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  • Ayo Byyyyyyyyyyrd

    What’s up, homie? Haven’t talked to you in a minute. Are you still doing stuff for HYO?

    I've been helping him make materials and stuff but he keeps making weapons and shit like guh
    What happened? Who disrespected dat ugly boy Diablos?

    I'm waiting for my friend to get high rank armor to beat the pink Rathian but goddamn this man is sloooooooooooooooooooooooooooow
    Sometimes I feel bad for Great Jagras until he gets in the way of my hunt with big pink or Tobai.

    I mean yeah I'll sharpen my sword but its still annoying for this fool to interrupt me getting my ass kicked with him getting his own ass whooped lmao
    Haven't fought him yet

    Last dude I fought was the Crimson Chin aka Radobaan. That was a fight I had a lot of fun with.
    Now that fvcker Rathian? Fvck him and his eggs that I stole
    Monster Hunter Za Wardo is baller as shit.

    My favorite weapon is probably the Insect Glave, Switch Axe and Hammer
    I was about to say I thought Jolt didn't kill humans but its the shadow verison so its all gravy.........

    I think
    Well you gotta show a man.

    Yo I decided I'm increasing the LCs ages and moving them up to college students rather than high school students. Also changing the role of the Emperor to be two roles: The Emperor - The face on the news, and the true ruler in the shadows; The Empress
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