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  • What's worst is he stole from teens. Teens!
    I think I hated Shido the most. Like I couldn't wait to beat his ass.

    Yo Nightmare looked beyond sick. I can only hope my boy Maxi shows up
    I could ask why but I got a feeling I know what would happen.

    Yeah Satsui no Hado Kilik was a big surprise lmao. I'm really hoping for my dude Maxi to return
    Oh aight.

    Man fvck Kamoshida! I started new game plus and I can't wait to drive his ass to begging on his knees like a little bish. Again :mad:!
    I decided to draw me a Karyn today

    I've been itching for some Skye or Akemi lately.

    That itch has been scratched you wonderful human
    You might be dead by the time Part V get animated :bawling:

    I gotta see that Giorno WRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRYY animated
    Ahh okay I see.
    Well can't wait for those designs.

    Who are you doing the project with?
    I really hate coming to your messages late like this but

    Do tell
    It's all good. Fvcking around and not doing my school work like I should.
    Also I really wanna get better drawing.

    How about you? Your birthday is coming up this month
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