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Well hello to anyone who comes across this i am new to these boards but before I officially joined i have read a few cool fanfictions including one about mk10 and even one about the characters in highschool (I wish I knew the author) but I have been working (and Finished) on one for awhile about my two favorite fighters MK and SF since no one has seemed to have made that yet. so here is a snippet of a scene from my story.

"Oh man how did I get into this mess?" Ibuki thought to herself as she leap from the branches of the demonic trees. As she gazed down for a split-second she noticed that the savage tarkatans were still close on her tail despite her being several feet above the mutants. "How can a little girl be so nimble!?" one pursuing tarkatan barked. "It doesn't matter she knows too much she must be disposed of!" another tarkatan declared. "AW CMON GIMME A BREAK!!" the young ninja shouted." I promise I won't tell anyKYAAAAAAAAAH!!! much to her surprise and shock her foot ends up getting ensnared by a vine that suddenly sprung up from a moaning tree she plummeted to the ground losing all of her equipment along the way. She hit the ground with a loud thud losing since of reality for a short moment.

As she came to her senses she suddenly realized the monsters were only yards away from her. She desperately pulled on the vine, but it was to thick and soon another vine grabbed her wrists pulling it back above her head. "I will feast on your bones!" the lead Tarkatan shouted as he readied his blades soon another tarkatan emerged from the trailing mob equally eager to slaughter the girl. "I...I can't believe it I'm..... I'm gonna die......" Ibuki thought to herself. "I'm sorry Sarai, Don, and everyone I'm so sorry... I should've listened and not venture out.." as she said to herself as stared into her inevitable fate in the form of two monstrosities with their protruding blades aiming straight for her. She wept out a single tear and closed her eyes ready to embrace a painful death. With her eyes still closed she came to realize nothing has happened "am I dead?" she pondered. she opened her eyes for a moment and realized two mysterious figures were blocking her view of the monsters. the garments the figures wore were both identical as if they came from the same clan the one to her right wore blue and was gripping the neck of one tarkatan who appeared to have ice enveloping his neck. Ibuki then turn to the warrior on her left and immediately noticed that he bore grey armor and had not only blocked the killing blow from the other tarkatan he had plunged his fingers through the latter's eyes with some strange smoke emitting from his arms into the tarkatan's eyes. Relived yet still cautious Ibuki asked one question to her presumed saviors "Who are y'all".

well thats all for now hopefully i will post more during later in the week feel free to post suggestions or questions.
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Welcome to TRMK ByrdBrain! Glad to have another writer on board!

Im loving your writing style and story so far especially since you are injecting enough details, allowing me to visual the events clearly. Great Job and can't wait to read more! :)
It's cool too see that you are also a writer. I can see this story is good so far, can't wait to read more.
Hmmm.. Great visualization + Mileena vs Juri. *Thinks long and hard....*

Continue this.. :D
Yes! Someone made a mk vs sf fanfic!!

Welcome to TRMK btw. Your style is awesome and you caught the characters personalities so well. Cant wait for the next part :)
well thanks for the feed back here is the first chapter


Beyond all of reality lies a special plane known as the multiverse, a plane of existence that harbors carbon copies of original universes. Although peaceful the multiverse was always prone to merging multiple worlds together and now due to the intense energies emanating from two unique universes they were now being drawn together in an inevitable collision that will hold a far deeper meaning than any one can imagine....

Chapter 1: Enter Shadaloo

one of the two colliding universes was home to various fighters on a worldwide scale each with unique abilities that far outclass the abilities of a regular human. These world warriors annually partake in a well know yet infamous tournament hosted by a shady corporation known to few as Shadaloo. Despite it's elusiveness Shadaloo is an corrupted paramilitary organization known for it's dealing of biochemicle drugs and arms claiming the lives of many and the eternal hatred of those who have experinced the horrors that they have conceived. The head of this dark organization was a man that is hard to see as a human being his name was M. Bison. M. Bison ruled over his minions with an iron fist using fear and intimidation to keep Shadaloo stable. He is also the wielder of the psycho power a negative energy that required him to expel all goodness in his heart turning him into a powerful yet unsympathetic demon who desires nothing more than power no matter the cost and due to his ability to live on even after his body is destroyed he can simply have his scientist create a new body for him making him virtually undying.

