Mk vs SF fight of the century fanfiction

Within the heart of England Dudley, Smoke, Jade, Zangief, and Ibuki all guided by fuijin the group traversed the deserted streets in attempt to find two survivors lost within the empty city.

“Why didn't you go to Japan?” Smoke questioned Ibuki.

“Well I just thought it would be a good idea to help here since everyone went to Japan and all.” the ninja answered

“I can easily tell that your lying.” Jade said

“There is another reason why she wanted to come along.”

“Well maybe at another time then when she can tell us but for now a strong presence is near.” Fujin interrupted.”

“Shouldn't you be able to inform the Elder Gods about this” Jade informed.

“Shao Khan and M.Bison have technically broken the rules and invaded the two worlds the Elder Gods should intervene right?”

“Though it seems like an obvious choice I cannot leave you here to fend of the forces of darkness alone.”

“Whatever it may be I' am certain it is something we can triumph over.” Dudley remarks

“It would be quite the disappointment if I waste time not utilizing the skills that I have earned over time.”

“He is right, we are skilled enough alone to confront whatever horrors stalk these streets.” Smoke said agreeing with the boxers words.

“See whatever the Elder Gods can do to help. We will find the survivors while you are gone.” Fujin stared at the others for a breif moment taking in the words that were given to him but nods in agreement and encircles him self in wind before disappearing while the five fighters continued there trek amidst of what remains of London.

“Maybe we could of asked for directions before Fujin left.” Ibuki pointed out

“That would've been the best move since it feels like hours we've been out here searching” Jade agreed

“It is like trying to find gold in in one of Siberia's mines.” Zangeif complained

“Maybe you all are right but.....” *CRASH* before smoke could finish his line a large rounded man in a yellow jumpsuite plows through a store window Smoke was standing by. The ninja was able to shift into a wisp of vapors before the mysterious attacker could trample him.

“Well well I finally found you.” the man proudly boasted

“Found who?” Jade asked

“KEN MASTERS!” He answered

“Ken? But he's not here.” Zangeif pointed out

“Are you kidding? he's right there!” the a large figure said pointing directly at Smoke.

“Me!?” Smoke said in shock.

“But i'm not Ken.”

“I'm not falling for that trick again! You thought you could fool me by makin that Kobra dude dress up like you while you change up your entire appearance and even dye your hair so you wouldn't have to fight me, but it's only natural to be scared of the number one American fighter Rufus why when I saw a whole group of chickens trembling in fear when they saw me and yet all I was doing was eating an 36-piece bucket that just shows you how much of a reputation I have, but back to you. Why did you change your hair to that color and why are you wearing a mask? Are you and those two ninja girls goin to another one of em animu conventions going on right now cause I didn't know they have em here and....” Rufus droned on.

“Uhhhh any idea what he is talking about?” Ibuki asked

“I stopped listening after I heard the word Kobra” Smoke remarked.

“I find it hard tho believe he is strong enough to resist Khan and Bison's magic. Nevertheless we should..”

“HEY DON'T IGNORE ME!!!” Rufus roared as he defied gravity by leaping in the air with the agility of a rabbit and kicking Smoke across the face sending the bewildered man flying although he is able to pull off an ukemi and get back on his feet.

“Does that answer your question? Dudley said to Smoke as Rufus continued to rush him down with speedy punches and kicks that were far from easy to read Tomas eventually lobbed a ball of compressed smoke at Rufus's feet, it explodes swallowing up the portly fighter causing him to vanish.

“Where did he go?” Zangeif thought to himself as vapors started to materialize in the air reveling a bewildered rufus who had shielded his eyes.

“Hey how did I get up here?” Rufus said aloud uncovering his eyes and frantically looking down fifteen feet in the air before Smoke leaps up and grabs him by neck and exposed belly hairs and flings him down to the earth were he hits the ground like a basketball flying back into the air and colliding with the airborn Smoke, disrupting the ninja's center of gravity though Rufus was oblivious to it. Smoke eventually was able to recover while Rufus fell flat on his face. As the fatty man got on his feet Smoke phased away and appeared right in front of Rufus with a swift punch in the man's bulging stomach casing it to sink in itself, but the stomach popped back out repulsing Smoke away who decided to take advantage and phase away again and appear behind Rufus, bringing with him the momentum he got from being deflected by the profound belly and striking his foe hard in the spine with his elbow. Rufus groaned in agony but immediately tries to deliver a round house, but Smoke ducks it and the two soon find themselvels locking hands trying to overpower one another.

