say he is a good distraction for most of the army since they are to focused on him to worry about Jade and Cammy who won't hesitate in capitalizing on their errors.

“Just how many are there.” An exasperated Ibuki asked.

“Just enough for me to push my skill to their peak!” Sagat shouted tossing one Tarkatan away before wrestling a tai-gore. As fighters held their ground Kitana was doing what she could to fend off a few minions the best she could kicking at them but the few that surrounded her found it entertaining and decided to toy with her.

“Whats the matter can't reach us.” One Tarkatan insulted.

“Too bad everyone has their hands full. Which means there is more than enough alone time between us.” one Shadaloo soldier joked before readying his rifle preparing to kill the princess. Instead the troopers chest explodes in a gory show of blood and fire causing some of the gore to splash on Kitana's face. The soldier begins drooling blood and looks down and sees a flaming fist coming out of him with his ribs exposed. The victim attempts to grab hold of the fist but it retreats back into the cauterized cavity the thug feels the fist come out of his body. With the last stings of life he turns around and sees it was Liu Kang hold up a bloodied hand before he finally gives into his gaping wound and falls down dead.

“Its you!” Kitana exclaimed in excitement.

“I really do wish we could meet under different circumstances.” Kang joked.

“heh heh same here.” Kitana replied charmed by his personality until she noticed her tortures charge the monk.

“Oh no look out!”

the Tarkatan attempts to slash the monk but Liu Kang kicks the blade. Shattering it and causing one end of the blade to get shoved in to a Geki's throat. Liu Kang uppercuts the monster and takes out a lone white construct with a fireball.

“Now lets free you from these chains.” Liu Kang said

“Quite the hero aren't you.” Kitana says now fully calm thanks to Liu Kangs arrival.

“Hello Comrade in need of assistance.” Zangeif offered from the distance throwing away a battered body of a tai-gore.

“Well I guess I could....” Liu Kang tried to finish before the burly wrestler garbs the chains and snap them off freeing the princess.

“......Use a helping hand.”

“When this is over we need some catching up.” Kitana fooled around before drawing out her hidden bladed fans from her wide sleeves and opening them out before running into the fray to join everyone else. Liu Kang and Zangeif, who now found himself wrangling five enemies at one look at each other briefly before the monk ran back into the battle.

Half an hour later in another area of the bloodied battle grounds Chun Li gets knocked down by an executioner who, but recovers and trips up the fiend and slams her heel into it's chest. As the Interpol agent catches the rest of her breath, She notices a shadow casting over her. She turns around startled and senses a larger than usual Geki with two claws splayed out eager to kill her until he is bifurcated in the waist by the bladed hat of Kung Lao who in turn was behind the Geki.

“Are you alright?” Kung Lao asked concerned.

“Yeah...” Chun Li answered. Soon a flying executioner crashes into a small squad with Abel walking up to the two.

“There is too many of them.” Abel said slowly getting exhausted.

“Soooooooooooo Tired........” Ibuki complained backing up to the three before falling to her knees. Everyone else followed suit forming a tight knit group once more realizing that they had barely put a dent in endless army.

“Lord Raiden all of us can't hold out forever. Liu Kang informed.

“I am aware of the ordeal at hand.” Raiden assured shooting multiple bolts of lighting from his hands.

“I hope you got some trick up your sleeve cause there closing in fast!” Ken warned.

“It is already done.” Raiden replied lowering his hands and looking up in the air.

“What do you mean?” Sub-Zero demanded.

“Up there.” Raiden pointed out in the violet sky. Looking at the sky they see a strange independent torrent of wind descending to the arena towards the fighters. Everyone but Raiden puts up there guard as several members of the united dark army lunge at them only to be blown away by the sentient gust that encircles the heroes changing into a massive tornado acting as an impenetrable barrier against the fiends of the warlords.

“This is rather intriguing.” Dudley comments realizing the raging tempest has not swept him or anyone else of their feet.

