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Ah time skips as well.

Well I'm sure you can keep this fic going strong if you update every so often. You gonna upload your chapter in fan too?


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another quckie

Back in Tokyo Ermac finally made his way inside the massive desolate building despite it's imposing height it took a little over a minute to reach the very top. At the last floor, Ermac took his time and treads softly, while he did sense numerous souls he was rather unsure if they would be hostile or not. Once he made his way to the room the souls were holed up in he peered around the corner and saw five figures restrained and suspended by a thick chain with their mouths covered in a tape like material. As Ermac cautiously, he could make out the appearance of each captive.

The first one was T.Hawk, a male very large in mass, had an appearance befitting of a native american similar to Nightwolf, he wore a matching denim vest with jeans, and had face markings. Next to him was a contrastingly smaller male known as El Fuerte who's appearance dictates he was a luchadore of some kind due to the concealing white mask and matching tight white pants with black boots. Next was R. Mika a female of fair skin her appearance similar to the luchadore dictated that she was some kind of wrestler she had a somewhat more revealing mask that only covered the top half of her face but revealed her blonde hair which was in long pigtails. Her outfit was rather revealing being light blue and white she had a several frilled collars with one on her neck and the rest on her wrists and thighs complete with hearts arranged on several areas including her bust. Next was a large blonde hair male Known as Alex, not as large as the other indigenous male. He wore no shirt showing off his physique with red markings strewn about his body and face, the only thing he wore was green overalls with the straps hanging down finished with brown boots, and a red headband that kept his hair from getting into his face. Lastly was Elena, a rather tall dark skinned female with bleach white hair and colorful bracelets adorned on her wrists, ankles, and similarly colored chokers on her neck. Perhaps the the most revealing in attire she had only her chest and bottom covered.

The largest of the group was the first to regain consciousness and noticed Ermac approaching them and grew nervous.

“Do not worry we are not here for hostile intentions.” Ermac assured. “We are only here to help.”
However figure begin to panic more as Ermac got closer with the muffling grow louder till Ermac removed the tape from his mouth

“Don't it is a trap!!” he exclaimed

“We know.” Ermac answered, much to the man's shock. No sooner did the amalgamate finish his replied he vanished in the nick of time as a pyscho power infused dagger from one of bison's dolls would have impaled him had he stayed in that spot longer.

“We have the deserter proceed with termination.” said the doll who's name was Decapre. Her appearance was almost that of Cammy, the only difference was the she wore a mask that only exposed her mouth her outfit was almost similar to Cammy's only that almost no skin was shown save for her back. Almost instantly multiple other dolls appear out of nowhere surrounding the red garbed warrior.

“We knew from the start that this would be a trap. A random area to hold hostages, what do you take us for, knowing how easily you can store these prisoners in the jails of outworld or simply kill them off.

“Wait!” T.Hawk Shouted out causing the other captives to slowly come to their senses. “I don't know who you are or your intentions but please, these women are just as much as hostages like us, they have been brainwashed by M.bison please don't kill them especially Juli.”

“We know who you are referring to we used to be pawns like them.” Ermac assured. “We already made a similar promise to one you may know as Cammy no one deserves the fate we have been through, no matter the cost we will free them.”


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Back in America, Nightwolf and Guile had just finished bringing Styrker up to speed of all that transpired.

“So you're telling me that not only there are multiple dimensions and two different universes as well, but i'm among the chosen?” Stryker summerized receiving nods as confirmations from Guile and Nightwolf. “Look I know I just got through dealing with that pasty freak of nature and his peanut gallery but this is in no way, shape, or form what I had in mind for a “promotion”.

“Believe me if I was in your shoes I would find it difficult to take in as well and I have been on a personal war with the definition of a demon in my world.” Guile said referencing his arch nemesis Bison.

“Perhaps Haokah would be far more convincing with his own words when you meet him.” Nightwolf remarked, confusing the cop.

“It's another name for Raiden in his native tongue.” Guile revealed to Styker. Although it didn't eleviate the man's confusion.

Back in Tokyo. Sub-Zero, Sakura, Cage, Kai, Dan and their two new unintentional allies Hugo, and Poison stood guard awaiting the call of Kitana and Cammy who went scouting ahead.

“So let me get this straight. You, Mr. Cage is some critically acclaimed action star who's starred in countless movies and won numerous awards? How come I've never heard of you?” Poison asked

“It is a long story i'm sure a woman of your stature would be disinterested in.” Sub-Zero replied.

“ Don't mind frosty over here but anyways long story short crazy things caused two different universes yours and mine to merge together and now we're being led by a thunder god known as Raiden to save both worlds.” Cage answered anyways.

“Mmm hmm.” Poison responded in a somewhat careless tone, confirming the ex Lin Kuei warrior's earlier statement.

“Okay what were you doing here in the first place.” Kai asked changing the subject.

“Well originally I was here after hearing talks about an underground tournament so me and Hugo decided to “test it out.” Poison answered

“Wait. You're a fighter to?” Kai replied

“No i'm just the manager handsome.” Poison answered “Hugo is the “muscle” over hear. Though I wouldn't mind some new recruits until well after we figure out why the whole world dropped dead.”

“I Wanna know who made the man who makes the best chili dogs disappear and I wanna crush them good.” Hugo butted in complaining causing Poison to roll her eyes in disgust. Meanwhile Dan and Sakura just watched the squabble until an unknown entity bust through the windown of a store behind them and snatches them through alerting the remaining chosen Sub-zero was the first to go through the window telling the others to stay back. As Sub-Zero Stalked the store looking for his allies he noticed Dan and Sakura just fine but then he takes notice at a particular green skinned man beast with electricity sparking around him letting out a vicious growl. Not the one to leave his guard down Sub-Zero formed an ice blade and assumed a fighting stance and ready himself as the electrical best beat his chest like a gorilla and charged until''''

“WAIT JIMMY STOP!!!!!!” Sakura shouted getting in between the two with both hands sticking out both at Sub-Zero and “Jimmy.” Both were quick to ease up although their suspicions of each other did not falter.

“You know this creature?” Sub-Zero asked

“I'M NO CREATURE I'M HUMAN LIKE YOU!!!” Jimmy barked backed offended by the cyrokinetic man's words

“Calm down buddy I'm sure he didn't mean it that way.” Dan said walking in trying to calm the man beast.”

“Sorry Kuai Liang-san this is Jimmy but he also goes by the name Blanka” Sakura said trying as fast as she could to do away with the unpleasant tension.

“Then forgive me for my initial judgement Jimmy.” Sub-Zero said in an apologetic manner causing Blanka to ease up a little and walk towards him before and showing off his imposing bulk but the dwarfed Sub-zero did not flinch nor tense up as the man beast loward his head and caught a whiff of the man's scent and jumped back a little.

“Why are you so cold!?” Blanka shouted out in surprise. “You make my skin crawl.” Sub-Zero frowned up a little under his mask. Until Sakura jumped in.

“But he did help us and if it wasn't for him we wouldn't be here.” Sakura revealed slightly sugar coating the truth just to further ease up things.”

“Is that's the cause then ice ninja my friend too.” Blanka proudly proclaimed. Though no one could tell Sub-Zero frowned a little more despite the sudden kindness since he never really liked being called a ninja despite his appearance, but that would all be short lived when out of nowhere a portal suddenly opens up in the store the four were in. however rather than anything coming out it started to suck everything into it. Already it proved to strong for Dan and Sakura But Blanka and Sub-Zero were able to hold their ground With Blanka digging his claws into the floor And Sub-Zero using the ice blade he wielded as an anchor by running it through the floor. Inevitably Sakura and Dan would submit to the portal's vacuum and were directly hurtling towards the void. Blanka was quick to snag Dan by the leg but the added weight slightly pulled the two closer but Blanka manged to tighten his grip defying the powerful suction.

However Blanka could do nothing to catch Sakura, but Sub-Zero was there to grab her hand, saving her from an unknown fate.

“Hold on tightly child!” Sub-Zero yelled as he pulled her up and locked her waist in his free arm even though the ice blade was showing cracks of fatigue due to the suction force of the portal and the added weight.

Ahead of this new ordeal Kitana and Cammy made their way to the destination to the device that was supposedly responsible for for draining the entire world of it's souls, but something was way off almost no one was standing guard over it just two lowly grunts was all that the machinery had for safety a mere cakewalk for two skilled assassins.

“I don't by this why would you want probably your most valuable chess piece out here guarded by two pawns when you know multiple queens are after it?” Cammy said greatly suspicious. “I'm not sure we should've went by Ermac's words this all seems like a big mouse trap.”

“I'm weary of the Amalgamate as well but not only do Lord Raiden and Lord Fujin sense Truth behind his tongue, but..........

“But what?” Cammy asked turning her face to Kitana only to her shock suddenly find her comrade unconsious beside her.

“What the!?!” Cammy said in shock until she noticed a shadow cast over her, it was a woman of similar build to Kitana with shoulder length hair and a slightly more provocative magenta outfit. And in a childish, yet sadistic tone

“Awwwwwww my sister has made new friends. I'm soooooo jealous.......”


