Mk vs SF fight of the century fanfiction


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If anything this would technically be season 2
Season 1 was the tournament
Season 2 the invasion
Season 3 the final battle


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“What form of monstrosity are you!?” A now fearful and dwarfed Motaro barked. The enenra's response was a lunging claw that the centaur dodges, letting the pavement take the strike. The vapor demon's claw was stuck to the ground allowing ample time for Motaro to slash at the arm with his tail, but the demon's smokey composition rendered any form of damage and pain useless as the metallic tail simply phased through it. After several unsuccessful strikes a new set of claws sprung out from demon smoke's forearm, seizing Motaro by the torso while the enenra's forearm shifted and contorted back to a more realistic anatomy. Motaro felt the life being burned out of him due in part to the monsters incredibly hot grip already struggling trying to hold off the already crushing grip. On desperation Motaro arched his tail above him and fired another blast at the creatures face causing it's entire head to scatter like clouds. For a moment the heat and pressure went away as if the beast was legitimately injured at least, inciting a moment of relief for the centaur general and a moment of worry for Ibuki and Rose. Those moments would be put to rest when the scattered smoke of Tomas's twisted form rejoined back at the body, reforming his head completely as if nothing happened at all. The enenra let out an enraged howl followed by a savagely slamming Motaro in the ground, causing tons of concrete chunks to erupt from the ground.

Motaro spat out blood as the monster let go of him, but was not granted breif mercy once Tomas seized his hind legs and began slamming him brutally against anything destructible, crudely reducing him into a oversized ragdoll. Ibuki watched on in concern for not only Smoke, but actually Motaro. While she did believe the centaur deserved to pay for critically injuring her allies and killing Jade the savage onslaught he was enough to spark curious pondering as to whether or not he deserved punishment to that level. Rose on the other hand was locked in deep thought about the enigmatic figures who had told her about this event and also to seek out being known as Raiden and bring him to someone known as”Ingrid”. For what purpose she did not know, but at least to her the cards seem to agree with task she was given. The enenra continued it's wild assualt, running Motaro a building and draggin him through it by the hind legs, decimating the structure. Smoke hurled Motaro to the ground and started to mercilessly pound him into to it in a manner reminiscent to a frenzied ape. The beatdown is so brutal infact Ibuki had to look away when she saw torrents blood erupting from the crater and shield her ears from the bloodlusted, manic roars of the enenra. Smoke finished off with a double fist smash synced in with it's demonic bellow causing small tremors to race as far as to Ibuki and Rose once contact had been made to the beaten centaur. Yet the vapor creature was still not finished, it's bloodlust not yet satiated it grabbed Motaro by the torso and lifted him up showing a bloodied and basically broken nigh unconscious centaur inadvertently to Ibuki and Rose both of whom are aghast by the horrific condition he put Motaro through and the fact that the centaur was still alive.

“No way how could anyone survive that?” Ibuki said aloud to herself.

“Such savagery at least he is still on our side I hope. Rose thought to herself. Smoke held the broken beast up to its eye level as Motaro weakly opened his eyes but still had the energy to keep fighting at least from his point of view. Mustering whats left of his ebbing might, Motaro raised his left arm and jammed his elbow spike through the enenra's forearm, this time meeting resistance from the vapor limb. Smoke didn't even bellow in pain, rather grunted as if it was a mild inconvenience and simply retaliates with several tendrils of manipulated steam erupting from the puncture that motaro's elbow spike was still embedded in. seeing the tendrils coming for him Motaro desperately tried to swat them away from coming for him, but his arm simply phased through as one snaking mist races into a gash in his arm. The other tendrils make their way into other openings individually, whether it be his mouth, ears, eyes or, wounds. The Centaur began gasping for air as the smoke clogged his lungs and airway and began tearing through the eyes from the vapors that have breached through there.

Only just now the worst had begun when the steam began to scorch him from the inside with unthinkable heat that was for the general, equivalent to having a sun put inside him. Motaro tried to scream in pain, but could cough and gag out a murky mist from his throat. Soon the scorching steam started blasting from his mouth, slowly dissolving the skin and flesh from his head staring from where it initially came out from. Afterwards more burning steam started to erupt from various areas of his body.with dissolving the skin and flesh as it continued despite his body burning away, Motaro could still not bellow in agony since there was basically nothing left of his trachea at this point. A horrified Ibuki covered her mouth while Rose backed up in front of the young ninja on instinctive impulse as the hulking demon continued dissolving and or liquefying the centaur's body. Reality kicked in when after what seemed like an eternity ended on the seventh second the burning smoke dispersed and all that was left of the mighty outworld general was a unrecognizable and hollowed burned corpse of browned flesh and bone barely hanging to the body by strained tendons. The enenra raised the corpse up high and smashed it on the ground creating a gory explosion right in front of the two still awake females.

Ibuki's heart halted when the mutilated skull remains of Motaro landed right at her feet, completely terrified at the slight chance she may share a similer fate to the centaur Rose on the other hand was calm and somehow was able to sense some strain of rationality from within the monstrous visage of the enenra, regardless she had her scarf at the ready in case of possible attack.

“I........Ib.......Ibu.......Ki......” the creature echoed surprsing the ninja

“Smoke?” Ibuki calmly replied.

“” It replied before suddenly diminishing in size and completely compressing itself into a familiar form. Like it was a sheet, the mist descended and slid off of Smoke's body revealing his human body, still wearing the same armor before his transformation. Shocked but relieved, the ninja sprung to her feet and limped towards Smoke still clutching her broken arm with Rose following behind. The exhausted enenra dropped to his knees once the two women got to him and grabbed him to keep him from collapsing.

“Wh...what happened?” Smoke weakly questioned then looking at Rose. “wh...who are....”
before he could finish his second question for Rose his body and conciousness submitted to his fatigued state his head dropping down abruptly right after sparking more concern.

“Smoke!” Ibuki said aloud shaking him with her one funtional arm.

“He has only passed out. He will be alright.” Rose assured.

A few seconds passed by when lightning appears once more surrounding the surviving chosen and Rose. Ibuki knew very what this mean while Rose was anticipating the arrival. Once the lightning cleared Raiden and a mass cadre of other fighters. Ibuki could recognize the ones that were with her but there was a equally large number of fighters mostly from her world although there were two from the other.

“Raiden....” Ibuki said relieved. “wh what happened?”

“Better question is what happened here?” A bruised cage answered looking at the wounded bodies across the streets before seeing Jade's body.
“Oh no.”

“By the elder gods no!” a bloodied Kitana creid out racing to her dead friend. “Jade! Who done this to her!?”

“It....was some huge horse freak that attacked us.” Ibuki answered hesitantly intimidated by the subtle anger in the edenian princess's voice. “He badly injured the others and.......killed Jade....”

“Where is he?” Kitana demanded. Ibuki only pointed across to what was left of the general an still dissolving sludge of eviscerated flesh, bone, and severed limbs.”

“Whoa who did that?” A shocked Ken asked shielding his wife from the gruesome site

“Smoke did.” Ibuki revealed. “He turned into some huge cloud monster just when we thought he was done for and brutally killed him.” as Ibuki returned her glare to the group she couldn't help but notice Sagat carrying the bodies of Ermac and a yellow cyborg over his shoulder and under his arm.

“Wh..what happened to Ermac? The kunoichi asked.

“He took the full brunt of an trap he tried to contain to save the others.” Liu Kang answered

“A noble sacrifice indeed.” Sagat agreed, surprising the others that knew him.

“So the yellow robot?” The Ninja asked again

“His name is Cyrax.” an familer voice said.

Ibuki and Rose turned to their left and seen Sub-zero accompanied by Guy who was partially cybernetic walking to the two to see about Smoke. Ibuki was shaken by the looks the two warriors had. While it was obvious as to why she was rattled by Guy's new form, Sub Zero she could sense grief all over him as if it was written on his body. The most notable attraction aside from his missing mask and cowl and the injuries on his skin was a black inky substance the gave off a pungent odor akin to blood splattered around various areas of his body.