Despite his limitless access and power Shadaloo has more often than suffered heavy loses at those who oppose him most notably Interpol agent Chun li and US Air Force soldier Guile these repeated loses and his “deaths” have caused his syndicate to nearly collapse and causing what remained of his followers to move over to Shadaloo's weapons division S.I.N. However as this universe was preparing to merge with another random discharges of dark energy begin appearing all over the world and thanks to Bison's psycho power he restored even quicker after his last death at the hands of a mysterious fighter, but was perplexed as to what caused this unexpectedly fast recovery. As he exited his stasis chamber he was greeted by several remaining scientists as they bent down on their knees to welcome the the crime lord's return.

”Welcome back Lord Bison.” one scientists said as he looked up upon the imposing figure.

“Yes it is good to be back but.....” Bison looked down on the man with an expressionless gaze before turning his face towards the scientist to his right and saying.

“My recovery was quicker than anticipated. My technology is not responsible for this I would like to know the cause of this.”As Bison finished his sentence the two kneeling scientists slowly rose up.

” We've figured you would like to know that. You see while you were recovering we had took notice of this outside energy source and discovered it comes from a completely different world.” one scientist said.

“Fortunately with the equipment we had we were able to siphon some of that energy into your chamber effectively speeding your restoration ten fold.” the other scientist continued. Bison looked at his hand as it soon became enveloped by his dark aura he cold feel himself getting stronger by the second and let out a menacing grin and suddenly letting out a laughter of triumph, but this moment was short lived as in an instant bison took noticed of a bright purple flash that quickly enveloped his entire base and in a sudden flash the entire Shadaloo base was gone.

end of chapter 1

Chapter 2 Dark alliance

The second of the two universes was home to an equal variety of warriors that were from multiple realms as opposed to just one world like the other world they compete in a tournament as well. It was invented by ethereal beings known as Elder Gods who use the events as a method to preserve peace across the realms, however despite it's background fights are brutal and death is always welcomed and at times required to progress. The tournaments are often overseen by a sorcerer known as Shang Tsung who has garnered many victories namely for a higher authority in the form a power hungry warlord known as Shao Kahn. The exact time he came into power is still shrouded in mystery but it is known that he usurped the power of a “predecessor” by poisoning the latter and seizing the throne for himself since then his desire for conquest has won him many different realms progressively gathering more minions and expanding his army to unfathomable proportions. Like all winning streaks unfortunatly it would soon come to an end.

The real reason why these Mortal Kombat Tournaments were created was at the urging of a Thunder god known as Raiden in hopes of halting the tyrant's invasion by forcing him to win a set number of tournaments in order to gain permission to invade the realms and was eventually successful in his pursuit when he took in a young monk called Liu Kang who defeated Shang Tsung and denied the former access to his realm.

”Five hundred years FIVE HUNDRED YEARS!!” Shao Kahn roared.

”Now I must wait five hundred more thanks to your failure.” Shao Kahn stated glared at his pitiful underling Shang Tsung “

B...But my lord....” Shang Tsung pleaded bearing the scars of his loss before he was cut of by the emperor.

”Curse those worms and their rules. Rules that not even I can break...” Shao Kahn returned to his throne and sat down deep within the inner recesses of his own mind pondering for an alternate solution only to be snapped back into reality by the pathetic begging of a sorcerer.

”Kill him.” Shao Kahn Declared as he waved his hand back as sign to dispose of this failure of a man. Immediately the Warlord's minions restrained Tsung and Kitana, Shao Kahn's daughter readied her elegant yet deadly fans with the into of beheading the old man until Kahn suddenly ordered her to stop. The Princess complied without question and turned around to find out why he ordered such a command.

Stepping through his doors Kahn saw four strangers walking in.

”Well well this is quite the throne room the lead intruder said as he looked around.

”Who are and what do you think your doing intruding my throne room!?” The emperor declared. As the Shao Kahn looked at the apparent leader he noticed the garments that looked noticeably alien to him.

”I do apologize for the sudden intrusion and the “mess” in you hall but we couldn't help but take a look around your castle after all this is fitting for a king, but anyways allow me to introduce myself I am Seth.”

“Seth is it? You are very bold yet foolish to believe you can just break into my fortress and interrupt me in my own throne room while I'm trying to deal with personal matters.” The emperor said

“Dispose of them!” Suddenly three repulsive monsters known as tarkatans emerged from hiding as they advanced toward their new victims they unsheathed their blades that were hidden deep within there spiked forearms. Suddenly the monsters darted towards the mysterious figures. Seth gave out a nod and the three figures sprung into action coming at the rushing tarkatans.