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quickie number 3 (last one btw)
Back at the abandon building

“WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!?” Cage shouted trying to hear himself amidst the small storm before founding himself grabbing ahold of the door to avoid getting sucked into the portal while Kai stayed behind the store's brick wall and Hugo held on tightly to Poison, using his own wheight aas an anchor to resist the portal's power.

“JOHNNY CAGE, KAI GO TO WHERE KITANA AND CAMMY ARE, I FEAR THEY MAY BE IN TROUBLE!!! DON'T ABOUT ME OUR THE OTHERS TAKE HUGO AND POISON WITH YOU”. Sub-Zero shouted in desperation trying to save himself and Sakura. Wasting no time Cage nodded and makes a break for it.

“You heard frosty lets go!” Cage ordered towards the three who weren't overly compromised by the trap portal. Deciding not to question the actor further the other three follow suit, while Sub-Zero was now left to deal with his current crisis.

“DAN!!” Sub-Zero shouted. “GIVE ME YOUR HAND!!” swiftly understanding, Dan positioned himself in Blanka's grip to face Sub-Zero and Sakura.

“HEY JIMMY!!!! THINK YOU CAN GET ME CLOSER!!” Dan yelled at his friend who only nodded. Swiftly shifting his grip from Dan's torso to his leg and slowly extended the arm holding Dan closer to the duo. Even though Blanka eventualy extended his reach as far as he could they still were not in reach.


“BUT YOU CAN!!” Sub-Zero shouted, suddenly Sub-Zero switched his grip to Sakura's shoulder and with his sheer strength and will power streched his arm holding Sakura towards Dan who had his hand out.


“BUT WHAT ABOUT LIANG-SAN!?!?!?” Sakura question aloud.

“DO NOT WORRY ABOUT ME!!!” Sub-Zero shouted. “I WILL BE FINE!!!”. Reluctantly Sakura agreed and reached for Dan. Fortunatly they were in reach of each other and Dan swistly grabbed Sakura's hand prompting Sub-Zero to fully reliquish his grip of the young girl, however his ice blade unfortunatley has succumbed to the forces of the portal and shatters. With no anchor for him to hold on to, the blue garbbed assassin was quickly swept up by the void. Rather than curse his misfortune he was rather amused at the irony of how history repeats itself. Like Guy who risked his life for his, Kuai Liang has done the same for Sakura.

“The Irony....” Sub-Zero thought to himself as he dissappeared behind the portal which now began to weaken and close.

“KUAI LIANG-SAN!!!!!” Sakura shrieked as the portal closed and vanished leaving just those three to themselves.

Back at the base.
“Sonya look at this.” Chun Li said looking at the monitor

“What recent portal activity?” Sonya replied

“Whats weird is that Sub-Zero's signal has warped to a completely different locale a remote island of sorts....” Chun Li said puzzled.

“Remote island?” Sonya repeated, bringing back certain memories of an earlier time before the universes merged before finally coming to a theoretical conclusion.

“ But given the circumstances at hand why would go through the portal so willingly?”

“I'm going outside....” Sagat interuppted out of frustration due to the crisis at hand and the fact he is on the sidelines. Chun li, Sonya, and Abel knew not to stop him, afterall he did bear witness to the fate of his home country. As Sagat made his way out a lot of things went through his mind, his time as a champion, his defeat at the hands of Ryu, the permenant scar, his time in Shadaloo, his fued with a former pupil of his. The life he took in retaliation for his lost eye, and the new goal of understanding the meaning of a fight. However this would all be short lived as in mere minutes a portal opened up right in front of him. However like the portal in Japan it begin to pull Sagat forward despite his resistance. It wouldn't be long before he would submit to the overwhelming vacume.

At the same time whithin the base the remaining three warriors notices the tremors caused by the portal.

“Whats causing that!?” Abel shouted out loud.

“It's another portal this time outside of the base!” Sonya exclaimed

“Wait Sagat is out there in front of it as well!” Chun Li said looking at the monitor and noticing Sagat's signal dissappearing in the portal. “And it looks he just through!

“WHY!?” Sonya shouted out. “Why would he go through it so willingly!?”

“Look his signal reappaered in that remote island you were talking about.” Abel Said to Chun LI

“Somthing isn't right here..” Sonya thought to herself but before she knew it a three sharp claws was coming down on her head. Chun Li swiftly intervened and kicked the weapon back from her ally. Shocked Sonya quickly turns around and sees a squad of cyborgs similar to the Lin Kuei Cyborgs in appearance but purple with claw guantlets for weapons.

“Looks like the Lin Kuei made some new “freinds.”” Chun Li Said getting into fighting stance recognizing the colors belonging to the Geki assassins of her universe.

“But how did they find us?” Abel questioned. “I thought this base was hidden.”

“It was But thats the least of our worries now.” Sonya answered, now in fighting stance as well.

how did the baddies find out about the base and whats the deal with these new portals?
wonder where exactly Sagat and Sub-Zero vanish off to? but they won't be the only ones to fall victim to these new trap portals
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Back at Guile, Nightwolf, and Styrker's location

“Chun Li, Sonya come in. do you copy?” Guile said through his walkie talkie trying to get a response. “No answer can't say that i'm thrilled about that.”

“Any words on this Jax and Dhalsim you guys were talking about earlier that's supposed to meet us?” Stryker said showing subtle signs of impatience and anxiety under his tone. Before Guile could answer he along with the other two felt an uneasy yet mild tremor evident by the scattered specks of rubble begin vibrating.

“Uhh whats going on?” Stryker said slighty losing a sense of balance.

“I don't know but it doesn't sound the least bit good” Guile said trying to maintain balance. Before long a similar portal springs up and like the ones at tokyo and outside the base and as such began pulling the 3 warriors towards it's void. Nightwolf was quick to conjur a hatchet and slam it into the ground as the trap portal's suction rapidly increased.

“GUILE, KURTIS, GRAB MY HAND!!!!!” Nightwolf shouted as the vacume overpowered his footing leaving his grip to his buried etheral hatchet the only thing keeping him anchored. Guile and Stryker tried their hardest like Sub-Zero and Sagat they too were overwhelmed by the portal and engulfed in it's void just when they were mere inches from the native american's hand. Just as soon as the portal opened it closes as if it was satisfied with it's two prey. As all of this was coming to a end Dhalsim and Jax arrived to the scene, albiet too late

“Nightwolf, what happened!?” Dhalsim questioned outloud on instinct.

“It was......some kind of trap portal Kurtis and Guile were sucked in, where exactly I am unsure.”

Back in Tokyo, Cage along with Kai, Poison and Hugo were making a mad dash to Kitana and Cammy's location fearing that their comrades were in grave danger.

“I knew that freak couldn't be trusted.” Cage said referencing Ermac still not above his intinctual supicions of the amalgamate.

“Who the guy in the red trench coat?” Poison asked while being hoisted on Hugo's shoulder “look I may know next to nothing bout your posse and mister enigma but the way he fought off that monster he seemed pretty geniune and serious.”

“Yeah but how do you explain that”....... Cage try to finish his sentence before he smashed right into a glass like force field knocking him on his butt the others came to halt and returned to the spot Cage was getting up and observed the peculiar force field. After awhile the field dissapated.

“The hell was that....” Cage annoyingly asked getting up and dusting himself off.

“It is called Aegis Reflector worm.” An ominous voice answered. Everyone's attention shifted towards the direction and see a pale skinned being in a beige buisness suit, it was Urien.

“Who are you?” Kai questioned

“Who I am is of no importance to a low life monk along with these peons.” He mocked “For I am a emperor nothing more nothing less and you are all foolish if you believe I will let you all walk away alive.” without warning Urien shot a blast while the heroes who were still trying process the man's words, but Kai was quick to respond with a fireball of his own which collided with the dark electrified orb cancelling each other out.

“Cage you and the others go.” Kai said despite finding something off about this man's sudden appearnce and attack. “I will handle him on my own.

“heh well kick his ass then.” Cage said placing his hand on Kai's shoulder as he continued towards Kitana and Cammy's location while Hugo followed with Poison on his shoulders once more.

“I just hope Dan, the kid, and beastman are alright.” Cage thought to himself though unbeknownst to him and the others the saurian reptile had already snuck through the building the where the portal once was.

Meanwhile in a mysterios location ensrouded in eerie fog amidst a dark blue twilight Stryker wakes and regains conciousness holding his head the cop gets to his feet and tries to make sense of his location until he sees a large imposing shadow hidden behind the mist. On sheer instinct Stryker pulled out his gun and aimed it at the figure until the fog cleared up long enough to reveal the figure of Sagat who looked down at the cop seemingly unfazed by the gun pointed at him.

“you most be one of the “warriors” Dhalsim was refering to.” The Muay Thai expert quickly summerized.”

“And I take it you're on the same side as Dhalsim then.” Stryker replied to which Sagat subtetly nodded. “So any idea where we are?”