“Smoke is he alright.” Sub-zero requested

“Yes. He's just out for now.” Ibuki said “But what happened to you and Guy?”

At an earlier point of time in shang tsung's island the fight between the two defenders and revenats continued on with Guile had just tossed Charlie into a pillar taking the wind out of the undead fighter.

“Come one Charlie remember who you are!” Guile pleaded to his former friend “Remember you friends, family, country...”

“Stubborn fool how many more times do I have to tell you it's too late?” Charlie barked back. “all of that is beneath me and your pleading will only make it easier for me to end you!” Charlie lunges at Guile with a sweep, tripping up his former friend and follows up with a roundhouse that Guile manages to block in time in midair, but not with out being sent flying by the force behind the revenant's strike. Guile is able to get back to his feet and fire a sonic boom at Charlie. Charlie fires on of his own to cancel out the blade of air and create an obscuring explosion which he uses as an effective cover up to utilize his teleport. Guile notices the wraith had dissapeared once again as the explosion cleared and knew that Charlie was going to be right above him, only this time he didn't have enough time to counter it when Charlie did materialize. Guile was forced to settle for evading the pounce by rolling away, but would soon charge his corrupted friend again not wanting to be on the defensive. The two soldiers engaged in an all out slugfest trading and blocking blows not wanting to reveal to each other a sign of waning momentum. Guile manages two land two consecutive strikes to Charlie's gut and jaw, however the wraith shrugs both attacks off and delivers a brutal uppercut to Guile's jaw stunning the soldier and leaving him wide open for a tackle which is what Charlie does.

Across the Courtyard Kuai Liang and Bi Han were locked in a similar form of battle compared to Guile in Charlie only difference being in that they're reading each others attacks perfectly and blocking them all. Kuai creats a ice sword and attempts to vertically slash at Bi han, who jumps back revealing a clone in his place who stops the blade by clapping his dark palms on the blade. Kuai Liang attempted to wrestle the ice blade free but the actual noob ran in and kicked him in the stomach, causing him to lose his grip on the sword with the clone following up with a kick of his own knocking the Cryomancer away and on his back. Sub Zero quckly gets up and sees his brother fire a strange dark ball at him. Sub-Zero blocks it but it the strange projectile induces a bizarre state of confusion to his mind. Kuai Liang tried to shake of the strange feeling as Noob ran at him ready to deliver a snap jab. Sub-Zero attempted to block, but for some reason his body was not allowing this specific action even though he tried with all his might leaving him wide open to a punishing blow to his jaw the shattered his mask, damaged his jaw, and sent him flying off the arena.

Sub-Zero landed on his stomach in the open crevice where the masked guards of Shang Tsung stand watch at. As Sub-Zero tried to get to his feet Noob lands in front of him and fired another dark mass directly under his brother turning into a man sized portal the swallows the ex lin kuei whole. another portal oppens up diectly above where Kuai once laid and drops the expels the cryomancer to the earth with noob waiting to deliver a punishing uppercut that connects to his face, breaks his nose, and launches him several more feet in the air. Even with his injuries Sub-Zero was able to gain control of his balance in the air and land on his feet, only for Noob's shadow clone to put in a choke hold from behind when he lands on his feet. With precious air being lost in his dire ordeal, Kuai desperately elbows the doppleganger who responds with a knee to Kuai's back. Noob jumps in with a right hook that Sub-Zero blocks with his forearm and attempts to retaliate with a kick. Noob quickly parries the kick and forces Kuai's foot back to the ground with both hands. In retaliation Bi han kicked at his brother's shins several times in succession trying buckle the limbs and bring Kuai to a vulnerable position on his knees. Kuai denied Noob of this opportunity through pure will alone provoking Noob to settle for a downward hammer strike with his fist aiming for the cryomancer's skull. Sub-Zero parries it with his forearm and kicks Noob away in the gut, then headbutting the wraith's doppleganger dazing him and hurling it by the head at his brother who sidesteps out of the way and fires another portal that to his surprise Sub-Zero does not attempt to evade and willingly drops in.

Weary bound Noob stood on his guard as the another portal opened up above and down drops Sub-Zero who had foot on a unstable ice sledgehammer he had created while inside the void. Noob jumped back as Sub-Zero smashed the hammer head to the ground, exploding like a grenade and launching lethal ice shrapnel everywhere. Noob tried his best to avoid it but several painfully impale him in the back of his left shin, making him bark out from the extreme discomfort. Noob landed and looked at his wounded leg and realized in shock that the ice shrapnel embedded was freezing the flesh and greatly hampering his mobility once more in turn leaving vulnerable to Sub-Zero who uppercuts him and strike in the side. Kuai Liang was not finished he grabbed Noob by the left arm bending it just to get him to stand and he kicks down at the frozen leg shattering the frozen flesh around the shin that revealed bone and muscle, making the wraith holler out of the top of his lungs in pain. Noob's legs crumpled from the agonizing injury and his brother puts him in a head lock, leaving the wraith at his mercy.

Back at the other fight Guile had once more gained the upper hand against his corrupted comrade beating him down in a fusion of rage and agony at their circumstances. Charlie parries a kick and tries to punch Guile in his face. The soldier catches the fist, stopping it cold. Charlie assaults Guile with body shots with his free hand trying to relinquish the other from Guile's grip. Guile trades body shots in return, ignoring the pain and blood he was spitting up. Eventually Charlie's last strike would do the deed and weaken Guile long enough for Charlie to free his restrained fist and kick Guile away a considerable distance. On his knee Guile clutched his bruised stomach and Charlie charges him one more time to finish him off once and for all

“You fought well Guile.” Charlie commended “But this is you're last mission alive.” once within distance, Charlie winded his fist back, siphoning all of his might into one decisive blow that will end the battle. Once his fist was at it's apex Charlie believed victory was now inches from his grasp, for Guile however this was ans equal opportunity for him to claim victory himself.

“Right where I wanted you! 1!” Guile said aloud as he performed a flash kick at just the right time when Charlie was in a position that was actually very vulnerable. The kick propelled the revenant in the air and stayed suspended just long enough for Guile to land and turn around and perform yet another well timed flash kick with a front flip.

“2!” Guile shouted again when his heel connected to Charlie's chin, rocketing back into the air even higher. Guile landed and began charging even more power into his leg for one final flash kick as Charlie descended down, loosing consciousness by the second.

“Forgive me Charlie....STRIKE!” Guile said to himself as he performed the flash kick on last time, even more powerful blasting Charlie at least 3 stories high into the air leading to a stomach churning thud that echoed in the winds, Guile was victorious, but it was a bitter triumph against an old friend who was reduced to a corrupted shell of his former self. Guile just stared at the revenant's unmoving figure before turning to look at Sub-Zero, who has restrained his former sibling.


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“Cease Bi Han!” Sub-Zero sternly commanded.

“Never!” Noob shouted in defiance despite the nightmarish damage to his shin.

“You cannot continue on with you injuries.” Sub-Zero pointed out. “It would be wise for you to accept the mercy I will grant you if surrender.”

“I chose death.” Noob replied. “And if you refuse to grant me that....” Kuai noticed Noob looking at Guile and suddenly from behind comes Noob's shadow clone whom the the soldier was oblivious to.

“Guile behind you!” Sub Zero barked out. The weakened Major could not react fast enough when the clone kicked him on the back of his shin bringing the man down low enough for him to put him in a choke hold mirroring the lock Kuai Liang had his brother in.

“NO!! STOP!!” Kuai Liang shouted as he witnessed Guile struggling in vain to free himself.

“What...will you do about it?” Bi Han sneered trying to goad his brother into doing something he knew he would regret. Sub-Zero helplessly stared on as Guile was being strangled to death. Sub-Zero has taken lives before but not the lives of those he cared about which included his resurrected sibling. But time was finite either Guile lives or Bi Han lives, in the quest for the greater good it was obvious what choice Kuai Liang had to make, but it was one hard for him to stomach. Frustrated at his ultimatum Kuai Liang screamed to the heavens and directed Noobs head to the edge of arena. Still screaming the cryomancer grabbed the back of his brother's head and forced it on the sharp corner which punched through his mask and jawline. Noob gagged as jet black blood splattered from his damaged mouth.