The first of the three was a tall shirtless man with a snake tattoo wrapping around his right arm to the right side of his chest while dons stainless steel catclaws on his left hand and wore a white mask concealing his face he quickly leaps into the air and like missile he darts down at incredible speed towards his attacker and slashes at the latter's face killing it instantly.

”Such a hideous abomination! You will be thankful that you no longer scar the eyes of those in the world of the living.” The tall man said as said as he look down the tarkatan's corpse. The second mysterious figure was a large burly man, dark skinned donning matching blue sleeveless shirt and shorts with a pair of red boxing gloves. Both man and beast struck at the same time but the sheer force of the boxers gloves breaks through the mutants blades and hammers the unfortunate victim in the face several times before landing one final blow that shatters it's skull and dislocates the neck causing the tarkatan to slump over the floor dead. The last of the three was a young woman with a unique hail, small dark purple top with straps running along her back, and baggy white pants suspended by a belt with purple tights underneath. In one swift powerful kick the last attacking tarkatan's skull was obliterated like watermelon subjected to a sledgehammer once.

the last of the three tarkatans fall the surprised emperor conjures his war hammer but then Seth raises his hand began to speak

“We don't to start a feud we simply want to propose a alliance.” Shao Kahn immediately stopped and lowered his weapon and spoke one word.


End of chapter 2

well thats all for now feel free to post comments or suggestions.
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A sick chapter 2, Just i felt that i was in the MK story mode rather than a fan fic in Mid chapter 2. Keep up the outstanding work cant wait to see mileena's appearance in the story.
A sick chapter 2, Just i felt that i was in the MK story mode rather than a fan fic in Mid chapter 2. Keep up the outstanding work cant wait to see mileena's appearance in the story.

Yeah I see what your saying but don't worry mily will appear and have a scene with Juri
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Nice story so far, wanna
thanks and if im lucky i can get the third chapter

and here is chapter three

Chapter 3 The invitation

At the Interpol base everything has been hectic due to strange disasters that has befell the word. Amidst the scramble Chun Li, one of the most prominent member of the agency was visibly disturbed by the worldwide chaos that has occurred without warning. As she looked up on the TV mounted on the wall showcasing the chaos that has plagued her world.

“Terror Strikes as several countries are suffering repeated attacks from what appears to be abnormal lighting strikes.” The news reporter says. As the Interpol agent looked at the video showcasing the discord she noticed multiple lightning strikes occurring all at once not just from the sky, but from the ground and even thin air.

“There have been a confirmed forty-eight fatalities and sudden disappearance of two-hundred civilians world wide” The reporter continued.

”Shadaloo must be behind this. It can only explain how we lost Guile's signal while he was infiltrating, but still doesn’t explain how the whole entire base disappeared from our radars I can only hope he is alright.....” As Chun Li thinks to herself she is soon greeted by a familiar face.

Meanwhile in the Mortal Kombat Universe within the Wu Shi academy Raiden looked on as the resident monks celebrated with the various Earthrealm warriors who were recently recruited by the thunder god.

“I do not understand.” Raiden stated looking down upon his amulet which has slowly been cracking due to random visions of the future that he has been seeing. Ultimately the main vision that is stuck on is mind was his future self's last words

“He must win.” “If Liu kang is not the one who must win then who is the true champion?” Raiden said.

”Ya got me.” Said Jax, Major of the special forces.”I doubt anyone could have pulled what he did.” Jax continued while leaning over a stone guard rail smoking a cigar.”Heh... He made a fool out of that Shang Tsung chump.” While Looking on Raiden's tone suddenly changed when a imposing figure stepped in on their conversation

“State your business.” The thunder god demanded. Bewildered, Jax tries to figure out what he his talking about only to be shocked by the sudden appearance of a bizarre entity.

”Who the hell are you!?” Jax shouted.

“Cammy!” Chun Li exclaimed.

“A little uptight I see .” Said Cammy.

“Yeah.... I don't understand all this....this chaos Shadaloo will pay for this!” Chun li says slowly clenching her fist in seething anger.

”Actually Shadaloo is not behind this” Cammy confirms. Dumbfounded Chun Li asks Cammy who else could be responsible for such madness.

”So your name is Seth huh?” says a weary Jax as he flicks his cigar over the guardrail.

”Yes on behalf of Shao Kahn we would like for you and all of earthrealms greatest warriors to partake in the World Kombatants tournaments in Outworld.” Seth explained.

“Another one?” Jax said.

“ So the emperor decided to make his own tournament I see” Raiden says to himself.

”So who could be capable of this?” Chun li continue.

