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“Well you certainly found him.” Styrker replied getting pulled up into the building.

“I take it you are associated with the military in form.”

“Air Force Maj Guile.” Guile replied.

“You have been chosen by the Elder Gods themselves to thrawt the invasion of Outworld.” Nightwolf announced.

“It would be greatly appreciated if you join us in our fight.”

“Elder Gods? Outworld?” Stryker repeated.

“Well considering what I had it doesn’t sound as crazy now....i guess I can accept, but first I need to check on the status of my squad first.” Stryker pulled out his comm and tuned into his partner and began to speak through it.

“Kabal.....” Stryker spoke

“Do you hear me? I repeat Do you hear me?”

“STRYKER!?” Kabal answered in surprise.

“Yeah and I made some new friends to. Whats your status?” Styrker replied.


“Come down come down.” The hardy cop advised

“Now can you repeat that?”

“A F**CKING FOUR ARMED TIGER IS ATTACKING US AND GRAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” Kabal screamed as the sound of burning echoed through the comm.

“Kabal KABAL!!!” Stryker said quickly panicking.

“I'm going back up there.” Stryker ran and rammed through the door stairs while Guile and Nightwolf give chase without question.

Back at the top of the rooftop lied a gruesome mess of severed limbs smoldering husks and mangled corpses of Stryker's squad. At the center of it lied Kintaro, a Shokan like Goro and Sheeva but of another branch easily distinguished by his tiger like markings and limitless brutality and bloodlust. Accompanying him was the Black Dragon Thug Kano who took no part in the attack and just merely watched.

“I gotta hand to ya. You sure know how to tear up a strip.” Kano commented.

“Puny humans did very little to entertain me.” Kintaro disappointingly remarked licking the blood from his fingers. As Kano observed the bodies he sees a slightly moving body still alive but badly burnt. Taking out his knife Kano decided to put the unfortunate soul out of its misery until he looks closer at the face and slowly recognized that beneath the darkened skin it was an old acquaintance of his Kabal.

“heh heh. Well well now ain’t this quite a reunion...” Kano commented

“Aye Kintaro! Help me with this one hear...” willingly following the thug's wishes. Kintaro grabs the charred man and follows Kano back through an open portal that brought the two to the city orginally. As the portal closed, the trio of Stryker, Nightwolf, and Guile burst through and witness to the horrifying event that they were oblivious to before.

“My God.” Guile subtly said.

“We were to late.” Nightwolf said in shame.

“ no no no no no DAMMIT!!!!” Stryker yelled pounding the ground.

“We need to hurry.” Guile said

“Indeed.” Nightwolf agreeed.

“We must return back to the base Stryker we are in jeopardy out hear.”

“I know just...........give me a moment.” Stryker requested as he got up and removed his hat and placed it on his chest as a way to pay respect to his fallen squad with Nightwolf and Guile letting the cop have his final moments. Before they three set off back to the Special Forces base.

Meanwhile in a secluded forest in Japan there lied a man of unimaginable power sitting directly in front of several headstones in a sort of meditating state. he wore a gi similar to Ryu's, just a darker in color he has flame like hair tied up in a very short ponytail and donned very simple wood sandals. what really set him apart was the overwhelming dark ki that drove away all fauna in the vicinity none know him like those who practice the Ansatsuken even still his motives are unclear he has no part in this war but something was calling out to him drawing him into the fight.

"My fists......They howl for battle." he declared as he took off the prayer beads from the center headstone and put it around his neck and in one mighty leap, headed towards an unknown destination.
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Back in the Special Forces base Sonya and Jax finally receive word on Guile's location.

“Alright I’ll be there shortly..” Jax said over his comm link.

“Here’s the plan everyone were gonna have to split up so we can find the remaining survivors. Were gonna need all the help we can get if we want to turn back this invasion.”

“Wait hold on how are we just this group in hear gonna beat two guys who just caused a flat out apocalypse.” Johnny Cage pointed out.

“Simple they're using some kind of device that's the unholy offspring of magic and science to drain out the worlds souls if we destroy that then we can get back the entire population back soldiers and all.” Jax revealed.