“What is this?” Ryu asked

“This tornado could only mean one thing..” Kung Lao began to discovered

“Fujin.” Raiden answered to everyone as a humanly shape takes form from the twisting gale. The shape finally reveals a man of perfect physique with a long white ponytail a simple gold and magenta vest-like apparel the extends down to his legs through a gold belt that has black and gold sash hanging down finished off with green pants, spiked ankle guards and simple sandles.

“By the gods.” Jade remarks

“Lord Fujin!” Liu Kang and Kai said at the same time.

“Thats legendary wind god himself!?” Sakura exclaimed.

“I never thought I would meet gods in my journey.” Ryu said to himself.

“It is a relief to receive aid from you Fujin” Raiden commended.

“Indeed but the Elder gods have sent me to inform you news of the utmost desire.” Fufin added.

“First we need to return to Earthrealm.” Raiden states.

“That is why they sent me.....” Fujin replied teleporting everybody out of the arena leaving the evil army dumbstruck. The massive tornado materializes on familiar soil in Earthrealm bringing with it the fighters who were trapped in stadium. The winds soon fade away revealing to everyone a darkened blood-red sky with various demons gliding across the sky in the backdrop there was a city under siege as buildings were crumbling weapons firing and screams drowning out the eerie silence amidst the carnage.

“Oh no...” Liu Kang uttered in horror

“This can't be” Ken said in denial.

“Our.....our worlds...............our home.....” Cammy says refusing to acknowledge the ongoing chaos.

“But how though it wasn't even that long since they left.” Ibuki pointed out.

“But this is Shao Kahn were dealing with.” Sub-Zero reminded

“And Bison.” Chun Li included growing increasingly frustrated by the madness that has fallen onto their worlds, worrying Kung Lao.

“This is what the Elder Gods requested me to inform you about.” Fujin revealed as Raiden stared on, horrified at what has become of the very realm he swore to protect as it was falling apart and various souls from all around were being drawn to a mysterious large green beacon in distance coming from a tower overlooking all that was transpiring.........
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Well butter me up and call me Tom the bad guys are winning. And yet Dan is still being the manilest f*cker on that team. Good show Byrd
Chapter 13 Call to Arms

as the fighters looked on in horror Fujin finally speaks in attempt to remind them of the fair margin of chance undoing the turmoil.

“There is still hope.” the wind god explained.

“For what.....” Dan uttered

“Sonya Blade and her allies have gathered all of the men they could in your absense to help combat the forces of darkness.” Fujin replied

“At least she's alright.” Cage said relieved

“They have been expecting your return for some time now Raiden.” the wind god continued.

“I believe she will be most impressed at the warriors you have manage to recruit.” Using his wind powers once more, Fujin enshrouds everyone in the thick gale before vanishing and reappearing in an underground base were Sonya Dhalsim and Jax waited.

“Alright Jax you should be ready now.” Sonya commented while she was working on the computer

“Good...” Jax grunted pulling the cords off of his new cybernetic arms.

“How does it feel.” Sonya asked

“Feels great for one.” Jax said as he tested the replacments out by punching the air

“I sense a powerful presence” A meditating Dhalsim interrupted as several serpentine trails of wind spill through the surrounding air vents and merge together in the center of the secluded base forming a massive tempest that fades away and reveals the newly formed defenders of the two merged worlds

“So you have returned.”

“I would have never thought you would be here.” Sagat noted to the mystic.

“This is dire ordeal that has nearly wiped out all life as we know it.” Dhalsim replied.

“Because of Shao Khan's arrival many souls have been stolen from the innocent. already my whole village has been completely drained of life and so may yours.” disturbed along with everyone else by this Sagat turned to Raiden and demanded answers from him.

“Why are so many lives being lost!” Sagat bellowed.

“It seems Shao Khan is trying to speed up his access to this realm..” The thunder god theorized.