“For.....the.......brotherhood...” the dying Noob thought as Sub-Zero forced his head further down the arena edge completely severing the top of the revenant's head from the bottom jaw. With Noob's death the clone dissolved into an inky fluid freeing Guile who was now gasping for air he was denied. Once he had regained enough air he looked back at the cryomancer who was covered in the infected blood of his dead again brother. As if he was showing early signs of hyperventilation, Sub-Zero breathing became heavy and erratic as he tore of his cowel to ironically try and cool off. Kuai Liang looked at his shaking black blood stained hands as the gravity of his actions began to bare down on his sanity. Sub-Zero roared off the top of his lungs from the emotional trauma of slaying his own blood despite it being befouled through twisted sorcery.

“Damn......” Guile said silently, showing pity for the assassin. Unknown to them though in the middle of the recent situation Charlie's revenant form had dissapeared from the arena, presumably back to the netherrealm.


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At the pit Kintaro lands a savage punch on Kurtis's chest with enough force to send him hurtling into the closed gate. The impact to the grid barrier was certainly agonizing for the cop, but he was grateful he didn't end up plummeting to the bottom of the pit. Sagat continued his offense on the Tigrar Shokan using all he has learned in Muay Thai to try and overpower the monster, but Kintaro seemed to just simply rise up bearing no visible signs of weakening, Sagat on the other hand......

“Whats the matter human? It looks like you are tiring.” Kintaro smugly scoffed.

“Do not dare look down on me beast!” Sagat defiantly yelled before charging the monster again

Kintaro catches on fist with his left upper hand and a proceeding elbow from his adversary with the right upper hand. Kintaro thrusts his two bottom arms right into Sagat's ribcage. An unsettling echo of snapping bones cut throw the dark silence of the pit as the Muay Thai giant doubled up leaving his head exposed to get sandwiched by two fists from the tigrar brute's upper arms. Had Sagat been an ordinary man such an attack would turned his head into a cascade of blood, bone, and brain matter. Kintaro was yet to finish as he grabbed hold of Sagat's dazed form by the face and lifted him high off of his feet intending on delivering a death blow. That pleasure would not come for the beast when he felt a volley of familiar stings on his back, It was Stryker once more shooting at him with two handguns akimbo style.

“Wretched hum-” before Kintaro could finish his insult one bullet ran into his one side of his cheek, ripping through his teeth and surprisingly not his toungue and making an even bigger hole on the other side giving the shokan a bloodied glasgow jaw. The scorching stinging pain caused Kintaro to unknowingly drop Sagat as he roared in a pain fueled rage and charged the cop in frightening burst of speed. Kurtis was unable to react fast enough as Kintaro snatched him by his throat and slammed back onto the gated exit of the bridge. Stryker could feel the life being chocked out of him as the enraged Kintaro was swiftly applying pressure to his throat. With little time and desperate thinking Stryker pulled out his flashlight and flashed it in Kintaro's eyes. Because of how significantly more light sensitive his eyes are compared to a regular human eye like the very man he was choking out Kintaro was stunned and momentarily blinded. Too focused on trying to regain his sight he was completely oblivious to the his own relieving of Styrker's neck. Too add on to the potent blindness, Kintaro felt a cold, round, metal blunt end slam into the right side of his already bloodied gaping maw knocking out what little quantity of teeth he had intact and fracturing his jaw. The blow sent him staggering backwards, despite the blindness and amplified pain Kintaro was more focused on trying to stay on the bridge and avoid the ghastly blades below.

To ensure prevention of a fatal plummet Kintaro knelt down to try and stay still and furiously rubbed his eyes so he can gain restore his crippled sight and get back into the fight. Just then the before his nose can even process the scent of someone near his face Kintaro felt a hard volatile blaze strike him in his wounded jaw. The massive power behind this unknown impact was enough to blast the shokan off his feet and at least twenty feet in the air burning his mangled face asunder. Just as the blur begin to subside Kintaro could now properly process with his eyes barely. What he could make out once he was at eye level was Sagat who had blood splattered and smoldering fist and next to him Stryker holding the same device used to blind him reversed with the smaller end also covered in blood. Something was off to Kintaro and the probable explanation for this strange feeling also horrified him for some time he felt weightless and it looked like he was moving further away from the two opponents. There could only be one answer but he couldn't accept it as reality he wanted to believe that this could be some hallucination of some kind that the two men conjured, but alas confirmation of reality came in as a brutal slam to ground that turned everything dark in the Shokan's view.

As Stryker and Sagat looked down from the bridge they could see that several blades have gone through Kintaro's stomach, one of his arms, both shoulders ,and his right leg, but known of them seem fatal to them given the physical attributes of Shokans like Kintaro.

“If the spikes didn't get him the impact sure did.” Stryker summarized. “At least I got payback for my team with a big help.

“Lets just find our way off of this damned place.” Sagat uttered in an agitated, but weakened tone as he tried to take lead, only to stumble and nearly collapse. Stryker was there close enough to prevent Sagat's fall. Despite being massively dwarfed and exhausted himself Stryker was able to keep the Muay Thai master on his feet as they made there way to one end of the bridge.

“Damn it feels like you way a ton.” Stryker huffed.

“I....only weigh....175..” Sagat rebuked.

“From when? 10 years ago?” Stryker shot back. Before the thoughts of shoving the swat officer off the bridge for such a disrespectful remark was made manifest a large flash of lightning came into form from behind them prompting them to turn around and see what it is. From the bottom of the bridge several savage oni were looking up noticing the flash of electricity as well and stared on curiously for a few seconds until another flash occurred in the same spot. The desire to feast on shredded remains took dominance one the onis' mind as the began following the scent of blood to the presumably deceased Kintaro. Like curious wolves the demons sniffed at the brutalized body before one of them musterd up the will to go for the first bite. A ruinous decision when one arm sprang to life and clamped down hard on the oni's head like a vice grip as one of Kintaro's eyes shot open revealing a furious bloodshot glare.

In Japan, Sakura was desperately rummaging through the sprawled out items in the empty shop searching for anything that could potentially help Dan with his burning eyes while Blanka continued battle with Reptile. The two beasts were evenly matched blow for blow, especially in agility there were very few in Jimmy's world that could keep up with him in such a department he excelled in and reptile without doupt is at the top. On the flip side Reptile was rather intrigued by Blanka's power and nimbleness despite his bulky figure.

“I must admit beast, I am greatly impressed by how much your large frame is betrayed by your swiftness.” Reptile said out in a neutral tone.

“That's what happens when you live in the wild!” Blanka proudly barked.

“Survival instincts alone will not win you a battle.” Reptile sneered back his irises thinning “Especially against a Saurian.”

“while the two primal brawlers continued on Sakura finally found a quarter empty bottle of water and scurried to Dan and ducking low enough to avoid flying debris.

“Hibiki-san here.” Sakura said as she held his head back and poured water into his searing eyes to wash away the acid. Was the bottle was empty Dan was relaxing as the pain was rapidly fading. Dan finally fully opened his eyes as his blurry vision was compressing and he could accurately make out Sakura's relieved face.

“Hibiki-San. Can you see well now?” She asked

“Yeah and boy did that burn!” Dan said instantly shifting back into character which further elated Sakura. “Man that felt like the time when...LOOK OUT!!!!” Dan tackled Sakura out of the way to prevent a flying Blanka from colliding with them as he smashed into the wall.

“JIMMY!!” Dan and Sakura cried out, looking at the wild man's dazed form.

“That does it you're goin down frog breath!” Dan declared, as he charged at reptile only to get struck in the gut by Reptile's knee followed by and elbow to the back, and uppercut that knocks him off his feet, and finished off with two body slams from his legs. Reptile grabbed the already beaten man by the front of his pink gi and delivered two slaps across Hibiki's face to further tear down his dignity.