“I assure I have arrived here by the same method as you, a portal of some sorts.” Sagat answered

“Correct.” the swat officer comfirmed before the fog dissapated enough to reveal that two men stood on a stone bridge in front of the unusally closer moon amidst black spires, but the most unnerving of all was located at the bottom of the bridge they stood on was a sinister bed of serrated spikes littered with the mutilated remains of past victims. The sheer sight of this barbaric spectacle combined with the insane height caused weakness in Strykers knees, Sure he has dealt with a white malleable humonoid with a legion of mutants not too long ago but this was of an entirely different calibre, Sagat on the otherhand seemed unfazed though slightly disturbed. Soon they here a loud thumping sound coming from one side of the bridge soon from a gate stepped the savage tiger like shokan, Kintaro.

“Hmph... I was expecting more prey.” Kintaro grumbled before catching Stryker's scent finding it slightly. “Your scent human it is similar to the others i've killed earlier.” Stryker flinched as this triggered memories of his mutilated men and the revelation that this monster was the one responsible for that merciless slaughter. Newly found anger begin to overwhelm his being yet he kept his composure.

“So you're the one.” Stryker said. “You're the bastard that wiped out my entire squad isn't it?” the shokan only nodded with a sadistic grin as Stryker pulled out his gun and aimed it at the four armed beast. Normaly Sagat would frown upon the use of weapons in a fight but due to the circumstances at hand and the fact that this cop beside him lost some good men to this creature Sagat figured it would be best that he lowered his standards just this once for the sake of their worlds as Kintaro treads ever so closely to them.

In another area of this remote locale Guile was searching around an eerily foggy locale. “STRYKER!!!” Guile called out in vain before trying to reach for his comm device before realizing it was gone. “Damn must've lost it when I got sucked into that portal” Guile continued walking through the thick haze until he felt something bumb up against his back. Taking no chances Guile quckly turned around in his signature fighting stance while whatever bumped into him did the same however whoever this entity was it quickly got out of it's stance as if it recognized Guile.

“Guile?” it spoke.

“Wait Sub-Zero?” Guile responded back recognizing the assassin's voice. “You got sucked into one of those trap portals as well?”

“Yes.” Sub-Zero confirmed. “I've only been hear for a breif time though but this place seems familiar despite the thick fog.” soon afterwards the fog completely cleared significantly as if on que and revealed an abandon courtyard which ironically sent a chill up Sub-Zero's spine to which even the soldier took noticed.

“Somethings wrong?” Guile asked.

“This place.........” Sub Zero stated. “This was the location for the previous Mortal Kombat Tournament.”

“Oh so this was the place sonya was talking about.” Guile revealed.

“Wait you know about this place?” Kuai Liang questioned.

“When we first returned from Outworld Sonya told about the tournament prior how she originally came there to free Jax who was imprisoned there and to settle a vendetta against Kano also she told me how she first met Raiden and the others before going on about how he was temporarily having visions and.” Guile explained before he remembered one precise detail. “Wait she said you was in that same tournament as well and you were killed by Scorpion. How did come back? Better yet how Sonya and Jax weren't surprised when they saw you?”

“Sub-Zero wasn't always my codename.” Kuai revealed inciting a raised eyebrow from Guile. “This Sonya was not wrong in stating that Sub-Zero perished in this folly. I took on this mantle some time this news reached as a way to honor him.”

“Who was he to you?” Guile requested

“He brother.” Sub-Zero said

“Your Brother!?” Guile exclaimed

“Yes. My reasons for partaking in the following tournament was to find the killer responsible though I did ecounter him ahead of time.”

“Scorpion...” Guile answered for him.”

“Yes and I would have succeded to if weren't for that accursed sorceror Quan Chi.” Sub-Zero growled out clenching his fist.

“Then you have brought shame to the original bearer of that name.” a sinister inhuman being said from the eerie fog.”

Sub-Zero and Guile found themselves surrounded by two figures one was completely pitch black, had an appearance similer to that of a ninja, and a loose hood over his head the only contrast to his figure was the pair of milky white souless eyes while the other figure was completely concealed in a black cloak.

“And who are you deem such a claim fiend!” Sub-Zero venomously threatened.

“The original holder of that mantle.” The shadowy figure revealed prompting Sub-Zero to further observe the enigma further. As the cryokinetic looked on at the appearance he noticed peculiar details about his outfit that seemed scarily familiar to the garments of someone else he has personally known albiet with slight modifications but could it truly be him could it be BI Han, his deceased brother?

“Hmph I think it's only fitting if reveal my true form as well.” the cloked entity claimed towards Guile as it threw off it's cloak revealing a masculine figure completely black, skin and all with cargo pants a open sleeveless jacket that revealed his bare chest and like his fellow shadowy figure the only contrast to his monochrome form was deep white emotionless eyes finished off with a very peculiar hairstyle only Guile could recognize. It was equally unnerving for Guile to see this figure since like Sub-Zero he believed this man to long dead how did he end up under this twisted afront of his appearance who did this to him? Breaking a sweat Guile took a deep gulp.

“Charlie.” he said in a mixture of fear and astonishment


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Chapter 15 FIGHT!

In England, Dudely, Jade, Ibuki, Zangeif, and Rufus were shocked by how Motaro was able shrug off most of their assualt and without warning the centaur charged them mercilessly swiping at them wildly with his halberd Ibuki and Jade jumped out of the way while Dudley sidestepped to Motaro's side and delivered a gut shot to the beast's ribs, but was greeted by a backfist from the Centaur as consequence for his attack. Motaro continued his charge towards Zangeif and Rufus since they stood their ground. Ibuki and Jade both jumped into the air, flanking the monster from both sides both threw their kunai and razorrang respectively. Motoro simply twirled his weapon to both sides skillfully deflecting both attackers' thrown weapons before chaining that into a thrust towards Zangeif. The Russian wrestler anticipated this and grabbed the weapon and pulled it and Motaro closer to him and delivered a haymaker straight to Motaro's jaw.

Motaro attempted to retalite with a left hook of his own but the wrestler ducked it and punched him clean into his human half stomach. The brawny fighters continued to tug over the weapon and trade blows each blocking each other's attack until Rufus, on a combination of instinct and revenge for his interrupted fight prior leapt in the air ready to deliver a dive kick. Seeing this Motaro quickly headbutted Zangeif, disorienting the wrestler and using his free left hand to grab Rufus leg and toss him aside towards Jade who was charging him with her bo staff fully extended. Jade tried to jump to avoid the Rufus's obese form but her leg gets caught and she loses her balance and tumbles towards the centaur. Swiftly grabbing the dazed Zangei by the face and casting aside with an effortless toss Motaro turned to face Jade as she got up and drew her weapon once more. Motaro quickly swiped his bladed weapon at the Edenian multiple times.

Jade dodged each strike and retaliated with her barrage of attacks which were in turn blocked by the imposing centaur

“Betraying our lord was a fetal error on your part Edenian!” Motaro barked

“My loyalties were never tied to your emperor beast!” Jade countered

“they always have and always will be tied to Kitana!” While the two former allies traded banter and attacks Ibuki readied her kunai since Motaro's attention was locked to Jade. The young kinoichi leaped into the air towards a building's face planting her feet and leaped off of it to propel her self towards the ongoing brawl ready to slash at her foe. Motaro on the other hand was well aware of the young girl's intentions and pushed Jade back with his halberd, leaving him with enough space to turn his rear hind legs and delivers a powerful horse kick at a surprised Ibuki. Even though her reflexes were quick enough to put up a guard her body could not withstand the force coming from the hooves and the arm of the ninja that attempted to absorb the impact was broken and Ibuki shrieked in agony as she was sent flying several meters away, Fortunately Zangeif was there to catch the young ninja to prevent further potential harm from colliding with the pavement.

“IBUKI!” Jade shouted in concern.

“Are you okay little girl?” Zangeif asked

“Gah! My arm, it's broken.” The young ninja said in agony.

“Your concerns for a pathetic child is sickening.” Motaro said in mild disgust

“Your are the embodiement of sickening monster!” Jade retorted charging the centaur attempting an overhead strike. Motaro simply redirected the staff head to the ground with his on weapon leaving the dark-skinned Edenian wide open for an overhead strike of his own Jade responses were quick enough to form a guard aganst the blade end the halberd, her staff was not strong enough to resist it and snapped in two. Shocked, Jade looked at her prized weapon broken in her hands unaware of Motaro's advance and is quickly snatched up by her throat and held high in the air

“Submit Edenian scum!” Motaro barked

“To who the man who attempted to replace my only friend with a twisted parody of Edenian royalty, the very same man who desecrated the remains of my fallen queen just to reduce her as a twisted puppet!?” Jade mocked. “I would rather submit to death!”

Motaro only smirked at this response “A noble yet poor choice on your part.”

As Dudely came back to his senses, still dazed from the blow he took earlier he hears a very sickening sound of flesh tearing only to look up and see Jade impaled in the stomach by Motaro's weapon, blood profusely splattering the ground and running down the weapon's handle.

