Loose Cannons

I am working on this in my notebook so I work on this whenever I got unimportnat classes. *COUGH* ENGLISH, COLLEGE SUCCESS, BIOLOGY *COUGH*

Within this week it may be done.
Also you better finish you first episode too damnit :mad:
photo (6).jpg

Last time I draw on Binder paper lol. Gonna draw her again in the notebook, I just wanted to get you guys hype
I'm very behind this thread obviously but its a cool idea you put a lot of thought into it... Kilik looks a lot like Ken Masters :D
H meit up if you wanna bounce some ideas around.
Kilik does look like Ken :rofl: I better change that.
Lin_Luei you could hit me up in this thread right now if you want bro

Thank you bros, I'm drawing another pic with Kilik Masters on the way.
photo (7).jpg

Only thing viable wrong with these pictures is the lack of detail. i need to upgrade my skills damnit
So, this weekend I will try my damnest to bust out the first half of the First Episode and should get some things straightened out.

Principal Raj was inspired by the principal of rival school for his looks.

Of course his manner will be entirely different.

Also I need to draw Vincent and Moe.

The pose for Moe will be something like this:

Vincent might have a pic where he has his arm outstretched holding a gun, something simple
You based the princaple off of one of the most badass fighting game characters plus rival schools was the shit that's why I want it
In the mist of updating backstories but I figure I patch some stuff about the characters. Sorry, "normalize" them :rolleyes: Changed the age back to 14 and just tweaking some other stuff. Below will be some interesting things I came up with to flesh them out even more. Multiple posts incoming.


Kilik Downing-

Regarding Kilik's healing factor, it is not like Wolverine's healing factor. True it heals but he cannot himself push out objects from his body. For example, if Kilik was shot in the head, the bullet would remain there until it was physically removed. Thankfully he has Scythe for that to bail him out. Also, if he were to get dismembered, losing a limb, he could just put it make on just like Deadpool. Hurts like a bish but Kilik has a steady pain tolerance. The only way he could EVER speed up his healing process, like if he was in a real tight pinch, is by using Chaos Factor aka #AnimePowerUpTime. Still debating on whether or not to explain that yet.

Cervantes Vasquez-

I personally like this idea a lot. Ok so Green Lantern has the will to make anything through imagination right? Cervantes is not like that at all. See, he has to personally feel the objects he uses. For example, Cev would need to look at a bat and feel a bat against his skin before he uses it. So if Cev really wanted to he could use a gun as a weapon from his aure BUT it would have to require him to be shot by one. Also no, if he has his aura around him he cannot use the objects, skin only.
Interesting way of handling things with the two main dudes killik almost sounds like comet durability wise are you planning on fleshing out the rest of the cast.
Sucks that cev cant make any overkill weapon since it requiers him to be hit by said overkill weapon

but what's the fun of having a hilariously broken f*** and yo family powerful character when everyone can be swatted aside easily
Hello guests, you sexy bastards you.

Anyway more updates:

Kasuka Honoka-

I'm not sure if I already stated this but Kasuka has a weakness to her chi output. If Kasuka breaks a limb or pinches a nerve then she cannot use her chi in that area. So if she has a broken arm then her output is lowered virtually 25%.

Vincent Vapores-

After debating on whether to use real bullets but hit the non vital areas or rubber bullets all around, I have decided to have him use both. Saves time and makes it more cool in my own opinion. Also Vincent does not have an unlimited supply of bullets, he needs to buy them from his local gun shop with a strict owner(old man). Basically it won't always be a rocket launcher or sniper bullet available each episode meaning he has to use his ammo wisely.

Moe Higashi-

What to add.... nothing so far, just changed his attire

Karyn Bakker-

Nothing but buffs.

Ok changed her backstory with a more reasonable explanation, gave her vampire strength because I realize that vampires are actually strong as shit. May give her a weapon but I can't really decide if I should. Also Karyn will be useless the first few episodes but with training on her air mobility she will become a lot better
Lets see

You already stated kasuka's weakness but never went into detail

I picture hilarious moments between Vincent and the gun store owner

Will Moe have a wrestling mask?

I bet Karyn is gonna be unaware of how physically strong she is and somebody in loose cannons is gonna be on the receiving end of it would be funny if it was moe