“Foolish human!” Reptile barked. “I have yet to finish you off and already you are broken! If you are truly apart of Earthrealm's defenders then the thunder god is truly scraping the botto....” Before Reptile could finish his monologue, Sakura delivers a unseen knee to Zetteran's jaw causing him to drop Dan, reel back and stumble over.

“Don't you dare underestimate us monster!” Sakura exclaimed furiously. “You'll pay for what you did to our worlds and my friends!”

“How exactly?” Reptile confidently hissed, rubbing his Jaw. Sakura said nothing and jumped at Reptile with her left arm arched back. Sakura threw a powerful left hook that was blocked by Reptile's right forearm and blocked a proceeding kick with his left hand. Reptile pushed Sakura back and swiped at her with his claws, which the youg fighter dodges followed by a sweeping kick Sakura hops over. While in the air Sakura attempts a sledgehammer blow on Reptile's head, only to have it come to a sudden halt as the saurian catches her arms and flings her across the store's inside. Sakura is able to control her flying body and lands on her feet, but is almost instantly tripped up by a speedy reptile who was scuttling towards her on all fours and ran right through her legs. Sakura manages to briefly halt her fall by planting both hands on the ground long enough to finally kick her Saurian adversary right in the face just as he was rising back up stunned as if it did moderate damage. Like the deceptive snake he is, Reptile only feigned it and turned his jaw on the girls ankle, snapping on it with enough force to completely break it. Sakura screamed as Reptile hoisted her up by the crippled limb with his jaw and slammed her against the floor. Soon the injured teenager instantly saw the raptor on top of her now clamping on her head with his claws.

“You are finished child!” Reptile announced as he was slowly trying to crush his squirming foe's skull in. Sakura was in full panic as she was trying her best to pry reptiles claws loose and the foul stench and dripping acid from his mouth that was burning away at her shirt only worsened it. Feeling the tips of his claws slowly breach her skin, the acceptance of a grisly end was beginning to come to form in her mind, but then....

“ENOUGH!!!” boomed a frightening voice that rattled the very bones in both Reptile and Sakura's bodies. Both looked at the figure responsible for such a twisted bellow and it was to both there shock Dan. Something was way off though, Dan's eyes were glowing ominously filled with murderous rage with a overwhelming dark aura that felt as if it was attempting to halt the beating in their hearts.

“Hi-Hibiki-San?” Sakura said in hesitant gulps “Y-you to.....?” this was a familiar feeling to her as she had once saw Ryu in such a state like this after their run in with an supposed agent of SIN. For Reptile he was stricken by the one thing only Shao Khan himself was capable of lacing him with........fear. As the Saurian looked dead into Hibiki's eyes it felt like he was looking into the infinite and torturous hellfire of the Netherrealm.

“Wh-what are you!?” Reptile screamed

Dan said nothing before assuming a particular pose and dashing right for the paralyzed Saurian.

“SHUN!! GOKU!! SATSU!!” Dan shouted out as he the distance between the two was being closed. What Dan was about to perform was one of the most potent techniques from his world that was capable of irrevocably destroying someone's soul, wiping the from existance. A fearsome attack that is normally associated with a polarizing opposite to Dan in overall power. Reptile is essentially doomed to quite possibly the worst fate of both their universes..........if only Dan didn't trip over the very same water bottle used to wash the acid out of his eyes and fall flat on his face, passing out from the impact. Both Reptile and Sakura were now paralyzed with pure confusion on what had just happened and at a complete loss for words.

“What in the Khanum's name...” Reptile said with a raised eyebrow at the unexpected blunder. Dan's ridiculous spectacle actually payed off in a sense as not only it caused a confused reptile to let go of Sakura's head, it also left him wide open for Blanka to ram into him in a curled ball that blasted the Zaterran out of the store window. With Reptile out of the way for now Blanka went to see about his two friends first starting with Sakura since she was still awake.

“How bad did stinky lizard man hurt you?” Blanka asked sitting Sakura up against the wall.

“Gah I think he broke my..ankle” Sakura answered, clutching her bloodied leg. “I won't be of any help to other like this..” The crippled girl could not take her mind off of Dan though and what he was capable of. Is this the fate of all who practice the fighting style Ryu and her sensei to an extent use? The thought of her turning evil like that sent chills down her spine.

“What happened to Dan?” Blanka asked scratching his head. “He was all scary for a little bit then poof it was all gone.”

“ I really don't know Jimmy.”Sakura solemnly replied. As Blanka made his way to Dan's unmoving form a long chameleon like tongue comes from outside though the broken window and snagged the wild man by the neck. Blanka barely had time to even clutch the slimy appendage before he is snatched out though the same opening the tongue came through. Sakura shouted Blanka's real name helplessly as her broken ankle left her unable to do any thing. Blanka landed on his back trying wrestle away the the chocking tongue from his neck, but it proved to be more slippery than an electric eel and more powerful than a anaconda, two creatures he beted and devoured on a daily basis when he was growing up in the Amazon. Blanka turned his head and saw Reptile slowly reel him in towards his unhinged jaw with the intentions of making a meal out of the wild man's head

“YOU NO MAKE MEAL OUT OF ME!!!” Blanka roared as electricity was beginning to come out of him. Blanka slammed the ground as a massive surge of built up electricity blasts out of his body and violently arks through Reptiles tongue and into his mouth, electrocuting him from the inside out. Reptile gurgled erratically as the savage volts were frying his entire being and causing him to foam acidic bile from his maw. Blanka ceased the shocking preferring personally not to kill him even though such an attack like that would kill a average man for how long it went on. Blanka was able to release himself from Reptile's tongue as the Saurian passed out from the electrocution as a defeated smoking, slightly charred heap. Blanka jumped back into the store to recover Dan, who was still unresponsive and Sakura.

“Jimmy? Did you...?” Sakura asked as she found herself hoisted onto Blanka's back.

“No. I only zapped stinky lizard man, not kill.” Blanka said throwing Dan over his right shoulder. “I'm not monster like he was. Where we go now?”

“Oh right I'll help direct you.” Sakura answered as she begin leading the for Jimmy as he ran down to join with the other heroes she met prior to their short lived reunion.


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Ermac fell to his knee in response to the burning wound in the back of his shoulder, clutching it on oblivious instinct the main culprit who shot him was Fevier, a doll who had short orange hair proceeded to knee him in the face. Jianyu, who had just recovered slams her quarterstaff across Ermac's back, knocking the construct to the floor the remaining dolls surrounded him

“The treacherous Ermac will be eliminated.” Satsuki declared drawing her blade toward Ermac's throat.

“Affirmative” Noembelu agreed as she readied her hatchet's Ermac tried to struggle free only for Decapre to stab him straight through the same wounded shoulder causing Ermac to roar in pain.

“Terminate.” Decapre declared as Satsuki raised her sword high in the air and swung it down in a chopping motion towards Ermac's neck. Before the blade made contact with his artificial skin he spared on last glance at the restrained captives and swiftly teleported outside from the horde of assassins and thrusts his hand out sending a torrent of souls at the dolls, who all dodged it.

“Target has missed.” Julie emotionlessly called out

“You were not our targets.” Ermac revealed as he jerked his hand back. The dolls heard the snapping of metal but had know time to react as R Mika lunged and slammed into Santamu's head humorously butt first, knocking her out. Before Xiayu could retaliate she is greeted by an aerial roundhouse from Elena and knocked out herself. The dolls realized a poor exercise in judgment they were two preoccupied with Ermac to even take notice that the captive fighters under their watch were concious and battle capable in the event they would be freed. Alex and T.Hawk rushed in and took out Juni, Noembelu, Fevier, Jianyu, Enero, and Satsuki through sheer brute force. Decapre lunged at the two men, But were repelled to the wall by Ermac. Only Xiayu and Juli remained before the surrounding fighters but it soon became only Juni as El Fuerte was able to sneak in and German Suplex Xiayu before she could react. Juli immediately went for the nimble luchadore.

“Gotta be more Nimble than that.” El Fuerte declared, already having dodged several attacks Trying to keep her attention on him giving T. Hawk to knock her out with a well placed blow to the back of her neck.