“N.....No...” Ibuki whispered quietly to herself horrified, while Zangeif and Rufus were speechless, the latter of which appalled at the fact that someone has been killed before his eyes. Jade's form was indeed unmoving and it's as if the gleam in her eyes has instantly faded as she blankly stared down towards the ground. Tossing the fallen woman aside The general was greeted by a vengeful punch to the face by Dudely. The sheer surprise of the attack stunned the monster leaving the boxer with enough time to smack the offending weapon from Motaro's hands and follow up with a rain of blows to the face. Although Dudely may not have personally known Jade, let alone longer before advent of the crisis at hand she was still a comrade at arms and this barbaric treatment was unforgivable.

“How dare you take the life of a woman who simply wanted to honor her friend? Unforgivable.” Dudley said calmly, trying to keep his composure.

Motaro eventually catches dudley's right hand and bends it backwards, bringing the boxer to his knees in agony, before driving his elbow spike into the man's bicep. To Dudely it felt like a massive nail pierced his flesh. Through the combination of pulling the stabbed arm and dragging the spike horizontally across the bicep, Motaro severed Dudely's arm causing blood to gush everywhere the man to roar in pain in midst the empty streets. Motaro uppercuts the injured boxer several yards away while Rufus on instinct once more charges Motaro recklessly, only to be greeted with a punch to his gut. Keeling over from the strike Rufus's back is left wide open for the Outworld general to drive the same elbow spike he used to tear Dudely's arm off into the obese man's spine snapping it. The sheer pain and shock prevented Rufus from screaming in pain and he could only let out a brief groan until Motaro hurled him into a building.

Motaro then shifted his gaze towards Zangeif and Ibuki and trotted towards them deciding not to retrieve his double-headed halberd While the large wrestler decides to lay Ibuki down gently before charging the centaur. Motaro's response to this was shooting a green blast from his metallic-like tail which Zangeif repels with one hand and tries to follow up with a grapple to which Motaro ducks and slices the grappler's abdomen horizontally with his elbow spike. It felt as if his intestines wanted to spill out as Zangeif fell to his knees. Rather than waste his strength further he simply pushed the man down as he made his way to Ibuki who was uterrly terrified as she tried to back away, cluching her broken arm.

“Any last words?” Motaro asked menacingly, looking down on the frightened Ibuki.

“SOUL FIST!” a myterious voice echoed. Motaro looks up and is hit dead on by a irrediscent bolt of energy and sent flying.

“Wha!?” Ibuki thought out loud looking back she see's a woman magically floating down towards her with peculiar long hair, she wore a long red coat that was tight enough to reveal her and under it she has a even tighter form fitting shirt with matching legging and red heels. History has once more repeated itself for Ibuki instead of two assassins though it was an equally mysterious Woman who landed by her and spoke.

“Do not worry child the cards are aligned with us.”

Yep Jade is dead but in fairness Motaro deserved some love since he has never had any since trilogy


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Alright I finally got around to reading your story.

You stay pretty loyal to the characters personalities, great job. Also damn to Dudley and his squad getting fvcked up

The one glaring problem I see though is the use of tense and other grammatical mistakes. Throughout the story there are at least two tenses used in like one sentence.

Also you have to properly place your commas and periods in the correct spots to make the story flow better.

For example:

Sub-Zero and Guile found themselves surrounded by two figures one was completely pitch black, had an appearance similer to that of a ninja, and a loose hood over his head the only contrast to his figure was the pair of milky white souless eyes while the other figure was completely concealed in a black cloak.

That's a pretty long run on sentence to describe two people. I suggest this kind of correction.

Sub-Zero and Guile soon found themselves surrounded by two figures. One was completely pitch black, had an appearance similar a ninja and a loose hood over his head. Contrasted to his figure was the pair of milky white souless eyes peering at the duo while the other figure was completely concealed in a black cloak.

Ya feel me?

If you touch up on these mistakes then the story will flow better.


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In Japan Cammy was locked in combat with the psychotic Mileena. The battle proved very daunting for the Delta Red agent as no matter what attacked she unleashed, the clone would block and retaliate with a attack of her on with twice the power.

“Damn she's powerful.” Cammy said to herself catching her breath. “this strange aura she is giving off is similar to.......”

Mileena interrupts the petite warrior's thoughts by immediately fires to sais enveloped in a magenta aura at her foe. Cammy's response to this is a leap over the hurled weapons and a attempted downward kick. The sadistic clone literally sinks into the ground in a magenta void and reappears, jutting her high heeled foot out, piercing Cammy in her left shoulder. The force of Mileena's kick was enough to send the Killer Bee rocketing to the pavement with a uncomfortably loud thud. As the agent clutched her bleeding shoulder, Mileena lands right above Cammy's head and conjures a sai in her right hand ready to finish her off. Instead of running weapon through her opponent's skull the lithe assassin instead deflects an incoming bladed fan, redirecting it to the face of a building where it pierces the the brick foundation like a dart on a board.

Mileena turns around and sees her “sister” with regained consciousness and another bladed fan at the ready anticipating her next move. Instantly Mileena dashed towards Kitana with inhuman speed like a mad beast. Feeling she was just close enough, Kitana hurled her lone bladed fan at her twisted parody who ducks and curls into a ball, gaining even more momentum. Kitana was too shocked to respond as the rolling Mileena as she ran into her legs, the impact of which mad Kitana flip over and slam her back onto the concrete. As Kitana griped her back from the pain of the impact on the ground Mileena was suddenly standing right above her with a sai at the ready. In a stabbing Mileena sent her arm with the stabbing weapon down to her “sister's” face who stops it just in time as it is mere inches away from her right eye with her forearms. Despite all the might she put into her two arms, they were giving way to Mileena's shockingly superior strength.

“KITANA!!!” Cammy shouted alerting the two “siblings” to look her way while she was holding the same second fan Kitana originally tossed at Mileena. Cammy tossed the fan towards the two with Mileena believing it was coming towards her, but she noticed how low the trajectory was. Then it dawned on her that Cammy was not intending to hit her, but to give Kitana he weapon back. A shocked Mileena looks down and sees the Edenian princess holding the fan and her reflexes fail her as Kitana swipes at her mask, reducing it to ribbons. The clone stumbles back holding her mouth as Kitana jumps back to her feet in a fighting pose. As Kitana was anticipating what her clone was going to do next. Mileena takes a glance at the hand that covered her maw and much to her relief, no trace of blood, but this did not excuse letting out a high pitched scream at her “sister” with her right eye glowing brightly.

Shocked not by the failed attempt in injuring the clone and in monstrous shriek, Kitana was startled by the single glowing eye she contained immediately recognizing it

“By the Elder Gods!” Kitana said out loud. “You have the Feng Shui engine as well!?”

In the another section of Tokyo in a nearby skyscraper, Ermac was locked in combat with the dolls of Shadaloo two Dolls known as Juni and Juli, charged him and attacked with a barrage of punches and kicks. Ermac grabbed Juni's leg while using a force push to repel Juni, but Santamu. A doll with short curly black hair lunged at him with a spear. Ermac grabbed the handle before flinging Juni by her hair towards the pink haired Enero downing both dolls for now. Taking no chances Jianyu, a doll with long Chinese pigtails rushed at the amalgamate with her quarterstaff, swinging it like a baseball bat. Ermac blocks it with he free forearm the he could feel a stinging pain surge through it as consequence while Santamu struggled the free her weapon from his grip. Noembelu, A doll with a hairsyle and feather headband that suggest some relation to T.Hawk lunged at the exposed Ermac with a leaping dual overhead strike with her twin hatchets. Ermac instantly vanishes in thin air before Noembelu could deal the killing blow and materializes right behind the young woman as she lands between her fellow dolls who were locked with Ermac. Before the hatchet wielding Doll could react Ermac kicks her in the back, sending her a fair distance away before perfor
a full 360 sweeping kick on Santamu and Jianyu, tripping the two up and blasts them away simultaneously with a dual force push from each hand.

Two more dolls, The katana wielding Satsuki and the nunchaku wielding Xiayu begin there offensive and charged Ermac at once. Satsuki slashed at the fused warrior multiple times with Ermac sidestepping each lethal swipe all the while keeping his distance from Xiayu knowing he is safe so as kept his distance from her weapon.Satsuki aimed for Ermac's torso and the amalgamate leaped away and muttering an strange language fired a green ball of energy at Satsuki, knocking her off of her feet despite putting up her guard. Ermac was unable to react to Xiayu who got within the effective range for her weapon and through a series of fake outs struck Ermac hard over the head with her nunchaku. The blow forced Ermac's head down towards the ground and Xiayu takes the chance to deliver a fierce kick to Ermac's face making the red hooded warrior stumble back. Confident, Xiayu repeats the the same movements to get another good hit in but Ermac quickly catches the flailing chained stick with his right hand and snatches it away from the dolls hand.