“For....the last........time I. am. Not. Ken. MASTERS!!!” Smoke yelled frustrated

“Yes you are and when I defeat you I will be the greatest fighter in America.” Rufus claimed

“I am Czechoslovakian! So it wouldn't mean anything if you by some miracle defeated me!” Smoke revealed.

“Plus there is a far greater crisis at hand than you ridiculous lifetime goal!.” as the two stalemated a large green volatile ball of energy is coming at them at frighting speeds from afar alerting every except Smoke and Rufus.

“SMOKE LOOK OUT!!” Jade yelled alerting both locked men of the speeding projectile. Both instinctively let go of each other and jump out of the way as the blast demolishes the ground.

Say whats the big Idea messing up my fight!?” Rufus said the the spectating group.

“We didn't do it!” Ibuki said

“Then who did?” Smoke said

“Motaro.” Jade said recognizing the the green fireball she along with everyone looks back at where the blast originated from and sees a hulking figure with the torso of a man but a body of a horse with a metallic like tail and sinister curved horns erecting from his head he menacingly trots toward the intimidated group of heroes armed with a two headed halberd and an arrogant grin.

“Puny mortals” he said.

“Prepare for your coming death!”
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At the City of Hong Kong Ryu Liu Kang Fei Long and Kenshi trekked the streets in search of stranded fighters who may help turn back the invasion.

“So everyone is actually dead right?” Fei Long asked

“Including my whole crew?”

“According to Raiden and Fujin. Everyone.” Ryu confirmed

“So what brought you to these tournaments?” Liu Kang asked Kenshi receiving no reply from the blind swordsman.

“I see so you're the silent type..” Kenshi unexpectedly halts his tracks alerting the other three before he unsheathes his katana which started to glow a sky blue color. As if it was sentient it begins to float in the air, and directs it's tip to a decrepit alleyway floating into the man made abyss with Kenshi following it. The remaining three were skeptical since they have no earthly idea what is going on through the blind mute's head, or whether he was a friend or foe. After some time of pondering Liu Kang is the first to take a step following the blind swordsman's footsteps. Though weary Ryu is the second to trail behind, and finally Fei Long until Kenshi emerges from the shady alleyway carrying with him a injured young man with a bloody cut going across his chest. He wore a sleeveless kung fu shirt with loose baggy black pants and a blue and yellow cap that was barely hanging from his hand. Kenshi lays the battered soul down to the ground as the other three martial artists group to his aid

“What happened to you?” Liu Kang immediately asked hoisting the teens head up

“They.....came out..........................of.....nowhere.....attacked me and my brother Yang.......” He spoke.

“Where is your brother?” Ryu questioned.

“He is d..dd.....down” the weakening boy answered.

“That is all we needed to hear.” Liu Kang.

“Kenshi can you watch him i'll take care of everything.”

“Wait you may be the champion but not even you can potentially beat whatever is down there.” Ryu Notes

“You may need an extra hand.”

“Alright then” the monk acknowledged

“But can you two hold your own?”

“Hold our own? Thats kinda of a rhetorical question buddy.” Fei Long arrogantly claims.

“Of course I can your looking at the master of Dentinryu! Though I don't know if the swordsman can keep up.” Kenshi did not respond to the careless insult the Asian actor sputtered and only nodded in agreement to the the monk's plan which covered the toll for the two powerful champions of their respective worlds to set out and rescue the fellow lost soul trapped within the dead city.

At the desolated Market Place another battered warrior and twin brother Yang was suffering a beating at the hands of the Powerful sorceror Shang Tsung and cunning cyborg Seth as they took turns tormenting the Young Fighter.

“Is that your best child?” Shang Tsung mocked as he snatched up the young fighter by the throat.

“This..................................................................isn't........................................................over” Yang warned.

“Such defiance you have boy.” the sorceror complimented.

“I will not claim your soul. Instead I will leave you to Seth for his future experiments.”

“ I need not waste my time with such weakness especially with far more powerful fighters for my BLECE project.” Seth scoffed.

“Unfortunate” Shang Tsung said in sarcasm lifting Yang's body high into the air.

“It appears you will serve my for all eternity. Your soul.....”