“But shouldn't the barrrier have faded since my mother draws breath now?” Kitana pointed out.

“Though the queen may be resurrected. The ward that denies the emperor access still stands momentarily.” Raiden revealed.

“As I said before he is using the souls of innocents to aid in his transfer to our worlds so we may just have enough time to truly turn this battle to our favor

“Wait so he is using all of our worlds' souls as some form of energy boost to break through.” Liu Kang asked.

“It appears so......” Fujin agreed.

“ He may also reform the souls to serve his empire as well should he succeed in his conquest.”

“But what about Bison.” Ken requested.

“He may not be bounded like Shao Khan is since the laws of our world are of no effect to him...” Raiden continued.

“So we must act now and defeat him lest we make poor use of our time and Shao Khan finally enters..”

“Well were going to have to act fast.” Sonya noted. Booting up a multi-screen monitor of the world that showed entire populations riddled with soulless corpses and various evil militia patrolling the lifeless wastlands. Leaving all who witnessed it aghast.

“Bison and Khans' forces have already taken control of all countries draining entire populations dry.

“No.... the white lotus society..” Kai said in shock

IT CAN'T BE!!! MOTHER RUSSIA!!!!” Zangeif yelled looking at the screen showing the grim status of his homeland.

“How many more lives must you take Bison?” Chun Li said to herself

“All is not lost like Lord Raiden said we still have a chance. Kung Lao reminded

“True but America is the last safe haven, which is where we are.” Sonya revealed.

This the only place that has not been affected by Shao Khan's invasion and if the two warlords compromise this area then it's all over.”

“at least this means Eliza is still alive....whew” Ken sighed in relief.

“Wait um Raijin-sama I have a question.” Sakura requested.

“Yes. What is it young one?” Raiden asks

“Um shouldn't we be affected like everyone else is by the weird magic that is killing everyone?” She said.

“Those who are not affected by the spell have been chosen by the Elder Gods themselves as their personal champions to save Earthrealm.” Fujin answered in Raiden's place

“And there is still a few more out there we need to try and recruit them and see if there up for the cause.” Jax pointed out on a hologram of the world showing several dots scattered throughout.

“Wait... where is Guile and Nightwolf?” Cammy realized.

“They have already left.” Announced a black and red hooded figure entering the room.

“ERMAC!” Liu kang barked shifting into a fighting stance along with Kung Lao and Johnny Cage.

“Wait no! he is with us now.” Sonya exclaimed.

“ARE YOU NUTS!!??” Cage shouted

“Hes with Outworld!”

“He was.” Dhalsim agreed

“Until we relinquished him from the shackles that ensnared his mind.”

“Thanks to him we've been able to keep our enemies out for so long.” Jax said

“Though we have served Shao Khan with are new found freewill and opened perception, we seek penance for all the evil and suffering we have done in his name and fight by for the forces of light to to our final breath.” the amalgamate declared bowing down on one knee in front of the fighters.

“I don't know...” a weary Cage said

“I sense no treachery behind his tongue.” Raiden remarks

“He is truly willing to lay down his life for our cause.” Fujin summed up.

“Then it's settled” Ryu declared.

“I will be looking forward to what he can do in a fight.”

everyone agrees to it and eventually accepts Ermac as one of the Earthrealm warriors though Cage did not completely warm up to the idea due to the former's orgins.

“Well then Ermac.” Chun Li addressed.

“Where is Guile and Nightwolf?”

“They have left in attempt to recruit two prominent men who may help in the Battle of Earthrealm.”

“Who?” Chun Li asked.

Meanwhile in the night skies of New York City the metropolis has long since evacuated and all civilians who had dwell there have been transported to a special undisclosed perimeter, compliments of the Government. On the roof of one the many buildings was a small force of men lead by a revered Man of the riot patrol brigade who was known by many as Stryker, a decorated cop who has twarted many would be terrorist attacks but even he would not be prepared for his coming fate.