The shocked Xiayu is then flung to the floor's ceiling by Ermac's telekinesis and is knocked out on impact before falling to the ground. Showing subtle fatigue Ermac wipes the blood dripping from his head until

“BEHIND YOU!!!!” The restrained T. Hawk bellowed. But he was too late the sound of a gunshot went off and Ermac felt an intense piercing and burning sensation go through his the back of his right shoulder, Ermac has been shot.

As all of the battles for the two universes raged on Fujin materialized in an unfamiliar pitched black void in a failed attempt to make contact with the Elder Gods

“What? What is this?” Fujin said to himself before feeling an overwhelming presence breach his mind

“Your Gods cannot help you now.” the ominous indescribable presence said “I know your every move, your every thought, not just to you or your “forces of light”, but those you oppose as well. You will fall to me and your realms will be mine.” what followed was something incomprehensible to Fujin his mind was subjected to something mirroring an attack but with visions that could not be described in mere words. For the Wind God it felt as if his mind was being twisted and burned, he couldn't even scream because his body didn't no how to respond. Then it was all over as soon as it begin and the unconscious Wind God's body was back in the desolate world in an unknown location.


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Alright a much better chapter.

Good flow and good action.
Just edit some mistakes when you get the chance


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short update just to further show this story isn't dead
“Is that your best champion!?” Seth mocked throwing several jabs at Liu Kang, who was in a defensive stance, but in secret he was merely studying all the moves the android claimed to have mimiced .

“His attacks they mimic the Style of Kung Lao's Strikes” Liu Kang thought to himself before suddenly dodging a series of kicks meant for his face. “Now he is mimicking Johnny Cage.”

Ryu in contrast was on the offensive against Shang Tsung who had just made a mockery of Chun Li's image by assuming it through his magic.

“You're not quick enough ryu!” Shang Tsung mocked giving of an unfitting sneer from behind the sorcery induced guise of the interpol agent. The muscles in Ryu's face didn't even twitch the slightest from the insult. “hmmm such determination you have there, lets see how you react to this!” the sorcerer lunged at the martial artist with a spinning flip. Ryu automatically puts up his guard in response only to find the shapeshifter actually going over him and switching his form to that of the yoga mystic Dhalsim. Shang Tsung quickly made use of Dhalsim's fire breathing abilities.

“Yoga Fire!!” Shang tsung shouted in Dhalsim's tone and spat a fireball at Ryu that was enhanced by his own dark magic. Ryu jumps back as the ballistc inferno smashed into the ground in a fiery explosion. Ryu being blinded by the destruction left him wide opened for Shang Tsung to come plowing through the smoke and embers now in Zangeif's hulking form. Though the homeless fighter was still temporarily blind, his hearing and sensing of minicule quakes from the false Zangeif's trampling through his bare feet.

“I will crush you!!” Shang tsung boasted in Zangeif's voice. Tsung attempted a brutal snap punch only for Ryu to duck the fist and counter with a sweeping kick to the brutes hairy shins making the behemoth fighter fall on his face. The fall winded the altered Shang Tsung more than Ryu thought.

“It seems that you are not accustomed to the massive weight judging from your fall.” Ryu calmly noted. “And as stated earlier you may be able to assume the form of others, but you cannot use their skills as effectively.”

Shang Tsung shifted back to his true form as he got to his knees and shot a murderous glare at his foe while holding his chest. Liu Kang was still staying on the defensive continuously studying what moves Seth was using. Of all the moves Seth used Liu Kang could recognize Jax, Smoke, Kano, Baraka, and even Raiden. Seeing enough Liu Kang decide to finally go aggressive on the android with a flaming fist, But Seth catches him first with a spinning roundhouse to the monk's face, making him spin in effect and then quickly linking the former attack with a snap kick. Liu Kang was quick to block the following attack, but what should have been on blow felt like numerous more, yet Seth was not even moving as the phantom strikes proceed to withering down his guard until the last invisible blow completely breaks it leaving Liu Kang wide open. Seth swiftly changes into a dark color as he activates his tandem engine to draw in the monk closer Liu Kang instead uses this to his advantage and jumped forward with a flying kick. The combined momentum from the engine and Liu Kang's jump was devastating to Seth, as the kick collided with the spherical device the tandem engine.

The blow was crippling, evident by Seth's roar of of pain and sent flying into a fruit stand right next to Shang Tsung. Obviously the stand was obliterated scattering various fruit everywhere across the desolate market place. While Liu Kang stood next to Ryu the wandering martial artist took not of Liu Kang's slightly visible fatigue.

“Are you alright champion?” Ryu jokingly teased.

“I've been worse.” Liu Kang said playing along “You should experience being grabbed by Goro.”

“I'd rather not.” Ryu finished.

A furious Seth exploded out of the wooden rubble with a torn orange humorously planted on his head.

“I underestimated you champion.” Seth sternly said as he removed the damaged fruit from his head and crushed it, splattering it's contents between his closed fist.”

“As have I wanderer” Shang Tsung added aa a demonic fireball in the visage of a sinister skull was given form from his hand. Without sparing a second the two evil warriors charged the red banded heroes once more, ready for round 2
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In the flesh pits Kabal and Cody were facing Cyrax and a partially transformed Guy as the two threateningly approached them. While Kabal was more then ready to fight Cody strangely felt uneasy about fighting his former friend while he was in this state and ultimately would do something entirely out of his character, or so he thought at least.

“Guy...What happened to you man?” Cody strangely asked.

“Who I was is in the past” the cyborg ninja coldly replied. “and you have the gall to show sympathy for me now? Foolish convict.”

“Yeah that certainly isn't the Guy fought against and.......with.” Cody thought to himself before facing the Cyborg Guy once more. “If that's the case then. I got nothing to loose with what comes next. I just hope your clan can forgive if this goes too far.”

“Enough talk!” Guy said as he immediately charged the convict, leaving Cyrax to deal Kabal. Guy attempts his hozanto by performing a swift advancing turn to a violent shoulder ram, however this attack was enhanced by a hidden elbow rocket in one of his mechanical arms that fired off at the apex of his strike. Cody was able to block the powered up blow with his forearms, not without being pushed back several feet on impact and having his defending arms bruised slightly. Guy persisted in his attack and soon the former comrades found themselves trading and evading blows. Cyrax finally decides to begin his begin his battle with Kabal by promptly firing two bombs at Kabal. Kabal kicks one away before jumping back from the second bomb, which explodes and obscures the cop's view of the yellow cyborg. As the dust settles Kabal noticed through his new mask that Cyrax was nowhere to be seen only to feel something metal and cold collide with his back just under his respirator device. Kabal was propelled a full yard from whatever struck him in his back as he landed flat on his face. Kabal quickly got back up, gripping part of his back to ease the pain and sees Cyrax standing right where he was.

“How did he......!?” Kabal thought to himself, trying to figure how Cyrax got behind him so quick without him noticing. The Cyborg would attempt to repeat his same strategy again by opening his chest compartment to lob two more bombs.

“No you don't!” Kabal shouted as he dashed towards the cybernetic assassin........quicker than he could even process. So quick infact he didn't even know he had collided with Cyrax so hard he left the cyborg spinning in place from the collision.

“Huh!?” Kabal thought aloud to himself before turning around and noticing his foes bizarre status. Kabal quickly put the pieces together to what happened just now and discovered somehow he has a degree of superspeed, a matter of which how would have to wait, provided if he at least survives his fight.

“This might be useful.” Kabal said humorously to himself as the yellow cyborg finally managed to put a halt to his spinning. After coming to his senses Cyrax throws a chopping hand at Kabal who instinctively sidesteps it wit his new found blinding speed. Cyrax relentlessly pursues with a barrage of more attacks that Kabal could perceive in slow motion(possible super human addition to his speed) and effortlessly dodge them within microseconds.

“My turn!” Kabal exclaimed as he readied one of his hookswords for Cyrax's abdomen. Sure enough his swing was fast to the point that he could feel no resistance from the reinforced plating as the Cyborg was split in half. Some thing was off though, along with his torso which Kabal believed he had cut into all of his other limbs split by the joints as well. While Kabal did indeed posses to skill and speed to pull something like this, he only targeted the assassin's side, not every last joint this was of the cyborg's own doing somehow. Kabal watched as the intentionally seperated limbs fly behind him and reaasembled while he was still in midswing and performed a downward karate chop at the vulnerable cop.

In the middle of Cyrax's attack his forearm opened up and his hand receded in it. Immediately in it's place dual handles came out holding a set of small inward curved blades that fanned out and begin spinning counter clockwise like buzzsaw. Once more Kabal's reflexes due not fail him and he stops the fatal chop with his hookswords, catching buzzsaw in between his blades with the curved ends sticking outward. Following the block, Kabal pulled his weapons away, with Cyrax's buzzsaw still caught in between and scissors it off with the curved edges of his blades following with a kick to the Cyborg's stomach. Cyrax recoiled from the hit and examined his weapon arm, which was severed and had sparks erupting out of the exposed wiring before ejecting out his normal hand and charging the cop once more.