“Forgive me Julia.” T. Hawk expressed in a regretful tone as he proceeded to hoist up Juli's unmoving body gently which reignighted flashbacks of all that he has lost to Shadaloo including the most precious thing to him which was gently cradled by him further strengthening his resolve to make the twisted organization pay. Ermac looked on at the freed fighters personally pleased with himself that he has done something meaningful rather than be a tool void of ambition for a tyrant, however fatigue setted in due to the blood loss from his wounded shoulder and began to stumble over. Had not it been for Alex to catch him, Ermac probably would have fallen completely flat on the ground

“I don't who you are, or how you manage to find us, but thanks for the save at least I personally owe you big time for this.” Alex said helping Ermac up to his feet.

“No mortal should ever be shackled be it by body..” Ermac responded before looking at the defeated Dolls. “Or mind...”

“I too am thankful for your mercy on them.” T.Hawk said in satisfaction placing his hand on Ermac's shoulder. “Now I finally have the opportunity to save Julia thanks to you. You have my eternal gratitude.”

“Do not shower us in praise just yet.” We still must tend to the other Dolls as they are equally deserving of their freedom.”

“How exactly do you plan on doing that exactly.” T. Hawk asked.

“Through the efforts of Nightwolf, Dhalsim and perhaps Lord Raiden.” Ermac answered

“Dhalsim I'm remotely familiar but Nightwolf, Raiden?” T. Hawk stated in curiosity.

“Better yet amigo who are you?” El Fuerte questioned weary of Ermac due to his otherworldly vibe he was feeling from the construct.

“We are Ermac. A coalition of fallen souls originally constructed to serve the tyrant emperor Shao Khan. Who has recently formed an alliance with the leader of Shadaloo M.Bison. Whom we theorize several of you are familiar with?” Ermac conversed. Judging from the particular emotions on the faces of T. Hawk, Elena, and R. Mika, Ermac had his answer and proceeded to continue on.

“While we were initially unquestionably loyal to the will of our creator and emperor we were eventually confronted by several warriors who have aligned with Raiden the god of thunder who actively opposes Shao Khan and his relentless desire to conquer Earthrealm while under his control we confronted the warriors and was decisively bested in combat but due to Dhalsim's mercy and urging both he and Nightwolf were able to free our unified mine of the Khan's will and gave us a new perception of our world and surroundings. In gratitude we chose to repent or evil ways and align with the forces of light for should Shao Kahn and M. Bison succeed than we all will loose such the gift that is freedom.”

“Um excuse me Mr. Ermac?” R. Mika asked “Why do you refer to yourself as we?

“I Am quite curious about this as well.” Elena said putting her finger on her chin

Is that some kind of stage personality you maintain once you get in the ring?” the question threw Ermac off. While he already indirectly alluded to why he refers to himself in plural, he was unsure if he can properly explain why without confusing them further. The chance to answer would be prevented by a recovering Decapre who was now holding what appeared to be a detonator in her hand.

“It is over Decapre you have lost.” Ermac declared standing in front of the freed fighters.

“The trap has been set proceeding to....sprang.” Decapre said as she pushed the button on the device which triggered a frequent beeping sound. It did not take long for Ermac to realize that it was a bomb which also brought up an additional flashback during his unwilling servitude to Shao Khan he remembered overhearing Quan Chi conversing with the dolls about how much more beneficial they would be to the dictator as revenants and M. Bison being rather intrigued by such a notion and calling several dolls with him for “testing” on the demon's theory. As Ermac looked at the unconcious dolls he noticed that not all of them were in this building several of them were not here. With the pieces coming together rapidly, Ermac realized the horrifying truth, this wasn't only a baiting trap it was intended as a catalyst to create more revenants to fight alongside outworld possibly as a means to counter Raiden's growing forces of light. While the plan may have failed in the grand scheme of things since only Ermac arrived at their intended destination as opposed to several more warriors that they were likely anticipating Ermac knew that his allies could not afford to lose these imprisoned fighters to the dark forces and he himself will not tolerate being a unwilling slave to a despotic power.

Thinking quickly, Ermac used his telekinesis to blow out a hole in the face of the skyscraper and at the same time used his powers to grab a hold of his new found allies and telekinetically fly out of the building's new hole as fast as he could taking the other newly freed fighters with him with T. Hawk clutching on to Juli as tight as he could. Two thirds away from ground the hole at the top of the building breathed out a violent explosion followed by additional debris and thick black smoke the explosion was powerful enough to obliterate the windows several stories below.

“Why would they do something like that!?” R. Mika yelled out in surprise.

“Because they are unwilling servants to a great evil.” Ermac said in a mournful tone.

“Whats wrong with you?” Alex questioned.

“We were unable to save them all and give back to them a gift most of them were naturally born with unlike us...” Ermac answered. “Now only a fate worse than death awaits them and they are possibly beyond saving now...”

“What do you mean?” Elena worriedly asked.

“There are those from our world who can negate the very concept of death, but with a great price. But we must meet up with the others fast for we fear they may be in danger.”

“Others?” El Fuerte said with a raised eybrow.

“I don't mean to be that guy but how are you gonna get to the “others” fast with that big wound on your shoulder?” Alex said bluntly. Ermac answered by simply ejecting one soul and having it magically binding itself on his wound effectively sealing.

“Now please follow us this is our best chance for survival.” Ermac said as he made haste towards his allies. The freed fighters decided it would be best to take the amalgamate's advice and chase after him because at this point what else can they do on their own when they had no idea what is happening to their world let alone how to effectively deal with it. Across from an unknown area the explosion was being observed by two figures that were actually the remaining two dolls the were not present in the ambush It was Marz, a recon specialist with purple hair and the red haired medic, Aprile. However there appearance was a drastic and much more sinister departure from their fellow dolls. They where deathly pale with lifeless yellow eyes and sickly yellow glowing veins on their backs. In place of their usual signature uniforms they wore eerily similar twisted and demonic form fitting light armor with sharp edges that were arranged to mimic a monstrous parody of Bison's emblem and blood red clawed gauntlets. After looking at the explosion and the escaping heroes Marz simply got up as a portal opened up behind he as she walked into it followed by Aprile.
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Pretty good update.
Really liked the fight between Dan, Sakura and Blanka vs Reptile.

One thing though, when Ermac was talking at one point you used "I" pronouns instead of his staple "We" pronouns

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Pretty good update.
Really liked the fight between Dan, Sakura and Blanka vs Reptile.

One thing though, when Ermac was talking at one point you used "I" pronouns instead of his staple "We" pronouns

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huh where? .


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“Better yet amigo who are you?” El Fuerte questioned weary of Ermac due to his otherworldly vibe he was feeling from the construct.

“We are Ermac. A coalition of fallen souls originally constructed to serve the tyrant emperor Shao Khan. Who has recently formed an alliance with the leader of Shadaloo M.Bison. Whom I theorize several of you are familiar with?” Ermac conversed. Judging from the particular emotions on the faces of T. Hawk, Elena, and R. Mika, Ermac had his answer and proceeded to continue on.

“While we were initially unquestionably loyal to the will of our creator and emperor I eventually confronted by several warriors who have aligned with Raiden the god of thunder who actively opposes Shao Khan and his relentless desire to conquer Earthrealm while under his control I confronted the warriors and was decisively bested in combat but due to Dhalsim's mercy and urging both he and Nightwolf were able to free our unified mine of the Khan's will and gave us a new perception of our world and surroundings. In gratitude we chose to repent or evil ways and align with the forces of light for should Shao Kahn and M. Bison succeed than we all will loose such the gift that is freedom.”

Right here

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“I...I'm not done yet.” Kai said huffing trying to keep his composure as his opponent Urien stared him down with no visible sign of exhaustion. The muscular menace noticed that Sakura and Blanka who was holding an unconscious Dan over his shoulder. But to the monk's surprise however Urien was taking his leave suddenly putting an end to the fight at hand.