“Will stay in it's body sorcerer.” Liu Kang said rushing in with Ryu.

“Well well if it isn't the reigning champion of mortal kombat.” Seth said

“And the tireless wanderer Ryu.” Shang Tsung followed up

“You may have been victorious in our last altercation but, know this. That victory will not repeat it itself once more monk.”

“Same goes with YOU RYU!!!” Seth shouted as his suit is ripped to shreads by his Ki showing of a muscular body and a odd spherical machine modeled after the yin yang symbol of Taoism constantly spinning.”

“What are you some kind of machine?” Kang questioned.

“I am more than just a machine Monk I am the ultimate weapon, able to utilize technique as I see fit, including your own.” Seth corrected showing off various moves utilized by other warriors he has studied from Jax's ground pound to Guy's hozanto, even mimicking Liu Kang's dragon fire and Ryu's hadouken

“So you have the ability to utilize the techniques of others.” Liu Kang summerized.

“However like Shang Tsung beside you, you to will learn that the utilization of others' abilities does not grant you their skills.

“We shall see.” Seth concludes as he and Shang Tsung charges the two heroes as they readied themselves for the worst the cunning mimickers had to offer.

Back in America a large perimeter has been constructed for the millions of innocents in the the very center of the country as it prepares for the incoming invasion. At one of the many entrances a field doctor is working on her computer between two soldiers. As she kept tabs on whatever may be on the monitor, two shadows come over her catching her attention. When she looks up she sees Ken Masters and Kung Lao.

“Um may I help you two?” She spoke.

“Yes please. Is there anyone over here named Eliza Masters.” Ken asked.

“Eliza Masters?” the doctor repeated.

“May I ask who is she to you?”

“Yes mam my wife.” Ken answeres.

“Okay just give me a moment.” The Doctor said as she put her eyes back unto the computer screen sifting through a list of all names that have taken up temporary residence in the safe zone. For the short time the woman searched it felt like an eternity to Ken as he restlessly taps his feet on the pavement waiting for the doctor to answer. It was almost as if some one close to him was in intense surgery and their life was hanging by a thread. Finally the wait was over when the doctor is done looking at the extensive list and looks back at the duo.

“I'm sorry but we do not have a Eliza Masters hear in the perimeter.” The doctor disappointingly answered. The news felt like a blow to Ken's chest as his heart stops, but Ken politely nods and leaves with Kung Lao trailing behind.

“Not what I wanted to hear.” Ken said to himself.

“There is still a chance we can save your wife Ken the invasion has yet to begin in this part of the world.” Kung Lao assures.

“Right we need to get Raiden to take us to my place.” Ken agrees.

“I just hope we have enough time.”

In another location through the eyes of another man. It was dark and difficult to breath. Between breaths death polluted the airways, it was nausiting then this man felt something clamp unto his neck but it did not choke him, instead he could breath easier now though it still did not alleviate him of the putrid stench that resides around him. He could feel something placed on his face now it felt like a cold steel mask which was enough to make his eyes pop open. Every thing was in an indistinguishable blur, hearing kicked in and he could hear dripping sounds, vaults ejecting steam and threatening growls form untold depths of this place. When his vision finally clears up, he sees a gruesome hanged corpse, freshly cut opened down the abdomen, and strung up in chains. He looks around and sees rows of twisted lab tables, some of which had mutilated cadavers strewn on top of them. As the man turns his head he sees a small table with a jar holding a human-like severed head suspended in what may be bobbing liquid. The man looked closer at the head that was staring off into space until it's eyes quickly shift towards the man, startling him.

“Whoa there calm down mate.” a voice said behind him.

“What the!?.......gah.......huh....Kano?” the panicking soul said recognizing the accent.

“Nice to finally see you awake Kabal.” Kano remarks.
Chapter 14 Calm Before the Storm

In an nearby prison convicts and guard alike were in panic as Tarkatans stormed the facility butchering anyone with their blades and guns in the distance of an empty gore filled hall there was one lone blonde haired convict grabbing a pair of handcuffs from the remains of an unfortunate guard and for reasons unknown putting them on despite the burdens they would obviously inflict him with.

“Geez what a mess…….” He said to himself stretching the chain between the two cuffs as far as it would allow him.