A slightly bloodied and bruised Cody continued his fight with a still unhurt Guy, noticing by now a lot of his already powerful attacks had been enhanced significantly by his new cybernetics. Cody threw a right hook but it was caught by Guy's hands as he yanked Cody in by the arm and threw him over his shoulder towards a lab table, destroying it and knocking down several jars and surgical equipment.

“Is that your best convict?” Cyber Guy mocked “My cybernetic upgrades renders your abilities useless. If you want to even stand the slightest chance then you would cease to handicap your self with those handcuffs.”

“You wouldn't want. Plus it takes away the fun.” Cody said as he was getting up, staring at a peculiar jar of sand lying in front of him. “besides.........”

Cody Springs up and kicks the jar with enough force, shattering it and splashing the contents towards Guy's line of sight. On reaction the cyber ninja put his forearms up to shield his eyes from the sand, despite having a visor down, a ruinous choice as Cody took the opportunity to lunge at him and pull out a hidden monkey wrench and slam on the side of his former friends head with enough force to heavily damage the cybernetics in his head and slam him to the ground with unforgiving force.

“The real Guy would've seen that one coming.” Cody finished, casually flipping the monkey wrench in his hand. Instantly Cyber Guy sprung to his knees and grabbed his head as sparks shot of his damaged grafted cybernetics. He let out a disturbing altered scream of pain as he arched back. Cody stepped back while Cyrax and Kabal were too preoccupied with each other to even notice. Guy fell back on his hands sweating and breathing heavily from his bizarre reaction indicating Cody may have done more than just hit over the head with a everyday tool. Guy looked up at Cody, but this time in his eyes Cody could tell something was different about him now even though he could barely see his eyes through the visor.

“C...Cody?” Guy strangely asked. “wh..where am...I?.....wh...what..happened?

hmmm looks like Guy's come back to his senses....i think anyways see yall later

next update Sub-Zero and Guile vs Noob and Revenant Charlie and Sagat and Stryker vs Kintaro


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Well, that's a great update you have here, BB! Good job!
Just need to fix some mistakes and it will be perfect.
Like this "decides to begin his begin his battle".


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At the abandon island of the first mortal kombat tournament Kintaro was already charging down Sagat and Stryker both fighters dased back when kintaro slammed the bridge with his four fist with enough force to rattle the entire arena and knock both men off balance. Stryker was quick to regain his balance and aimed at the shokan. The cop fired 5 shots at the beast only to have Kintaro to laugh it off, despite the bullets piercing his flesh, despite coughing up blood.

“You gotta be kidding me!” Stryker said aloud in disbelief.

“This will be interesting.” Sagat said calmly with a raised eybrow.

“Provided the freak doesn't kill us first.” Stryker remarked.

“My turn!” Kintaro barked. Kintaro chraged the two chosen warriors with the two left arms primed and ready. Stryker chraged at Kintaro, much to Sagat's surprise. Once the two where whithin arms reach of each other, Stryker ducked the double left hook and slid right under between the creature's legs. Once behind Stryker drew out one of his knightsticks and attempted to sweep Kintaro by one of his legs. Due to the immense weight possesed by the four-armed foe Stryker was unsuccesful in entirely tripping him up, but he did sweep the leg up more than enough to disrupt Kintaro's balance which would be a fatal position to be in regarding the fact they are at the infamous Pit.

Sagat finally decided to take action and attack the now vulnerable Kintaro with an alternating onslaught of hooks and elbow strike, all making their mark on the tiger shokan's face. Kintaro was finally able to put a halt on Sagat's offense when he seized the Muay Thai fighters left arm followed by the right when Sagat tried for a gut punch to free it. Kintaro's bottom two arms were free however and he would have made use of them had Stryker not have intervened and struck the bottom of his spine with the blunt end of his night stick. Kintaro's stunned state allowed Sagat ample time to reverse the grab and pull the shokan down to knee him right in the face, knocking out several teeth. Stryker kept up the momentum striking the his foe several times in the back only for Kintaro to suddenly recover and backhand him square in the chest several yards away.

“Is that all you got humans?” Kintaro mocked as blood continue to stream down his face.

“I've just only begun to fight beast!” Sagat snarled as he lunged at Kintaro with his tiger knee technique Kintaro tanked the knee to the chest head on and grabbed Sagat by the waist and head. Kintaro hoisted the large man over his body and slams him on the other side with such force Sagat bounced like a basketball from his back to his face right next to Stryker, who was still trying to catch his breath from Kintaro's blow to his chest.

“Okay this guy is a definatly lot tougher than that pasty freak I took down.....” Stryker mentally noted trying to keep a cool head at his latest ordeal.

In the abandon courtyard Guile was trying to make sense of what became of his old friend and why was his appearance now twisted like Noob Saibot.

“Charlie what..........happened to you?” Guile said in a shaken and disturbed tone.

“Quan Chi.” Charlie answered. “He has revived me and made me stronger.”

“At what cost?” Guile said trying to reason with him “you're freedom? your friends? Your family?”

“Which means nothing to me.” Charlie retorted “And you are no different, just an enemy to Quan Chi.”

“This isn't you....” Guile said already losing hope of reasoning with the wraith

“You'll understand after death.” the revenant smugly scoffed.

Meanwhile across the desolate arena, Bi Han was menancingly approching a shocked Kuai Liang.

“What has that demon done to you?” Kuai shakengly uttered

“He restored me with a new purpose in the name of the netherrealm.” Noob replied

“And that purpose?” Sub-zero asked

“To destroy all who oppose the rule of Shao Khan and M.Bison including the brother who has made a mockery of my name!” Noob insulted

“And what are you? An afront of your original image?” Kuai Liang barked out. You are no different in form than the “spectre” that had slain you! My brother would have never..

“Yout brother is dead!” the undead assassin shouted. “All that is here is Noob. And soon you will be dead to, temporarily that is.”

“Don't do this Bi Han do not force my hand.” Sub-Zero hesitantly threatned backing away from the advancing wraith.

“blood is the only thing we share as off now...” sadistacally alluded before leaping in the air and dissappearing

Sub-Zero was startled at Noob's strange and sudden action only fro the Wraith to seemingly phase from the ground behind him and puts him in an arm lock as both brothers are propelled into the air. Noob arches back, turning both him and Kuai Liang upside down as gravity reclaimed dominance. The unavoidable impact to the ground induced a chilling echo across the abandoned arena and it felt like for a moment to Sub-Zero that all muscles in his body was paralyzed the instant the back of his neck slammed in to the ground although the shock of the attack has temporarily nullified any pain that would have come with it. Noob rolled away back into a fighting stance a few feet away as his human brother slowly got up. Noob charged Liang once more throwing several jabs that were met by his brother's alternating forearms, blocking each blow from doing any kind bodily damage. Noob descided to switch it up with roundhouse kick aiming for Sub-zero's skull. Kuai Liang's response was yet another block with his forearm and hand, this time though with his blocking hand he encases Noob Saibot's offending leg in a thick block of ice.

Sub-Zero drops Noob's frozen leg to the ground as it crippled the wraith's balance and immediately performes an overhead swing towards the leg. Noob noticed a mass cadre of icy mist taking shape within Sub-Zero's hands slowly forming into a massive sledgehammer of ice at the apex of the swing. It stood to reason that Noob realized his brother was intending to shatter his frozen leg with the sledgehammer construct. In only several miliseconds Noob was able to backflip away despite his immobilized and cumbersome leg with the only consequnces being a tiny nick on the block surrounding his leg. The head of the ice hammer crumpled and shattered leaving a noticably sharp stud in it's place once his eyes were on the still handicapped Noob, he improvises his headless hammer by manipulating and elongating the ice left on it to the length oa javaline and tosses it towards Noob attempting to fatally impale him. Noob rolls out of the way as the ice runs through the concrete wall. Noob, despite his undead state and alignment to the forces of darkness he was impressed by the merciless intentions of his brother. Perhaps there was some small strain of humanity within the very darkness that currently make up his being as a revenant.

Kuai Liang charges Noob while his leg was still frozen, this time creating two ice daggers. Noob responds with a shadow clone the emerges from inside him that catches Kuai Liang off guard and tackles him several feet away from the real Noob. The clone disarms Kuai of his daggers and punches him several times in the face before attempting to finish with a downward hammer strike. Sub-Zero blocks it with one arm and with the other, conjures an curved ice dagger. Sub-Zero throws the clones arm back, before the fake noob could retaliate Sub-Zero slices into the clone's jugular and follows up with a stab to the side of it's neck. The assassin throws the now dead clone off of him only to discover that his corrupted brother has freed himself of the mass block of ice on his leg evident by icy rubble standing by his freed leg.

“I must admit I commend you of your deadly skills brother.” Noob complemented “you will prove an invaluble addition to the brotherhood.

On the other side of the battlefield Guile has been sent flying several yards from a blow to his chest. Even though he quickly gets to his feet, the blow to the chest he received from the undead Charlie took it's toll on him as he dropped to one knee, clutching his chest with one hand.