Thats all nice and dandy but wouldn't something like that be heavily guarded lets say uhhhhh that towering castle with Kahn's face on it in Japan?” Cage added.

“That is what they want us to believe.” Ermac said.

“Contrary to the presumed location it is actually stationed within Tokyo far awy from the fortress which is located in Brazil.”

“wait how do you know this?” Fei long

“Because part of us was used to create that infernal machine.” Ermac revealed.

“Us?”Fei Long repeated.

“Long story short he's a fusion of many warrior souls originally created to serve Shao Khan until well...” Jade remarks looking at Dhalsim.

“So were do we split off?” Abel asked.

“Aside from the US, The three areas I’m sensing strong signatures from are Hong Kong, Japan, and England.” Sonya answered. The heroes converse between each other, joining whatever group for whatever country was agreed upon to ensure the heroes met their destinations Raiden and Fujin combine their powers and in a fusion of lighting and wind the fighters were sent to the few urgent locales of a barren earth the only ones left in the base were Kung Lao, Ken, Sagat, Jax, Chun li and Abel. Their stay in the base was rather short as they set off from the base immediately to rendezvous with Guile's team. In Japan, most of the heroes have been sent here due to the presence of the infernal machine being used to steal the souls of the world. The group consisted of Ermac,Sub-Zero, Johnny Cage, Kai, Dan, Cammy, Kitana, and Sakura. The streets were so empty the party could literly feel the absence of life in the once bustling metropolis.

“I can't believe it all of Tokyo...Japan it's gone..All gone” Sakura noted looking at that the scenery that is blanked by a the dark almost sinister red sky.”

“This is only a momentary state the world all hope is not lost.” Ermac assured.

“You, Rai-dude, and Fu-man have said that for the millionth time already!” Cage complained

“When are we gonna get results?”

“You seem to be losing hope.” Kai joked


“THE WHOLE DAMN WORLD GOT SUCKED DRY IN AN INSTANCE in the few minutes we were stuck in Outworld BY A BARBERIAN AND SOME NAZI DICTATOR!! HOW THE HELL ARE WE SUPPOSED TO BEAT THAT!!?? IT'S JUST US AGAINST AN ARMY THAT PRETTY MUCH REPLACED EARTH'S POPULATION!!” Annoyed Sub-zero snatched Cage's face covering his mouth and lining his eyes to the actor.

“Are you intentionally trying to make it more “hopeless” for us by drawing the enemies attention to us with your childish babbling!?” Sub-Zero berated. Unfazed, Cage yanks his mouth free from the ninja's grasp and blows air through his nose and with a sarcastic grunt leaves the assassin to himself while everyone else continues their trek to whatever destination Ermac has lain out.

“How far is it till we reach the device?” Cammy asked

“We can sense it's location in Shibuya's Crossing, But it is heavily guarded and we are near...” Ermac replied as they walk through the desolate buildings and suddenly hearing a distinct rumble followed by a distinct scream.

“What was that?” Dan said spooked jumping behind the group

“Looks like it's one of the chosen as lord Fujin stated.” Kitana said drawing one of her bladed fans from her open sleeves.” what the fighters found instead was a rather skimpy female with a tiny white top that was ready to fall off small denim shorts and a custom biker hat with messy pink hair long pouring out, long enough to rival Kitana's running from behind an alleyway although one would question how she can run so fast in small red heels though that is a thought that would be put to rest when the woman finally trips and falls to the ground. What she was running from was one of Shao Khan's towering Tormentors the blasts through the alley way clearly decimating it with rubble flying out like paper wads to a fan.

“Thats one of the chosen?” Kai said pointing at the toppled woman.”

“Chosen or not she is in dire need of our aid.” Sub-Zero reinstated.