“ Sergeant Styrker” One of the men addressed.

“Any word from Ronald's Team yet”

“As of now none.” Stryker answered fixing his hat.

“I don't get it though. As quickly as the whole world went to hell how come nothing have happened to us yet?”

“Maybe just a stroke of good luck perhaps.” his fellow partner, Kabal replied. Kabal contrary to his current status was once a member of the notorious Black Dragon clan, but soon broke away from them and decided to repent his earlier crimes and became a cop and has worked alongside Stryker ever since.

“Yeah well......wait” Stryker remarked before seeing something attract his eye. Looking down he sees what appears to be a white humonoid crawling up the face of the building followed by several purple garbed ninjas and Tarkatans.

“Who the hell are they?” The cop said

“I say we shoot first and ask questions later.” Kabal decides

“Something we can agree on.” Stryker said as he draws out his smg and begins firing at the advancing swarm. Kabal and the rest of the men join in and began shooting at all of them bullets fell like rain own the attackers killing some instantly while causing others to fall to their doom but the white mutant in the lead took the shots like they where nothing before leaping high in the air from the wall and in one swift and indescribable move attacks two men decapitating them causing the headless bodies to fall off the building.

“Oh shit!” Kabal shouted. As the lifeless bodies fell only to see the same white humanoid land behind them.
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“I don't know what hell you are but you're going down freakshow!” Stryker declares switching to his pistol. This white being is part of a line of prototype mutants created by Urien and Dr. Kure. This particular mutant was the twelfth model and is referred to as such being one of the more successful mutants in the line it had the ability to alter it's body to accommodate any situation in any way it sees fit as evidence by the blade like shapes were it's hands are covered in the blood of Stryker's men. The cop opens fire one the creature all riddling it's body with five shots. Though staggerd, the holes in the mutant's body did not leak some form of blood instead the holes close up and “Twelve” holds it's hand out towards the sergeant and ejects the five bullets Stryker pumped into him from it's palm and letting them fall to the ground. Shocked yet unfazed Styrker unloads several more round until the mutant until forms it's tentacle out of it's arm and snatches the firearm from the cop's hand and striking him across the face sending him flying across the roof top. To far into shock to feel the pain Stryker regains his composure and discovers the creature is nowhere to be found. Scanning the area the only thing Stryker sees were his men reigning fire on the breaching horde on his right.

“He couldn't have just vanished in thin air......could he?” Stryker thought to himself until he feels something wrap around his body and slowly constrict him making it nigh impossible for him to breath. The cop started seeing a spectrum of colors due to the lack of air in his lungs what he could barely see was some snake like anatomy take shape around his body. Following the trail down he sees a pair a legs connected to the serpentine trail. Tracing the trail back through his eyes he notices the rest of twelve's body, while the latter of the subject has formed his arms into axes ready to hack the the cop to pieces. Unwilling to see his end at this night Stryker struggles until Twelve feels something pierce his body causing him to release the sergeant allowing him to catch his breath. Twelve grabs it's stomach and feeling something inside it. Looking at Stryker he sees the cop smirking while twirling a pin around his hand that belonged to a grenade that was inside Twelve's body.

“Try to absorb that!” Stryker smugly barked as the monster started to tense up it's body. Eventually the grenade goes off causing twelves body to expand to ridiculous proportions even still the shockwave and shrapnel was not enough to tear it's body apart. Even though twelve took the explosion it was stumbling quite a bit, a sign that it has suffered damage. Twelve shrunk back down to his regular size and ejected the shrapnel from his body at the same time forming hollow pipes to let out the smoke from the explosion. Taking advantage Stryker charges the humanoid pulling out his nightstick and smacks Twelve several times with it across the face causing it to stumble back in pain Stryker stays on the offensive until Twelve shows of one of it's greatest tricks. The mutant deforms itself and reform into an exact copy of Stryker himself.