“At least this saves me the trouble of bustin out at least.” As the prisoner began to take his leave from the now ruined facility one of the monsters laying siege to the building emerges form a corner from an intersecting hall and barks out.


“Says who?” the convict smugly asked.

“Baraka of the mighty Tarkatans!” the beast addressed revealing it’s bloodied blades.

“And my blades will taste your flesh.”

“Heh this………………Might just be interesting enough.” The man replied getting into a fighting stance and motioning for the beast to come at him.

“All right sharktooth LETS GO!!”

Back in England Motaro began his onslaught on the heroes, first targeting Rufus and Smoke by tossing his spear at them both are able to dodge them while the centaur charges them. While smoke is able to wisp away in time Rufus is not as lucky considering that he was in the middle of a thought pertaining to how would the centaur would be able to sit on a toilet of all things. As consequence of his absent minded nature Motaro grabs the bulbous man by his ponytail and begins pounding him in the stomach but some how even The beast's blows were being absorb by the rotund belly.
“HE......HEY!!! put me down!” Rufus cried

“Seriously im gettin real woozy here and it's no fun upchucking a whole day's worth of bacon and chicken.

Wasting no time Dudley rushes in with a an uppercut to Motaro propelling the centaur's whole body a few inches of the ground Smoke then flanks Motaro's left side with a powerful punch before withdrawing into a puff of vapors and bursting out of another puff of vapors on Motaro's right repeating the same attack striking the centaur's right ribs before vanishing yet again. Motaro frantically searches around trying to find the sneaky warrior, only to feel a blunt pain dig into his spine. Motaro turns his torso around and sees smoke on his back and immediately makes an attempt at his life by attempting to elbow Smoke with the spike protruding from his elbow. Smoke ducks the shot and puts Motaro in a headlock choking the bestial out as Dudley, Jade, and Ibuki charge in. Smoke forcibly turns Motaro into Dudley's direction who responds with his signature corkscrew blow to the centaur's gut, a wind encased punch with such power it knocks Rufus free of Motaro and sends him flying with Smoke still on his back. Smoke makes use of this and plants his feet into the ground while still airborne and uses Motaro's weight and momentum against him by twisting the beast's body towards the concrete pavement slamming him hard enough to induce a crater. Refusing to give up Motaro attempts to get up, but is only able to get his rear legs on their hooves as Smoke was able to wrestle down Motaro's front half with the headlock

Ibuki rushes in and pulls out two kunai and blasts forward at the centaur's rear legs and slashes deep into the calf muscles and quickly darts back slicing into them once more in attempt to down the beast, but her efforts did little to even make the legs budge. It is Jade who would see to it that Motaro finally falls with a swift overhead smash of her extending Bo to the backside slamming him. Even deeper into the crater.

“FINISH HIM SMOKE!!!” Jade shouted.

Heeding the Edenian's words, Smoke Frees one of his hands while still he still had a hold to Motaro's neck. The free hand started to shake wildly then Smoke slams it on Motaro's chest. The centaur begins to shake violently as if an earthquake went off in his body. Blood began vibrating out between Motaro's clenched teeth as his insides were literally being shaken to a pulp. It all seemed like an assured victory for the heroes as a dangerous centaur general would be defeated before it could even throw a punch, until without warning Motaro snatches Smoke up by the throat and gets back on his feet as if all the damage dealt to him earlier did happen shocking everyone.

“No way he still going after all that!?” Ibuki shouted

“It appears we have gravely underestimated the enemy” Dudley remarks.

Motaro cracks his neck and flexes he body as if the only thing he suffered was a period of inactivty. Motaro wipes the blood from his mouth and stares at it while his grappled victim was gasping for air and smirks with a light chuckle, then in a sudden unreadable motion, snaps his fist forward into Smoke's face so hard, his silver mouthplate shatters on contact and Smoke is sent flying into the face of a distant building smashing into the brick wall and leaving an imprint of his body shape as an result. The Ex-Lin Kuei Assassin's eyes rolled to the back of his head as he fell from the wall, into the ground while his allies watched in horror unsure whether he was alive or dead.

“SMOOOOOKKKEEEE!!!!!!” Ibuki and Jade Shouted, while Motaro casually trotted towards his weapon and picks it back up while deviously saying.

“My turn.............”
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“How did I....... what happened to me?” a confused and groggy Kabal asked.