“Wh...what it this!?” Kai said surprised

“What do you think it is boy? I am yielding, this fight is over.” Urien answered nonchalantly as he took his leave towards an alley.

“You could've crushed me then and there.” Kai blatantly admitted “Yet you surrender?”

“I have no time to answer to you.” Urien scoffed “But if you survive this maybe i'll consider to spare the time. And since your friends are coming maybe it would be wise to tell you that it would be ill advised to try and stop the massive device that is siphoning the world's souls up ahead. Not all is as it seems...” with a smirk the large man ebbed away into the shadows of the alleyway just as Blanka and Sakura arrived

“Kai-san who was that?” Sakura asked as her running came to a halt.

“Unable to answer that....” Kai remarked. “I am unsure what his game was.. what happened to Dan and where is Sub-Zero?”

“Dan We're not really sure it was similar to what happened with Ryu-san before this big event that is happening now. But.....Liang-san...He he got sucked into some trap portal we don't know where he is if he is even..............alive.” Sensing the hesitation in her voice Kai walked up to the young woman.

“We should hurry Sub-Zero would not want us greiving over him with the world still in danger.” Kai said trying to cheer Sakura up.

“You're right.” Sakura confirms “lets go help our friends.” with that said she takes lead with Blanka and Kai following suit.

Back at the Flesh Pits Cody walked up to Guy who had apparently regained his sense of independence.

“So uhhhh is the old uptight Guy I kinda prefer back to his senses?” Cody asked

“”y..yes it's me again.” Guy said confused slightly. “Wh..what happened to me how did I end up like this..?”

“Beats me I saw you like this just now.” Cody said.

“Wait I remember now.” Guy stated as his memories began coming back to him. “I remember the tournament the warrior who could manipulate ice and the cyborgs after him and.....sacrificing my self to save him and the goal of the Shao Kahn..and Bison.”

“Slow down there cause to be frank, I haven't a slightest clue whats going on and that's not counting the “scenery”.” Cody quipped regarding the location that actually visibly disturbed him before gesturing at Kabal and Cyrax. “Also what about those two over there.”

Cyrax and Kabal we're still locked in combat completely oblivious to the conclusion of the Guy and Cody's brief conflict. Cyrax was using his one remaining hidden saw to match Kabal's hookswords despite how easily he lost his other saw blade earlier. Kabal on the other hand his aggressive offense did not falter as he relentlessly slashed at the cyborg who used the metal plating on his forms to take most of the impact what seemed like several long minutes Cyrax was able th finally parry both hookswords at once and knees Kabal in the stomach and following up with a punishing right hook to his face that actually nearly destroyed his mask. Cyrax follows up with several upward body blows that slowly caused the scarred man to raise in the air finally kicking him away into the same labtable he awoken from decimating it, yet Kabal still had plenty of fight left in him, something that surprised even him and caused him to breifly ponder what all did Kano do to him, questions that would have to be be answered another day if he survived this fight. Kabal tosses off the decimated operating table that was on top of him only to get snagged from behind by a glowing green net followed by a beeping bomb that has just been deployed towards his left. Realizing that he had recently lost hold of his hookswords after Cyrax's offense only served to make Kabal panic since he had no way to free himself, that is until he discovered his armgaurds had curved spikes on them so he used those to break free and make use of his new found speed to escape. To his misfortune, while he does escape in time, the explosion knocks him off balance and back onto the floor where cyrax appears once more and snaps off one of his saw blades and slams it through Kabal's leg and the floor effectively pinning him down gruesomely, provoking a agonized howl on Kabal's part.

Cyrax turned to face his opponent, straightening his hand like a spearhead in attempt to run the man through where his respirator was. Kabal could only curse himself for his string of misfortunes from the end of the world his permenant disfigurement and now he was meeting his end to a cyborg assassin despite the beneficial side effects from his assisted recovery. Then out of knowhere Guy intervenes with cybernetically boosted hozanto technique to Cyrax's side right towards Cody who strikes him across the back of the head with the monkey wrench he used on Guy earlier with enough force to completely bend the tool, so instead the former hero of Metro city decides to use his fists to finish the Cyborg off. Cody lays down five savage blows to Cyrax's face no sooner he got up to face him topping it off with logic defying uppercut so powerful, it literally generated a small funnel of wind on par with Fujin's control of air that slammed cyrax right on top of the ceiling of an already spacious location, leading to a lengthy descent to the ground leading to a loud crashing. Both Cody and Guy approached the Cyborg and noticed he was completely unmoving.

“Geez I think I may have went to far....” Cody said scratching his head nervously. While he may be a criminal he did have morales and did not think highly of killing. Guy went towards Kabal to help him out of his crippled state.

“I'm going to take a wild guess and assume we're on the same side as it stands now right?”

“You would be correct.” Guy affirmed grabbing hold of the embedded sawblade. “Brace yourself.”

Kabal complied as the cybernetic ninja held his impaled leg down and swiftly yanked the severed blade out causing Kabal to grunt loudly. Then the scarred officer tore off several bandages wrapped one of his spiked armguards to wrap up the wound and halt the bleeding with some aid from Guy

“Appreciate the help.” Kabal remarked being helped up by the cyborg ninja.

“As it stands, we are warriors on the same side of devastating war.” Guy simply replied. “ I think it stands to reason that we should form an alliance, especially you Cody.” Cody just simply shrugged even though the ninja and to an extent Kabal could clearly tell he was rather unnerved by the location he was in.

“Eh may as well.” Cody said nonchalantly. “Buuuuttt any idea how to get out of hear? Not that I'm not deeply disturbed by how messed up this place it's just that the rotten stench is really getting to me. Think that yellow robot might have something we could make use of? If it's still functioning that is...”

suddenly from the darkness a massive series of lightning pillars came down in front of the three.......

back in Japan Kitana and Cammy continued their uphill battle with Mileena who was empowered by the very device that Juri uses as well. After Mileena swiftly backhands Kitana several yards away into a light post Cammy charges Mileena and delivers several punches and kicks in quick succession which were either blocked and or evaded by the empowered clone on the last kick Mileena caught the sole of Cammy's combat boot but the killer bee improvised and hoisted Hershel up on sheer strength and slammed her other foot on the mutant duplicate's shoulder and used her like a springboard to back flip up towards a light post and in turn leaped downwards from it to build up momentum for a powerful divekick, only for it to be halted by Mileena who was barely even budged as consequence. Cammy attempted to throw a punch at her advisory's face only to receive a devastating bite on her forearm so powerful, it completely shattered the gauntlet and broke. Cammy's agonizing howl echoed throughout the entirety of the newly born ghost city and subsequently reduced to a ragdoll as Mileena savagely slammed her over and over on the pavement with her jaws before brutally hurling her in to the face of building taking the hero out of the fight. Mileena menacingly approached the defeated Cammy, tounge slithering through her wicked fangs with the intentions of feasting on her foe's flesh.

Mileena suddenly halted as if something was wrong. Suddenly the hideous woman ducked as Kitana had tried to unsuccessfully behead her from behind with her fans and swiftly turns around and slams her claws on Kitan's neck, digging her pitch black claws into her “sister's” neck so deep, blood was being drawn from the punctures. Deprived of air, Kitana fell to one knee trying in vain to free herself Mileena's murderous grip.

“Then I guess i'll start with you sister.” Mieena sadistically remarked as her in human tounge raced up Kitana's cheek lapping up the descending blood from the wound from the top of the Edenian's head conceived by Mileena's last attack on her. The clone's Jaws opened as wide as a snake's ready to make a meal out of her unwilling progenitor's face but stops when she notices too late when a car that has been hurled towards her just inches from her body. Mileena could not react fast enough as the face of the car smashes into her, causing her to release Kitana. The flying vehicle which she was pinned to only came to a halt when it slammed into a building burying her in it.

“The Calvary's here! Cage shouted boisterously arriving with the other the remaining fighters he was with save for Ermac and Sub-Zero and the addition of Blanka.

“Whew nice throw there Hugo.” Poison complimented, giving the giant a congratulatory slap on the shoulder.

