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  • I wouldn't expect any thing less from you, boss
    Make that character development happen, hombre
    They most certainly did spy on me. But it ain't enough to pull me away from guilty gear.

    Same here. I have to type out the rest of Episode 3 and only written about 5% of Episode 4.

    What kind of redesigns we talking about?
    Lol that's understandable.

    Getting increasingly salty that Bison literally got jack shit for like a year straight. Like my man only has like two costumes.

    They could have given him a little league coach costume or something like damn.

    How you feel about that SFV Ibuki track and field costume?
    Ah man I can picture this family of ferals in like casual suburban attire acting as if everything is normal until they start eating a half eaten hybird or human like its everyday life
    Part of a gang, yeah.

    Does that go hand in hand as to why there were so many disappearing ferals before the story took place
    Using a full powered jet pack tackle knocking the air out of the aura user in midair. Rex used the jet pack’s momentum to smash Cervantes through two of the top buildings metal security fences all the while laughing at his successful attack. After breaking through the third fence, Cervantes brought both of his fists high into the air and smashed Rex’s jet pack sending the squad leader face first in the ground while the aura hero slid to a stop slightly panting once he cancelled his flight. Rex slowly stood up from the sudden crash glancing over his shoulder and checked his jet pack to see a large dent on the fuel tank. Disregarding the damage to his hardware, the squad leader turned his attention back to the teen in front of him who was currently charging at him ready to resume the fight. Rex pumped his weapon once more with the barrel changing shape to a larger width and fired yet another green missile at the rushing Cervantes.
    Cervantes stopped in response to the missile heading for him and reflexively conjured up an aura baseball mitt stopping some of the velocity of the projectile. Having felt the missile slow down considerably, Cervantes flung the rocket over the fence behind him avoiding any damage nearby the building while it exploded.
    Despite the aura user avoiding the lethal missile attack, Rex was preparing another long ranged attack with three pumps of his weapon. The criminal leader let out a joyful shriek before a long acid stream shot out to Cervantes’s position. Having no time to dodge the dangerous chemical stream, Cervantes assumed a cross armed blocking position while building on more aura around himself to armor himself from the acid.
    2000's were a wonderful year

    Ashi's mom is supreme asshole of the year.

    Drop that funky beat
    Really interested in Haze cause the potential horror direction you could go for would be godlike.

    Yo Helix backstory? Yes please. These take place before the time skip
    Honestly it ranges from good to tolerable. Despite all these people on youtube bashing it the game is pretty fun. I wrote my personal review in the mass effect thread but if you want to buy this game I can happily say there's a shit ton to keep you occupied. Also the story is rather interesting so far, still have to play more, I'm only at 21% after playing like approximately 14 hours
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