“I know that's not you're best Guile.” Charlie said “Is that fear I sense in you that's comprimising your abilities? That won't be problem for long when you join us soon.”

Charlie charges his former friend who responds with a sonic boom Charlie takes the opprotunity to reveal a new trick granted to his undead ability by vanishing in thin air. Guile was astaonished at this new ability and frantic, knowing full well his old friend will obviously take full advantage with a sneak attack, and he wasn't wrong. Above him Charlie instantly materializes slams his head on to the unforgivig pavement, trying to crush his skull. Guile, holding back Charlie's arm from adding any more pressure to his kicks him back in the stomach. Charlie immediately follows with a sonic boom of his own with one arm as opposed to his former comrade who uses two. Guile blocks it causing a small but obscuring explosion that blocks his view of Charlie who uses it as an opprotunity to utilize his telaport again. Guile this time was anticipating it no sooner did Charlie materialize once more above Guile was when he was greeted by hs old ally in the form of a punishing flash kick to the chin.

The blow brutally cracked the revenant's jaw sending him flipping away. Charlie was able to land on his feet clutching his chin to ease to pain and then spitting out an inky black substance that took the place of his blood.

“Not bad Guile.” the undead Charlie remarked “Maybe now I can take you seriously.”

At an earlier time outside a network of estates a pillar of lightning heralds the arrival of Raiden along with Kung Lao and Ken with this location being all too familiar with the latter.

“This is it. This is the place.” Ken said in slight but uneasy elation.

“We must proceed immediately Ken.” Raiden advise there is an easy presence lurking in this area.

“You don't have to tell me twice.” Ken said automatically taking lead. “boy do I have some stories to tell my kid when he's born.”

“You're expecting a child soon?” Kung Lao said following.

“Yeah in about four and a half months give or take.” Ken confirmed.

As they continued Raiden suddnly felt a familiar sensation. A feeling he only felt during the first tournament before the two worlds merged and after when he came to the aid of Sub-Zero. The visions, but these were more prominent, stronger even. Raiden let out a shout of perceived pain as he fell to his knee, clutching the side of his head.

“Raiden!” Ken shouted as he and Kung Lao came to his aid.

In a few seconds that felt like hours Raiden was getting even more bewildering images of this new future the most prominent ones that stuck out to him was a scene outside of the Wu Shi academy near a lake with what appears to be Sakura, Sub-Zero, Ryu and other but not all that are currently alligned with the thunder god lighing candles inside paper boats and sending them off in the water. This vision could only imply that this event is honoring those who may have perished in either this war or another.

The next vision was his personal champion Liu Kang apparently shaking hands with a large imposing figure whose appearance dictates some realtion to the lost aztec empire, again surrounded by the other heroes and even stranger denizens from familiar to Outworld . The third image was what appeared to be a follow up to the earlier vision he had involving an ultimate battle involving him and his allies against the forces of darkness while being amped up yet corrupted by an unknown power. This time friend and foe alike were in agony and dying from this mysterious power. The final vision was the most disturbing for Raiden it was a figure in front of several others a figure all too familiar. One he would have never thought would escape from his prison in the netherrealm. One that had betrayed the heavens for his own dark intentions.

“Lord Raiden!” Kung Lao yelled helping his mentor up with Ken's aid.

“Whats with the random migrain?” Ken said in concern.

“It was...........another series of visions.”

“Like in the last tournament?” Kung Lao questioned.

“Correct but these visions in particular weary me even more.” Raiden replied “I fear even if we are to succeed in liberating our worlds from a common evil that our work will be far from over.”

“What did you see exactly?” Kung Lao asked

“Visions?” Ken reiterated with a raised eyebrow.

Before Raiden could answer either of him he felt a small surge of energy from under his sash. He reached in and pulled out a hand sized gold medallion used to communicat to others. It was the heaven equivilant of a cell phone of sorts, once Raiden activated it a small hologram like image of Chun Li appeared from the waist up.

“Chun Li.” Raiden answered

“We need your help and fast!” Chun Li frantically shouted.

“What happened?” Kung Lao requested, walking to to the Medallion to face the apperation.

“The Lin Kuei.” Chun Li revealed “Somehow the found us. The base is compromised we're being overwhelmed and I don't think that even Dhalsim and the others will be enough Hurry!”

The medallion shut off adding nothing more then more worry amongst the three, Kung Lao in particular.

“We have to return Lord Raiden” Kung Lao demanded.

“No Kung Lao I will return you must stay here and aid Ken.” Raiden replied “I sense a sinister presence advancing towards the only structure that houses life Ken will likely need your help in saving his loved ones.”

“But Lord Raiden...” Kung Lao pleaded

“Kung Lao” The thunder god said cutting the monk off sensing the concerns he had for the interpol agent “I will personally see to it she is safe.

“He's right Lao” Ken assured placing his hand on the monk's shoulder “Besides Chun Li's a tough woman. I'm pretty sure she can hold herself for the few seconds it'll take for Raiden to get their.”

Pondering what both of his allies had said Kung Lao silently nods towards Raiden, agreeing to his terms before he and Ken hurried to his home deep down though he felt greatly embarrassed that he has let his personal feelings get in the way of his duty as a shaolin monk and member of the white lotus society. As Raiden watched the two heroes he spared a few moments to look at his amulet on his tunic and noticed that despite the visions, there was not a single crack on it, greatly puzzling the thunder god. What could this all mean could thes visions be only possible outcomes or is someone else that is not his future self sending him these visions. Whatever the case may be it would all have to wait till he at least saves the other warriors who were under attack at the base. Raiden raised his hand to the sky calling forth a pillar of lightning that engulfs him and telaports him away, leaving a charred circle where he once stood.


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Back in Tokyo Sakura, Blanka, and Dan were silent notably greif stricken at Sub-Zero's earlier sacrifice

“Look kiddo we should probably go join the others.” Dan said trying to comfort his student.

“Ye....yeah. You're right Habiki-san.” Sakura hesitatingly agreed

“You met more friends like ice man?” Blanka questioned Dan

“Yeah aside from the familiar faces from the old tournaments their was some thunder dude another one of those shirtless karate guys, some oddjob with a bladed hat, a ninja magician, a ninja who sounds like he's been smoking, a guy with metal arms, a movie star, some princess with fans and...” Dan continued on.

While Dan continued to mention all the new fighters he met a faint but putrid stench seized Blanka's attention. His years in the wild would serve him well in the next few moments when he tuned his ears to a faint crawling sound on the wall. Next Blanka would rely on his reflexes when he suddenly sees what appears to be a lashing tongue aiming straight for Sakura. Blanka quickly springs towards his young friend and tackles her out the way as the tongue rips through an upturned shelf.

“Impressive reflexes beast” an invisible foe said. The being stepped from the shadows as a clear but shimmering silhouette. Immediately the invisible cloak gave away slowly revealing the scaly form of Reptile.

“Who you calling beast monster!?” Blanka roared offended by the Saurian's words.

“I expected that trap portal to consume you all but no matter you are all divided you have lost the cryomancer, your best chance for survival and the others who oppose the Khan's will are likely dead you have no hope of victory humans. Allow me to end your misery.” Reptile declared.

“No hope!?” Dan shouted. “Do you have the slightest idea who you're talking to lizard man!? You're talking to the master of the Saikyo Style! Their will always be hope so long as I.....” Before Dan could conclude his dynamic monologue, Reptile cuts it short by spitting a vile green substance into Dan's eyes. An unbearable stinging burn set in as the blunder bound man dropped and writhed in indescribable agony screaming out the top of his lungs.

“HABIKI-SAN!!” Sakura screamed in horror then turning to face their new adversary. “Why you...” Enraged Sakura got into her fighting stance. But Blanka jumped in the way

“Jimmy what are you..” Sakure tried to say before Blanka cuts her off.

“Help Dan. I deal with frog man.” The wild man declared. Sakura complied and backs off and goes to tend to her mentor.

“You are a fool if you think you are a match for my skills cretin!” Reptile boasted. “Savor you're last breath as my claws will dig deep into your heart.

“My Claws are sharper!” Blanka simply replied as he followed up with several beats to his chest like a gorilla and lunged at the sinister raptor.

In the Tokyo streets Kai was doing battle with the menacing Urien who has just sent him flying into a wall.

“I overestimated you monk.” Urein said. “You are nothing like Liu Kang and Kung Lao.”

“You're right I'm nothing like my brothers” Kai agreed wiping blood off of his mouth with his forearm. “Let me show how different.” Kai throws two fireballs with each hand and “kicks” out a third one with his foot. Urien dodges one fireball, deflects another towards a vacant car that gets destroyed. The final fireball Urien catches with his bare hand and crushes it, causing it to dissipate into nothingness

“Pathetic.” Urien mocked before he got on one knee and fired a dark ball of lightning from his fist like a cannon. Kai flipped out of the way as the blast decimated the wall he was previously leaning on. Kai lands on his feet and charges Urien. The monk delivers a flurry of kicks that are all either avoided or just flat out out tanked by his enemy. Urien strikes the monk to the ground and grabs his leg slamming him several times. Urien attempted one more slam to finish the fight but Kai stops the impact with his hands and begins to use them to spin around. While still holding on Urien is taken off his by the sudden spinning hand stand so fast he looses his grip and is sent flying into the same remains of the car that fell victim to Kai's deflected fireball mangling it even more.

