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  • Ayyyeee that's pretty good son. You could color that headband

    Dumb question but do you use the pen tool at all when using the tablet?
    You are honestly making my year better with these pics. Skye :love:
    That outfit looks season twoish with the short hair.

    You are pretty good at capturing action. If you want it's all you man
    Yeah I'm the same way because whenever I try to do one project I work on another one.

    I did however finish writing Episose 3 while you were gone
    Maybe you should, maybe you shouldn't.
    You git nothing but time.

    Have you written anything for HYO?
    Yeah cleaning up sketch lines is new to me. It's so time consuming lol. But know I know I gotta sketch on one layer and then line art on the other.

    Yeah I figured it would make you happy.

    So how is being home my boy?
    Oh my goodness I have not seen any new Akemi art in like months.

    You have blessed me Byrd.

    Yeah I got a Huion tablet and got the pen peersure to work before I passed out and went to the movies. It's really nice and I know how to sketch on it. Still unconfident with doing actual line art but I'll figure it out the more I draw on it
    Impressive as always man. What kind of Feral is that anyway?

    How far in writing have you gotten through anyway?
    Damn son. I'm going to miss the conversations we had. Well do your absolute best Byrd. I believe in you :top:
    Oh I thought you were asking the question as to who you should draw next. And I thought I could subliminally say Howard to see a colored version of Howard.

    Of course I know that's Comet and what not.

    Anyway I haven't talked to you in like months man. You're going to be leaving soon right? Tell me how you've been
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