“How did you...” Stryker said awestruck before receiving a blow from the doppelganger's replica nightstick to his stomach. The copy would attempt to bludgeon the cop again but Stryker blocks it with his Nightstick only to have Twelve's weapon wrap around his and slammed overhead. Dazed, Stryker sees the clone's guise shifting back to it's original form with it's two hands formed into blades. Twelve thrusts it's arms at the cop but Stryker rolls out of the way as the beast plunges it's bladed hands through the concrete.

“STYRKER!!” one of the soldiers cried out rushing to his aid shooting at the mutant.

“GET BACK!” Stryker barked.

“THATS AN ORDER!” the man ignored Strykers commands though his intentions were noble it would cost him dearly when a white spike would erupt from the ground and pierce the troopers chest. Five more spikes would soon follow suite running through the man in several ares of his body indiscriminately with on more especially jagged blade shredding up his throat.

“NO!” Styrker cried as Twelve receded it's brutal pikes from the mangled body.

“Your dead you monster.” Stryker ruthlessly said. Without emotion Twelve leaps in the air and forms a thin layer of skin for some form of flight and shaped it's head like an arrow and dive-bombed straight for the sergeant. Stryker jumps out of the way as the fiend arcs up at the same time the seasoned vet retrieved his dead comrade's SMG rolling on one knee he proceeds to fire at twelve with the gun with most of the shots ripped through the makeshift wings tearing them apart. To make matters worst for the mutant the wings give out while it was away from the building causing it to fall to it's presumed demise. Breathing heavily Stryker gets to his feet, heart still racing from the ordeal while Kabal and the the remaining troops dispose of the advancing militia.

“Finally over.” Stryker said dropping the gun in his hand while the rest of his men group back together.

“What was that?” Kabal said looking down over the building trying to find the creature.

“You got me.” Styrker replied

“Whatever happened to it. We probably won't see it again.” Too bad for Stryker the creature's elongated arm shoots up and snags the unsuspecting veteran cop by the neck and snatches him from the building.

“SHIT STRYKER!!” Kabal yelled in disdain as both his partner and Twelve fell to their doom. As they fell Twelve pulled Styrker ever closer to him with it's one free hand shaped like a drill with the intent to finish this fight once and for all, But Stryker had a little “gift” for the creature. Just when they where inches apart Stryker pulls out his taser aiming for Twelve's face.

“EAT THIS PUNK!!” Stryker yelled as he jammed the device in the monster's neck causing it to completely lose it's grip on the cop's neck giving Stryker the chance to trigger the self defense weapon and send 50,000 volts up it's body. A piercing distorted shrill scream spilled from Twelve as it's body rattled violently from the electricity. Stryker was not done however as he lifted up his boot and kicked the taser even deeper into Twelve's head jamming the button that triggers it between the shapeshifting compound that makes up Twelve's body. Though it seemed as if Stryker won he still had to contend with his free fall

“Well.... that solves that” Stryker humously thought as he continued falling. A solution comes when someone grabs his hand mid-fall from a open window while Twelve falls howling to it's assured demise. while Dangling, Stryker looks up he sees the one who had saved him, it was the Air Force Maj. Guile along with the Shamen Nightwolf.

“Kurtis Stryker.” Nightwolf greeted

“We have been searching for you.”
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I love when Zangief says "IT CAN'T BE!! MOTHER RUSSIA!!"

“EAT THIS PUNK!!” Stryker yelled as he jammed the device in the monster's neck causing it to completely lose it's grip on the cop's neck giving Stryker the chance to trigger the self defense weapon and send 50,000 volts up it's body. A piercing distorted shrill scream spilled from Twelve as it's body rattled violently from the electricity. Stryker was not done however as he lifted up his boot and kicked the taser even deeper into Twelve's head jamming the button that triggers it between the shapeshifting compound that makes up Twelve's body. Though it seemed as if Stryker won he still had to contend with his free fall

This part was the pure definition of badass fan-fiction.

You did amazingly 8)