“Perhaps I was wrong about you monk.” Urien noted. “You are worthy of a agonizing death by my hands!”

“Flattering but I decline.” Kai said with fire igniting from his hands.

Back in the USA in Ken's estate there were corpses of security guards some cut down, others reduced to charred or glowing skeletons and on in particular who was seemingly bludgeoned to death with his own severed leg. A ghastly sight for Ken and Lao who had just arrived.

“By the Elder Gods please don't let us be too late.” Kung Lao said, disturbed by the littered dead around Ken's home.

“Who is responsible for this?” Ken silently said.

Inside the Mansion, Blond haired moderately dressed woman was backing into a wall terrified holding on to her bulging belly. It was Ken's wife, Eliza. The being she was terrified of was Quan Chi who was holding the body of a recently deceased maiden whom he has slain personally. Behind him was Scorpion who was wielding his two bloody swords he used to butcher most of the guards.

“Come now Ms. Masters.” Quan Chi said in a sinister yet calm tone. “death is nothing to fear.”

“ you kn...know” Eliza terrifyingly asked.

“SIN kept tabs on you and your husband after your last escape.” Quan Chi answered.

“ work for “them” Eliza questioned. “Th..then Ken and the others will stop you!”

“It is far too late for Ken and the other “heroes.” the sorcerer said.“They are splintered, ignorant of the traps that lie in wait for them. Death is assured and I will soon have their souls for my growing army.”

Despite his service to the Netherrealm, this did not sit well with scorpion at all. For him it was a chilling repeat of history when his own wife and son were mercilessly slaughtered by the elder sub-zero, Bi Han when he was alive. Every time Scorpion glanced at at the pregnant woman, he would see his deceased wife, Hanami in Eliza's place. Deep down the human in him wanted to step in, Hanzo wanted to object, fully aware of what the demon had planned. Alas, reluctance was dictating what his mind truly wanted, Scorpion mentally prayed for some form of divine intervention, which would be answered....

“HALT DEMON!!” Kung Lao shouted rushing in and throwing his hat at Quan Chi. Scorpion acted quickly and blocked the bladed hat, but was slightly elated that someone intervened in time. Perhaps their may be hope for the woman who reminds him so much of his wife.

“You picked the wrong family to mess with.” A furious Ken said to Scorpion and Quan Chi.

“Ken!!” Eliza cried out in relief

“Sorry for the wait honey.” Ken answered back slightly more calm

“Ken Masters. I had hoped you would have brought more than just an overshadowed monk.”

“Watch you're tongue sorcerer.” Kung Lao threatened.

“No matter I have what I want right in front of me and the two of you will serve me well in the Netherrealm.” Quan Chi declared as he and Scorpion prepare to engage Ken and Kung Lao.

Chapter 16 Shifting Tides.

Rose was making use of her breif time tending to the injured heroes, placing them all against the wall of a building away from the street while Motaro was currently incapacitated. Of the surviving five, only Ibuki and Zangeif were conscious.

“Poor Jade.....” Zangeif weakly said slowly loosing consciousness due to continuous blood loss.

“I am deeply sorry for you're new found ally.” Rose said expressing remorse for the fallen edenian she did not know, let alone seen alive.

“What about Smoke?” Ibuki asked directing her savior at the incapacitated assassin next to her.

“He is alive thankfully.” Rose positively confirmed. “But there is something different. Something is stirring within him something not....human.”

“Wait what do you mean?” Ibuki asked.

Before Rose could go into further detail Motaro let out an infuriated roar and charged the mysterious interloper.

“How dare you witch!!” the centaur bellowed as he fired a destructive ball of energy from his tail. Rose's answer to the volley was her yellow scarf that was more then just an accessory. It could be used as a conduit to her powers she refers to as soul power for a variety of purposes including deflecting projectiles. Rose's scarf glows the same iridescent glow of her soul spark as she quickly grabs it and performs a circular motion as the scarf trails behind creating a faint barrier as the ballistic energy ball fired from Motaro's tail makes contact. Instantaneously the emerald green fireball recoils back at Motaro twice as fast for him to react. The resulting explosion and following smoke would engulf Motaro's form, leaving both Ibuki and Rose wondering if the redirected blast did anything of note to their Centaur enemy. The smoke eventually dissipated revealing that Motaro was still standing, but scarred in the midsection and even more livid.

“You're demise will not be a passive.” Motaro angrily declared.

“Not as long as Bison lives creature.” Rose stated walking up to face the imposing centaur. “The fact that you willingly serve two monsters that have poisoned both worlds is sickening.”

“How does she know about that?” Ibuki thought to herself.

“And what course of action will take human?” Motaro demanded.

“The only logical one.” Rose answered firing another soul spark. Motaro backhands the soul spark away and charges the mysterious woman with a sledgehammer blow. Rose dodges it with incredible speed appearing behind and making use of her scarf to ensnare one of Motaro's hind legs. Rose jerks her scarf back to the side, tripping the centaur to his side. The woman then fired another soul spark at Motaro's exposed belly with a direct hit making the monster slide back on his side from the blast. In contrast to his massive bulk, Motaro quickly got up and lunged at Rose with his tail.

Rose deflected it with her empowered scarf and lept back firing several more soul sparks while Motaro retaliated with a volley of his own fireballs. Ibuki watched on as the two traded blasts and blows silently cheering Rose on for obvious reasons. Unbeknownst to her however right next to her the motionless form of Smoke's breathing was becoming more rapid and bizarre and his left hand was slightly twitching.

“Die human!” Motaro bellowed as he fired two more fireballs. Rose dodged both and used her scarf like a whip to continuously lash at Motaro, mixing in a series of kicks to maximize the damage. Amidst the barrage of attacks, Motaro exploits a split second opening in Rose's offense and uses his tail like a lance to try and pierce the woman. Rose dodges it at the last second, but suffers a gash to her side. Jumping back, cupping her wound Rose removes her hand and notices a sizable stain of blood on her palm, only for Motaro to take advantage and snatch her up by the throat.

“I will savor chocking the life out of life out of you.” Motaro grinned as he tightened his grip on the woman's throat.

“No!!” Ibuki cried out hopelessly.

“N... No. Not yet..” Rose said strained of precious air. She magically wraps her scarf around the very arm strangling her causing it to violently irradiate with soul energy. What followed for the centaur general was an excruciating burning sensation going up his arm that felt as if it was burning his very soul. The pain was too much for him to even bellow in agony and he subsequently dropped Rose, who fell to her knees, hurriedly gasping for air. To her misfortune Motaro lunged at her again despite the unspeakable pain she put him through. Motaro would shift all of his remaining might into the one mighty punch that would finish the battle for good, but his fist is stopped dead cold by yet another interloper that appears out of nowhere. It took time for the general to realize it was in fact Smoke who was now fully awake and rejuvenated with new found strength. Holding back Motaro's fist with one arm.

“WHAT!?” Motaro shouted in shock. “You continue to draw breath!?”

“Smoke!” Ibuki excitedly shouted surprised at how quick Thomas intervened.

“E........nough!” Smoke uttered in a terrifying distorted tone with jet black eyes void of life. The demonic glare rattled Motaro's very being when he traded glares with the ninja, but would swiftly cast the feelings aside and gore Thomas though the stomach with his tail. Ibuki and Rose were shocked, but not for the similarly fatal injury that claimed Jade, it was the steam shooting out of his body in the place of blood. Something was indeed different Ibuki could since it along with Rose and they both don't know the proper way to respond. Smoke did not budge until his body began to dissolve and expand into a massive hot cloud. Rose was wise to back off as the billowing cloud continued to grow, however Motaro stood defiantly not caring for what awaits him. The growing smoke reached its apex, the size of a two story house and began condensing to a new form. Ibuki grew nervous as she noticed the condensing vapors began forming a monstrous new body. This new visage was a hulking featureless abomination of smoke and vapor the only distinguishable parts where the torso, muscular claw tipped arms, and ghastly maw void of eyes.

“Just as “they” told me...” Rose thought to herself. “Smoke was never human to begin with...”

“Wh. What is he!?” Ibuki yelled.

“Enenra.” Rose answered. “Smoke is an enenra...”

“How do you know this.” Ibuki questioned

Smoke, despite having no eyes looked down at the very centaur that caused him and his remaining comrades in their current life threatening ordeal and let out a hollow yet loud ear splitting roar that echoed for miles across the lifeless London winds.

hmmmmmm how does Rose know about what Smoke truly is and who are "they"? we'll find out soon enough
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Soooo a +100 respect points for using Smoke's Enenra form in a pending fight and mention Scorpion's family. Neato


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Next update will conclude the fights hell all of the fights will finish in this story plus this is the final chapter before the time skip