“Ge........GET AWAY FROM ME YOU MONSTER!!” the woman yelled helplessly swinging what seems to be a hunting crop at the Monster who was meters above her weapon. The beast raised it's hand high in attempt to crush the defenseless Woman and it would have succeeded had it not had it's arm hit by a direct blast of Sub-Zero's ice ball freezing his entire forearm and hand. As a precaution to make sure the tormenter never uses it's arm Sakura fires a hadouken followed by a lobbed shadow ball from Johnny cage. Sakura's small ki blast creates a unstable cavity in the Tormentor's arm revealing frozen bone while the green shadow ball utterly annihilates the frozen limb shattering it like a rock to a Glass vase. The heroes were not done Kitana tosses her fans at the beast's legs and the ballistic blades cleave around the flesh of the legs dragging the roaring monster to it's knees. Kai adds on to the attack by shooting a fireball high into the air and plummet straight for the tormentor's skull exploding on contact. Though the fiend and a metal helmet to protect it's head from such attacks the force of the blast was enough to cause the already battered goliath to fall even closer to the ground ready for Cammy's damaging cannon spike. With her foot aimed high in the air her thick boot smashes into the Tormentor's chin dazing the beast, leaving open for one more attack. In the middle of the joint attacks Ermac uses his powers to pull the lady in need away from the scene and right behind him.

“It is time we finsih this.” Ermac declares preparing to dispose of the dominated beast.

“Everyone get back now!” Ermac stretches out his glowing hands ready to do away with the monster until Dan pulls Ermac back in a ludicrous boost of confidence of morale getting directly in front of the hooded warrior.

“Thanks for softening him up for me everyone!” Dan shouts

“Now stand back as I finish him off with the flawless power of the Saikyo arts!”

“DAN YOU FOOL NOO!!” Sub-Zero yelled as Dan rushed the dizzy beast.

“YOU MADE A MISTAKE THINKING YOU CAN COME HEAR AND WRECK MY TOWN!!!” Dan screamed as he prepared to show off his unmatched power and finally put the monster down permanently.

“TAKE THIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSS!!!!!” Dan yelled as a teal colored ki begins circling around his hands. The proud fighter's muscles tightened more and more as a massive amount of ki manifest itself as fire that manifest Saikyo's immortal legacy that has been forever carved into history's retinas. All of the ki compresses in to a condensed unstable ball that could only be kept intact by those who mastered the sacred arts of the strongest style. Dan thrust his hand out and in a spectacular show of power the compressed ball explodes into a massive beam the covers the tormentor's entire torso and blasts through the dark sky ripping a hole and showing the light blue sky that has been blocked out for so long. After the beam ebbs away only the legs of the Tormentor were left as the rest was completely vaporized by Dan's overwhelming Gadouken. Dan looks into the Sky with confidence as sunlight begins stabbing through the darkness in the sky completely doing away with it. Tokyo has returned to normal it was an effortless battle, proof as to why............

“Hibiki-san? Hibiki-san?” A voice called out causing the scenery to shift into a blurred view of several faces looking at him.

“It amazes me how he is still breathing...” another more masculine voice said. The blurred vision compresses itself revealing Sakura Sub-Zero and Kai looking down at him.

“Huh Whats going on? What happened?” Dan asked his pupil

“You tried to take the monster out with a “Gadouken” and got *****-slapped for it.” Cage said walking in.

“But other than that everything went fine when Ermac jumped in and we got two more friends now.

“Wait what happened to the monster.” Hibiki asked.

“Yeah him well lets just say Ermac “deported” him from Japan courtesy with a little help from Hugo and Poison.” Cage answered as the same woman now hoisted up on the shoulders of a towering behemoth of a man with long curly hair, pink leopard wife beater and tight pink pants with a thick chain wrapped around and brown boots complete the brute's appearance. Dan looked at the surronding scenery and scouts everyone save for Ermac who was gone.

“Where did Ermac go?” Dan answered trying to get up.

“Ermac left for a nearby building claiming he can sense multiple souls trapped in there.” Kai replied

“He went alone?” Dan said

“As much as I don't buy it he did seem worried about bringing us alone since he could sense another powerful person in their.” Said Cage

“He did tell us the exact directions to the generator we need to destroy. Cammy and Kitana went scouting ahead.” Sub-Zero remarks.

“It won't be long now. The odds will side with us soon......”


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The last figure and the most enigmatic however was a unknown man standing to himself with a red band covering his eyes likely hinting at blindness he carried a long sheathed katana brimming with unique aura. He wore a form-fitting black and red one piece suit with his lower body nearly armored topped off with a red and white cloth with a dragon embellished on it. Despite his blindness he was well aware of the returning party more so than the rest of the waiting men.