”Your guess is as good as mine.” Cammy answered. “Fortunatly I do have a lead”. Chun li became increasingly interested by The Delta Red members revelation in hopes of bringing back peace to Earth.

“Sounds like a last minute gamble to me” Jax Suspected.

”You are right.” Raiden agreed. “Tell your emperor we decline his offer.”

“well now...that is unfortunate”. Seth Replied. “I was hoping for a civil agreement I guess I have no choice now.....”.Just as soon as Seth spoke his last word Bright orange portals open all around the academy and revealed the many hordes of tarkatans, shokans, and centaurs.

”An Invitation?” The Interpol agent Replied.

“Yes an invitation to the World Kombatants tournaments.” Cammy noted.”I received it from a strange man who called himself Shang Tsung”.

”Shang Tsung?” Chun li repeated to herself

”BY THE ELDER GODS!!!!” A horrified Raiden bellowed. The Thunder God intended to warp down to stop the fighting but soon sensed a large fist coming at his direction. Instinctively Raiden blocked the surprise punch and finds out the fist came from Seth as Raiden began to engage his attacker Jax immediately takes action by leaping over the balcony headlong into the fray.

”He allowed me to recruit as many allies as possible to fight for Earth.” Cammy finished

“Earth!?.. You mean there is a whole other world besides ours.” Chun li exclaimed.

“We need to find Ryu and Ken.. But first were is Guile?” Cammy Questioned.

Jax rushed to the nearest vortex and proceeded to pummel every invader the ran through. As he broke their jaws and crushed their skulls it seemed like everything was going in his favor but then he felt a instantaneous force level him on the side of his face.

”what the hell was that!?” Jax thought to himself before receiving a uppercut from a tarkatan Jax nearly flew off his feet from that strike but noticed a shokan behind him the one responsible for catching him off guard. The same shokan landed on more blow directly in his chest. The special forces co could feel the air rush out of his mouth collapsing to the ground. Barely conscious Jax could see a blurry object above him that soon came down to his face. For a split-second Jax realised that it was a sole that belonged to a tarkatan after that everything went black.

“Guile is MIA.” Chun li revealed.

“What?...HOW!?” Cammy answered in apparent disdain.

“Guile personally infiltrated the last confirmed Shadaloo base”Chun li continued.

”No Sooner did he break in to the main floor we lost his signal and the base was gone leaving a large crater where it once stood...” upon this knowledge Cammy quickly theorized that Guile location may be in this new world.

“Well all we could do now is hope he makes it out of there but for now we must find Ryu and Ken. She declared “If were lucky we could get a few more allies for our cause. Chun li nodded in agreement and together the two femme fatales leave the Interpol HQ and set off to in preparation for the coming tournament.

End of chapter 3
Next Chapter: Worlds Meet
as said before feel free to post comments or suggestions
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That was a good update. I love the sf side of the story but not the mk side. I can tell u put thought into the sf side. What i gather is that your using the mk storymode lines so u can build up for the tourney. I guess what im saying is try to keep it fresh for both sides
I understand what you are saying and next chapter will have the mk events will be more unique. like you said i am trying to build up for the tourny coming up.
Well hello again to every one who reads this it's the first part of chapter 4

and its Freakin late too.......

Chapter 4 Worlds Meet (part one)

Within the ruins of the Wu Shi academy Raiden and the earthrealm warriors manage to repel the attackers but at grave costs many monks were killed and Sonya Blade, a lieutenant of the Special
Forces was taken hostage by Seth. Raiden looked on as the remaing monks were being tended to by Liu Kang While Jax was being helped up by fellow shaolin monk Kung lao and famous action star Johnny Cage. Raiden begins to think back at what Seth had told him.

“Recruit as many warriors as you can and once you have gathered every willing participant come to outworld lest you want these attacks to continue and see her as one of the many casualties.”Seth held up the unconscious body of Sonya by the collar of her vest as to prove how serious he is before vanishing behind a closing portal. As the rest of his allies gathered he

”If we are to prevent future attacks we must search the world and recruit as many warriors as we can and agree to this tournament and to save your comrade Jax.”

“We are with you Lord Raiden.” Kung Lao adressed. While the others agreed Raiden looked at his amulet once more he noticed to his surprise the cracks begin fading away restoring the amulet's original luster.

“Raiden your amulet!” Liu kang exclaimed

“I know” Raiden stated.” But for now we must put this to the side, travel the world, and recruit others to our cause. With all the warriors huddled together the thunder god raised his hand in the air and suddenly lightning is called down which he uses to scatter his allies across two random locations around the world.