“Monster lady strong, but not tough.” Hugo remarked feeling confident Mileena was not recovering from getting smashed into the wall by the car he lobbed at her.”

“Kitana are you all right?” Sakura worriedly asked, helping up the Edenian, who was clutching her neck trying to catch her breath.

“Yes child I am alright for now.” Kitana calmly confirmed, putting the young woman at ease. “But what about Cammy?”

“She's alright, sans the broken arm though..” Cage said getting Cammy to her feet letting her use his shoulder as a crutch.

“We're grateful of the save, we would have probably have gotten killed if you didn't arrive on time.” Cammy admitted.”

“So this is the device that is harvesting all the souls?” Kai said what he thought would be monumental in size was no bigger than a semi truck standing in front of the center building in the empty district. “To be honest I was expecting more along with actual armed men protecting it.

“I was too.” Cammy agreed. “but considering what we had to deal with, I would rather it be numerous armed goons.”

“Whatever the case ol Mac Daddy got some explaining to do.” Cage said with reemerging suspicion of their new “ally” just then from above him and Cammy a magenta etheral void tore open revealing a berserk Mileena with her Sais out ready to pounce on the vulnerable duo with a spine chilling shriek, only to have her form suspended in the air surrounded by a emerald ghastly veil.

“You are outnumbered fiend.” Ermac coldly declared arriving with all the formally imprisoned fighters rushing to his side. Prompting Mileena to hiss in anger.

“Accursed traitor!” Mileena shouts. “You were given life by my father AND THIS IS HOW YOU REPAY HIM!?!”

“We were nothing more then a ambitionless shell upon our birth, unlike you.” Ermac retorted “though your mind is heavily warped and suppressed by the Khanum's will, you still maintain a degree of freedom, something we never had until now. We would be content to meet our end should it be breif on our own free will than to serve an eternity as a slave.” Ermac telekinetically hurls Mileena into a building with devestating force leaving a huge crater deep enough to hold her damaged body. Mileena lifted her head up to stare down the enemies of her father.

“Very well you are free to accept your impending death.” Mileena mocked teleporting away.

“Well I guess thats that.” Cage remarked “Now to address the elephant in the room, Ermac”

“You still have your doubts but know this we were not lying when we said we sensed multiple souls.” Ermac claims.” Mileena housed them in a similar manner that makes up my being.”

“What are you saying.?” Kitana questioned. “Are you saying like Shang Tsung she is capable of consuming souls?”

“Yes you are correct.” Ermac confirms. “And we believe the bizarre artifact in her eye may be the source of it all.

“The Feng Shui engine?” Cammy clarified. “But it was only capable amplifying the user's power.”

“It no longer is for the clone's case.” Ermac replied. “We theorize that Shao Khan's magic may have been infused with the ocular construct in place of Mileena's eye and judging from the close alliance it stands to reason Seth may have found a way to apply the same magic to Juri as well.”

“Wait.” Cammy said realizing finally that among the group of familiar faces Ermac has saved was a unconscious Juli in T.Hawk's arms. “Juli!? Is she?”

“She is alight just asleep.” T'Hawk assured.

“Were the others with her? If so wh..what happened to them?” Cammy asked only to have her heart sank as the Ermac's face darkened and the others with him had an uncomfortably silent look of subtle pity. Ermac was struggling to clear his throat and his grief at the failure to save the others was apparent to everyone who was with him.

“W...we couldn't save them....a...all” Ermac stammered in his first experience of greif. Though he hadn't personally known the dolls what ate him alive was the fact that they were born with the gift of free will only to become emotionless servants to Bison. He couldn't save them all and give them back their freedom, a failure that was tearing at the many souls in his being. Though devastated Cammy actually felt a sizable amount of sympathy for Ermac's sorrow maybe due to the fact they were both nothing more than living weapons for power hungry monsters originally and for the fact that it takes time for someone like Ermac to get used to emotions when they spend most of their unnatural life void of it. Cammy walked over to the construct and simply placed her hand on his shoulder.

“You did all you could. It wasn't a complete tragedy you've brought more fighters to our side and you were able to save at least one of my sisters so I am grateful.” Cammy assured concealing her own sorrow hoping Ermac wouldn't sense. Ermac looked at her and gave a understanding nod.

“So uhh yeah back to the soul sucking thingamajig.” Cage said unintentionally insensitively.

“The building.” Ermac said.

“What about it?” Sakura asked before noticing Dan coming to. “Hibiki-San you're up”

“huh wh...what happened kiddo where......are we?” Dan said looking around noticing a different location and more fighters on their side now.”

“Story long” Blanka answered.

“The building has been converted into a chamber for a majority of the enslaved souls at least in this region.” Ermac said sensing a massive of mount of tortured souls swirling within the improvised structure. That device is but a battery powering it. We feel however if we were to dirupt it forcibly would lead to disastrous consequences regarding the unstable nature of souls without a grounded form.”

“So what do you want us to do about it?” Alex said still trying to take in all that was going on.

“We must find a way to disable it properly without destroying it.” The construct clarified approching the “battery” to the fortified soulnado. Several minutes of inspecting yielded no reward however due to to bizarre fusion of hi tech machinery and otherwordly dark magic no one had a clue on how to disable it.

“They could've settled for a plug at least.” Cage said looking behind the soulnado generator.

“As much as it pains me to admit Bison and Shao Khan are a effective alliance ten fold. “Kitana admitted. I doubt even with every one of us here we would be unable to figure out how to disupt this contraption. From afar around several hundred feet on a rooftop watched Juri twiddling a detonator between her fingers.

“A shame I gotta do.” Juri said disappointingly. “Here I was hoping to see what Ermac had in store along with the others. Well I guess I gotta settle for things going boom. Gonna make my big chance in “getting even” a little more tricky. Juri pressed the button on top of the detonator causing the generator to start beeping violently startling everyone.

“Uhhhhhhhh anybody pressed something.” Cage said somewhat nervously.

“It wasn't me. Jimmy Hibiki-san?” Sakura said with her two close friends nodding no in response.

“ that's.” Cammy stammered fearing what it could actually be. “EVERYONE GET.....!” before she could finish She along with everyone else were suddenly repelled off of their feet very far away from the generator by Ermac. The amalgamate knew very well from the moment the beeping started what it was and fearing the potential destruction made very well sure everyone was far away enough while he would try and deal with the trap. Putting what little mental power he had left after expending most of it pushing everyone away to safety, Ermac lifted the device up and flung into the building it was wired to. Unfortunately before the device could crash into the doors, the generator exploded consuming Ermac in a fusion of smoke, fire, and imprisoned souls. From the building windows numerous souls are ejected out of the windows screaming as they all fly off in one uniform direction into the unknown. After the the explosion dissipated all that remained was a motionless Ermac. Horrified, everyone ran to Ermac's aid and what they saw was was sheer carnage. His entire torso was completely basically mangled and riddled with shrapnel and bleeding out badly

“Ermac!” Alex shouted lifting up his head. “C'mon man speak to me it's too damn early for you to tap out!” as for the others Fuerte, Blanka, Kai and Dan were frozen in horror Cammy, Kitana, Hawk and Cage looked away unable to stomach what has become of their breif ally. Mika, Sakura, and Elena were either near gagging and or on the verge of tears with the latter seeing and sensing the amalgamate's gagging for breath and slowly stopping heart

From afar Juri watched, actually giving a moment of pause after what just happened

“huh...Big damn hero indeed.” Juri said to herself. “Maybe may little “Payback will be a bit easier after all then.” Juri withdrew into the darkness of the night to report to her superiors on what had transpired oblivious to the descent of lightning around the scene of the incident.
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Back in America the battle between the duo of Kung Lao and Ken against Quan Chi and Scorpion with Kung Lao confronting the former and Ken going after the latter. Kung Lao rushed Quan Chi with a flurry of kicks to counter the necromancer's dark magic blasts.

“You're outmatched sorcerer.” Kung Lao said slamming into Quan Chi's chest with an open palm, only to be greeted with a ballistic exploding skull in retaliation that almost knocks him off of his feet.