“Excuse the surroundings old friend.” Kano replied “New clients have different tastes”

As Kabal tried cope with the twisted locale he noticed Kano fiddling with something out of his view. Before he could ask Kano revealed a pair of familiar items to the scarred cop, twin hookswords that once belonged to him. No sooner did Kabal's eyes aligned with the blades did a torrent of memories flooded his mind. A lot of things has been done by his hands when he wielded those, and a lot of blood has been spilled which led the cop to question what strings his superior and comrade Stryker pulled to get him into the new position he was in before the invasion.

“The “girls” have been lonely mate.” Kano joked as he noticed Kabal get to his feet rather quickly.

“And it looks like the magic has got you back on your feet just like that.”

As Kabal walked towards Kano he noticed a strange burden on his back and placed his hands back there and through them made sense of a bulky contraption.

“What is this!?” he demanded

“You're respirator pal.” Kano answered.

“Now i'm sure you may want me to take it off but I can't do that since it's the only way you're lungs will keep workin like they did before your “accident.”

“So i'm stuck like this!?!” an increasingly frustrated Kabal growled.

“Look I know it sucks but c'mon the breif hell I went through to keep you alive you're normally the thankful type for effort.” Kano retorted

Though they were no longer on the same side of the law, Kabal did to an extent agree to the point Kano gave him. The agitation within him quelled down a little, but he was unsure of what to do next until.

“Look the black dragon hasn't been the same without you. Why don't we put the issues behind us and start anew.” Kano said, holding his hand out in anticipation for a handshake of agreement.

Kabal felt like he does indeed oh Kano something for the effort he put into keeping him alive despite trying to take all that has transpired in mere hours and his permanent disfigurement, but even in this scarred guise Kabal knew where his heart truly lied, and it wasn't the black dragon. Before he could give him his answer a portal suddenly opens up behind them and out flies Baraka who collides into the table Kabal had just gotten up from. As both him and Kano looked at the figure they noticed his face is a bloody pulp with numerous teeth missing and one arm is broken while his garb is stained and tattered.

“wait a sec he looks like those...” Kabal said slowly familiarizing the broken beast to the other monsters he has witnessed in the news report when the invasion began.

“Man I gotta say those teeth are a lot harder than they look.” an unknown man said out loud snagging the attention of both Kano and Kabal who face the portal and out comes a man in a white and blue striped prison uniform with both hands chained . It was the former hero turned thug Cody who seemed oblivious to the new surroundings that he has trekked upon that is until the foul stench of death breeches his nostrils.

“whoa!?! whats with that stench!?” Cody exclaimed before laying his eyes on the new disturbing locale before somewhat stating in a careless tone “If hell had a science class..”.
Kano knew how fierce Baraka was but if he was effortlessy beaten to a pulp by a man like that ehoo doesn't even have a nick on his uniform then it would take way more than a few stones to kill that jailbird. Wasting no time Kano yelled out for the Guards catching Cody's attention while he was scratching his head trying to make sense of his new surroundings like Kabal was still doing. Before he could make his getaway he notices a hooksword gripping his shoulder but not cutting it. It was Kabal who has just retrieved his old weapons. But how the they were several feet ahead of Kano how could he have darted that quickly to retrive them then run right back towards him? Kabal on the other hand was too focused on getting answers out of his former comrade than to spare a thought on the inhuman feat he had performed.

“You got alotta explaining to do mate.” Kabal mocked now finally putting the pieces together. However from the darkness a green glowing trap net is coming for the scarred cop, Kabal relieves Kano's shoulder of the curved blade in order to cut through the net. Wasting no time Kano beats a hasty retreat out of the flesh pits. Kabal attempts to give chase but a bomb explosion disrupts his balance causing to jump back to his prior position all the while Cody is trying to make sense of what is going on. As Kabal assumes a fighting stance he sees to armored figures approach him. The one on the left was completely covered in yellow and black armor and had the appearance of a robot with green glowing eyes with a saw blade in place of it's right hand. The other on the right however only had portions of it's body covered. Only his forearms down his spinal area shins on down and face had red cybernetic features although it appears that the helmet was retractable. However Cody noticed something familiar about this enigmatic figure, a peculiar kanji inscribed on the shirt it was wearing a kanji he knew belong to someone he had fought alongside with on his days in the metro city streets

“Guy?” Cody asked. “Is that you? ”
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