Near a secluded dojo in Japan Liu kang and Kung lao appeared in a flash of light. As they explored the area Liu kang suddenly felt soothing vibe amidst the bright sunlight dappled by the surrounding forest yet was still visibly troubled.

“Something troubling you?” Kung lao asked.

”It feels so calm yet so strange as if it came from a completely different world.”

“It does feel different but we should continue our mission. There is dojo up ahead hopefully someone may still be there and they may be able to tell us were we are.” Kung lao stated. Liu kang nods in agreement and the two head to their unaware that the location they were coming to housed one of the most powerful fighters to ever walk this world. Jax and JC were transported to a random city in the U.S.

“Well this looks different” Cage pointed out.

“What do you mean” Jax questioned. Johnny pointed out towards several buildings to his right.

”Those four buildings over there weren't there. How? This place was the set for one of my movies “Caged Rage.” Said a proud JC only to receive a whatever reply from the major as he turned his back on the actor trying to figure out his location through his GPS. Realizing the cold shoulder he received Johnny looked around and caught site of two female figures walking across the street.

“Well well what do we have here” says a interested Cage lowering his shades with a raised eyebrow.

Meanwhile within the secluded dojo resides a tireless wanderer in meditation who donned a white worn down karate gi, a red headband. And red sparring gloves. Known only as Ryu this warrior constantly travels the world in hopes of meeting other skilled fighters in order to further hone his skills in the quest to become the ultimate fighter. However due to roots of his fighting style he has been suffering from the influence of the Satsui no Hadou which brings out a murderous urge within a user. This influence already consumed one practitioner known as Akuma who in turn killed his own brother Gouken and Ryu's former master which still haunts Ryu to this day. Eventually his meditation is soon interrupted when he senses a strange yet powerful blazing aura that felt distinctively alien to him.

“What is this strange feeling in my fists?” Ryu said as he stood to his feet.

“What is wrong with this thing?” says a frustrated Cammy who is fiddling with her communicator in a vain attempt to get in touch with Delta Red HQ.

“Still no luck Huh? An equally concerned Chun li says. As she gazed at the sky scrapers she notices that this entire city besides a few buildings were entirely unfamiliar to her before she can notify Cammy she hears someone calling out to them.

“Well hello there.” Says a c0cky Johnny Cage.

Back at the dojo the two monks have been searching the the area for sometime but find no residents.

”Looks like no one is here” A disappointed Liu kang points out.

“We should leave.” Kung lao agrees and the two head for the entrance-way, but the mk champion suddenly halts when he notices something from the corner leading to a trailing Kung lao to calling out his name out of concern until he notices what has caught his friends attention. Just yards away Liu kang has just made eye contact with the resident of this dojo Ryu.

To be continued....... for now
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Worlds meet (part two)

“Ummmm......who are you?” Chun li answered.

"What you never heard of Johnny Cage? The star of Dragon fist, Cage match, Ninja Mime even though that was a flop.” Cage replyed in amazement.

“No never heard of..” before she could finish Cammy cuts her off

”Look Mister We don't have time trying to learn about some B grade movies we're dealing with a serious crisis right now. Sensing tension in her voice Johnny backed up and replies.

” Whoa look ma'am I'm just trying to find people to recruit..”He pleaded.

”Recruit for what?...roles to some sloopy movie?” A lees than impressed Cammy points out.

“No for a tournament.” Jax says from a distance much to the movie star's elation.

Back at the dojo two powerful warriors have locked eyes. Liu kang wanted to say something but he couldn't as his fighting instincts has sealed his mouth shut. Kung lao could sense the intense auras emanating from the two and noticed the subtle yet sporadic twiching in Liu's arm and Ryu's fist slowly clenching up and the tightening of muscles in his arm. Suddenly in the blink of an eye Ryu dashes towards the monk who in turn assumed a defensive stance as both have given in to the fighting instincts. Ryu throws a punch which Liu sidesteps it and delivers a jab of his own only to have it blocked and quickly countered by one of the wanderer's signature moves.

“SHORYUKEN!!” Ryu shouted has he delivers rising punch that the champion barely manages to block in time but the force and momentum behind Ryu's fist sends them both in the air.

“Strange”. Liu kang thought to himself.

