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  • Ambushes suck dick.

    Speaking of ambushes I've been playing Mass Effect 1. I can finally play the trilogy on my laptop :proud:
    Nu Wa is certainly beautiful

    Oh you gotta do preparation? That sounds pretty fun actually. I was going to get it but financial hiccups ya know.
    Yeah i saw. How goes it? I'm saying all my money for that Mass Effect like a man
    Damn I can't find it in my heart to waifu someone named Nemesis without thinking about STAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRSSSSSSS
    A backlog of games or written fics?

    Speaking of writing stuff I was thinking of something that Skye might do in the end of Episode 3.

    Say at the end of Episode 3 Skye says she has to make a stop before they leave for the guild. She ends up at her old job, strolls to the counter and asks for the most expensive item on the menu (which is like 10 dollar at max). The person brings the food to the counter and says the total and Skye nods in agreement before reaching in her pocket to pull out a wallet. She doesn't pull out any money but instead loads up this huge loogie in her throat for a good five seconds for the entire place to hear before she spits out this disgusting spit on this ten dollar meal. She let's out a smaller spit, wipes her mouth, puts away her wallet and says, "Keep the change," before she walks out her old job to start her new life.


    Did you peep the new Samurai Jack teaser trailer? Erect ain't even the word.
    Like this has temporally given me hope
    Aye that's some pretty good scenery you got in the back. Can't wait till you hit it with the cel shading
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