“Fool you are no Liu Kang...” Quan Chi scoffed remembering his defeat and Scorpion's simultaneous by the Mortal Kombat champion prior to the merginig of the universes.

“And you in turn are a fool to look down on me.” Kung Lao said. “If I could best the previous champion then I can surely best a petty sorcerer who depends on the dead to protect him. Quan Chi cast a rune from beneath Kung Lao that almost immediately ignites, but the monk's reflexes allows him to avoid it nigh instantaneously. Kung lao jumps towards the wall and kicks off of it for momentum and redies his bladed hat in order to vertically bifurcate the demon in two. Quan Chi answers with a mass wall of bones and skulls to take the brunt of the blow. On impact Kung Lao's hat came to a halt midway through to bony shield and he swiftly yanks it out and in a spinning motion slices thorugh the skeletal structure horizontally, hoping to slice through the demon's torso. While he does destroy the necrotic defense. Quan Chi was no longer behind it, infact he had completely disappeared. Kung Lao was dumbfounded only to feel the accelerated weight of another body bare down on his back and smash him through the upper floor to downstairs where the spacious living room was. Kung Lao Lifted his head up and discovered it was Quan Chi grappled both sides of his head and savagely slam it on the floor over and over.

After slamming his head on last time and drawing blood from the monk, Quan chi walked behind and grabbed the Kung Lao's legs and slinging him like a ragdoll into a portal he had just created on the ground once the whole Monk's body went through the portal another one opened up above the very hole he slammed his opponent through and out comes Kung lao at increased velocity slamming into the same spot creating a larger crater.

“As I said you are no Liu Kang.” Quan Chi mocked angering his adversary.

Ken was relentless towards the spectre scorpion who was actually relenting and staying mostly on the defensive side, his inner threads of humanity hampering his fighting ability. Ken was in turn too clouded by his emotions to notice Scorpions reluctance only having the thoughts of beating down the undead Ninja within an inch of his life for having dare think he and Quan Chi could just threaten the lives of his wife and unborn child and get away with it. Eliza on the other hand seemed to have notice something stirring inside of Scorpion's being, she could sense the struggling humanity as he tried to survive Ken's savage onslaught.

“You got a hell of a lot of nerve coming to my home, killing the guards and threatening my family!” Ken shouted as his fiery Ki manifested itself around his legs, trying to shatter the spectre's jaws who continued being evasive, only throwing few offensive blows here and there just so he can bide his time for surefire escape plan. Ken did several blazing roundhouse kicks while Scorpion used his superior ninja agility to evade it completely. Ken lobbed a Hadouken only for the undead ninja to cleave through the blast with one of his serrated ninjato. Undeterred ken ran at him and grabbed the ninja by his twin clothes the ran down over his armor and slammed him into the wall. With one hand freed ken started to punch at Scorpion all over his body. Though Scorpion was able to block most of the blows eventually he would be overwhelmed when Ken started using both oh his fists. The beat down was rather frightening for Eliza, who had to look away once she saw blood flying from the spectre. After what seemed like minutes Ken finally realized scorpion wasn't even trying to fight back but still held him against the wall by his throat.

“Wha...why aren't you fighting back?” A slowly calming Ken demanded with a raised eyebrow. Scorpion merely looked at him with his badly bruised and bleeding face and broken mask slowly falling apart, but not revealing his exposed skull underneath. Then he turned his eyes to Eliza's direction and back to his attacker.

“Family.....” He simply said “She reminds so much of the family I lost I can't bring myself to repeat a the same tragedy that befell me, let alone to someone I have no quarrel with.” Ken actually relented, his rage subsided due to the revelation of the ninja. That would be short lived when a small portal opened up behind his shin and a wicked blade ran through his leg causing Ken to bellow in agony as a toxic veil from the blade seemed to have greatly weakened him in an instant.

“KEN!!!!” Eliza shouted as her husband fell to his knees bleeding badly. She looked up to see a large portal open up revealing Quan Chi holding the offending blade drenched in Ken's blood. Quan Chi looked at Scorpion who has by now slumped down due to his beating earlier.

“Looks as if I greatly underestimated Ken's love for you Mrs Masters.” Quan Chi boldly admits. “That is why I shall deal with him first then..”

“NO YOU STAY AWAY FROM HIM!!!” Eliza tearful shouted, only to be restrained by the arms by two skeletons. “NO PLEASE!!!”

“I'm afraid that is not an option Mrs. Masters.” Quan Chi replied in a emotionless echo. The demon sorceror walked to Ken's right who shot a venomous glare up to the necromancer

“Damn you Quan Chi.” Ken viciously snarled.

“It is you who will be damned as my slave.” Quan Chi mocked. “But don't worry your comrades will soon join you.” With that said Quan Chi raised his blade high in the air ready to behead Ken. Suddenly though Kung Lao phased up through the ground and drop kicked Qun Chi right in the face sending him flying towards the wall seemingly knocked out.

“Looking down on me proved to be your own undoing demon.” Kung Lao stated. Kung Lao went to Ken to examine the ghastly wound. “Hmm it seems like treatable affliction once Lord Raiden comes to our aid.”

“LOOK OUT!!!” Eliza shouted seeing a portal open up behind the monk. Kung Lao was already on Guard as he stepped clear out of the way just as the same blade that afflicted Ken thrusts out of the void. Kung Lao grabs the blunt end of the blade and pulls it further out exposing Quan Chi's hand clamped on the handle Kung Lao used his bladed hat to swiftly sever the hand, leaving a bloody stump that quickly receded back into the darkness of the portal and close quickly as Quan Chi grabbed the squirting stump as Kung Lao threw away the sword the demon's detached hand was still clasped to.

“Now what part shall I detach next?” Kung Lao insulted

“This is far from over monk” Quan Chi vowed refusing to let the pain crumple his defiant facade as he withdrew into a large portal back into the Netherrealm while the skeletons restraining Ken's wife dissolved away.

“Geez a little brutal isn't?” Ken joked weakly. “Would hurt you to be a little more tame around Eliza?”

“Yet you savagely beat down the spectre.” Kung Lao mused pointing at Scorpion only to realize he too has left. “So he has made his leave as well.” Ken couldn't keep his mind off of Scorpion's response to him and would soon plant the seeds that would sprout Ken's curiosity of Who Scorpion truly is, but those were matters for another time.”

“Ken!” Eliza said running to her huband's aid and trying to help him up, despite her pregnancy.

“Honey wait.” Ken said not wanting Eliza to strain herself.

“Please Mrs Masters.” Kung Lao said politely “he is right let me instead.” Kung Lao helped Ken up to his feet and placed his arm over his shoulder to help him walk.

“Thank you so much for helping my husband, but what is your name though?” Eliza asked.

“Kung Lao.” The monk answered. “Once this is all over i'll make sure to help with fixing your home before your child arrives as well.

“Yeah much appreciated my old man would probably have a fit if he were to see the mess we did on our own house.” Ken jokingly agreed “Tell you what if you can get this done before my kid is born I may consider making you godfather number 2 after Ryu.”

“It would be an honor either way.” Kung Lao remarked as the three made there leave outside.

“So whats next? Where do we go now?” Eliza asked

“You'll see baby.” Ken said, still trying not to let his wife know about his steadily deteriorating state. Before Kung Lao could pull out the the device needed to contact the thunder god pillars of lightning surrounded the three startling Eliza

“Wh...what is this!?” Elize cried out in a frightened manner hugging her husband's arm tightly.

“No worries this is our ride.” Ken reassured

From afar on the roof of a long evacuated mansion Scorpion watched on in a bizarrely solemn mood as Raiden and the other warriors he has recovered earlier surround the three he had a unwilling confrontation with. But his eyes were especially locked on Ken and Eliza as every time he looked at them he would see his human self and his late wife Hanami in their place during the high points in his life, only to swiftly cast aside those memories because that was the past and it was just to painful for him to reminisce about it. Standing up as the large group in front of him vanished in massed lightning, he would descend back into the Netherrealm in a pillar of hell fire, that was his new life now.