”I don't even know why I'm fighting yet it is so satisfying it almost feels as if I have known this man for some time”.Liu kang came back to reality and realized they are both in the air befor retaliated with a signature of his own. Liu moved his feet towards Ryu's face and percided to perform the bicycle kick. Ryu blocked each repeating kick for what felt like forever in his eyes as they fell to the ground. Ryu kept his balance as they descended and lands on his feet. While still in the air Liu lets out one last kick on Ryu's arms before being thrown back by him when he thrusts his blocking arms out. As he is flying back he notices his opponent cupping his hands together with blue ki being channeled out of his arms before shouting out.

“HADOUKEN!!!” Ryu shoots the blue sphere of energy at blazing speeds at the monk. Thinking quick Liu catches his footing and disappears in a pillar of fire moments before he is hit.

“He vanished!?” Ryu says to himself before noticing a warming temperature behind his back. Immediately realizing The monk was going to reappear behind him Ryu turns around ready to deliver a powerful punch while a now visible Liu kang unleashed a equally strong strike as well.

“Wait you know about this tournament as well?” Cammy comments.

“Yeah and You have to excuse my friend.” Jax says. “he's a little on the special side”.

“Special!?” Cage remarked feeling insulted.

“It's alright” Chun li says “Who are you by the way?” ”Right I'm Major Jackson Briggs of the Special Forces. And you are?”

“Chun li of Interpol.”

“And I'm Cammy of Delta Red.” The two women addressed. As he shook hands with the two Jax questioned the two by saying.

“So how did you find out about this Tourney?”

“I was offered an invitation by a man who addressed himself as Shang Tsung.” Cammy confirms. Surprised the two men repeat name out in disbelief.

“You know him?” Chun li asked .

“Yeah we know him.” Cage remarked “As the guy who got his ass handed to him by our buddy, Kang.”He said to Jax.

“The reason why were going is that we believe our partner Guile is there and we suspect something suspicious is going on there.” Chun li said.

“We're entering the tournament for the same reasons as my partner has been taken captive as well.”

“Sounds like a team-up to me.” Cammy remarks.

“I agree as well” Briggs replied. “We work together we may be able to get down to the bottom of this.” Everyone agrees and before long they are greeted by the arrival of Raiden who has recruited two allies of his own. Wandering monk Kai and the spiritual shaman Nightwolf clearly leaving the two women amazed.

“Well looks like our ride is here with more freinds” Johnny jokingly comments.

“So you are the champion of Mortal Kombat I see..” Ryu says with the back of Liu kangs fist mere inches away from his face.

“And you are the legendary fighter known as Ryu am I right?” Liu kang replies with Ryu's fist equally close to his face. They both confirm each other's reputation before drawing there fists back and giving a solemn bow.

”So what brings you here?”Ryu asked.

“We were looking for potential fighters to recruit for an upcoming tournament.” Liu adressed

"A tournament?” Ryu repeated becoming increasingly interested in this offer, but soon they are interrupted by the arrival of Ken, Ryu's friend and fellow fighter who donned a red karate gi that was kept in far better condition compared to Ryu's.

”Hey Ryu how ya doin and ummmmmm. Who are these two?” Ken said pointing out the two monks.

“Oh They are Liu kang and kung lao right?” Ryu asked receiving two nods as confirmation.

“They are looking for allies to help them in a coming tournament.”

“Tournament? Thats what I was coming to you about.”Ken reveals.”Some strange man offered me a chance to join this tournament and said I could bring in as many friends as I wanted.”

suddenly from behind Ken noticed out of nowhere lightning strikes down from thin air piercing the ground. Before the four notice Raiden materializes along with the group of warriors who have joined his cause leaving Ryu Speechless and Ken shocked(no pun intended).

“WHO THE.....” Ken shouted before getting cut off by Kung Lao.

“Lord Raiden You're back.”

"I see you have succeeded in your task.” The thunder god acknowledged.”Ryu, Ken You are powerful warriors and I would like for both of you to join us to represent Earthrealm.” The two look at each other bewildered at how he knew their names but soon agree in hopes of meeting more unique fighters. With that done, Raiden teleports all of the fighters to Outworld where they end up in a recently constructed coliseum with a distinct Asian influence adorned with steel skulls and a large ring in the center. Just above the ring a large balcony housed the throne of the Outworld emperor. Ryu, Ken, Chun li, and Cammy were intimidated by this dark locale. as they looked around they found some familiar faces but also seen many new warriors as well. Soon all of the fighters turned to the towering balcony as Seth and Shang Tsung appears afterwords, Shao kahn makes his entrance being accompanied by Kitana and her friend fellow Edenian Jade as they stand by his side.


End of chapter 4
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