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Vincent Vapores

Age- 15 (Freshmen)
Weight- 150
Height- 6’3
Hair- Blonde
Eyes- Red
Race- Caucasian

Skills/Abilities- As far as powers go, Vincent doesn’t have any. Just a normal human who is a natural born crack shot with firearms of course. Along with Vince’s deadeye aim is also his ability to fix mechanical issues involving cars and other ground vehicles. He can also speak, write and read Japanese

Weapons: (You ready?) Two silver guns (will specify once the research is done), sniper rifle/shotgun/rocket launcher, grenades, flash bangs and a long wrench for a little close combat. Pistols contain rubber bullets.

Battle Attire- A gray trench coat that stops at his thighs which is normally closed except the zipper being opened for a quarter inch. However, if it’s really hot he will take off the trench coat to have on a black undershirt revealing his two silver holsters (one on his left shoulder and the other on the right side of his waist). Black fitted jeans with white patches on the knees

Biography- Vincent came into this world as nothing more than a normal male baby who was under the guardianship of his father; vigilante Mason Vapores. In the roughest part of Texas, United States Mason had a large bounty on his head for being leader of a resistance trying to take down the corrupt government. Mason was shortly running out of time cause the resistance was falling apart after his son, Vincent Vapores was born. Unfortunately, Vincent’s mom died while giving birth to him denting Mason’s mental state hard. On the day that the UTS (United Texas Syndicate) ambushed the resistance at their headquarters, it was a massacre. The result of the ambush was the death of Mason Vapores leaving the newborn Vincent an orphan. Barely escaping with her life, Mason’s sister Mary Vapores took Vincent from the carnage and hopped on the next ship which was heading for Japan.

As the (7) years passed, Vincent (or little Vince as his aunt likes to call him) tried greatly to adjust to their setting and slightly succeed with Vincent doing well in school and Mary becoming a police officer. Everything was simple and peaceful for the ex-resistance fighter and her nephew who had a love for fixing things until Donovan made his way into the duo’s lives. Mary was a hard police officer but Donovan was her superior who had a great interest in the rookie cop. At first, the two dated and the relationship was mutual. Eventually Mary had a child with Donovan named Chase. On the surface, it was a nice family yet something was definitely wrong; say, Donovan’s abusive and alcoholic nature. Mary couldn’t speak out on the abuse because it was a no winning situation for her; she would get discovered as a resistance fighter and have to be deported back to Texas along with the fact that she had to keep her job as a cop to support her two boys. Vincent had also seen a great deal of negativity throughout those three years and emotional bottled it down deep inside until one day he just burst.

Coming home from school on a particular rainy day, Vincent was not in the best of moods. He embarrassed himself in front of a ton of girls, had his lunch money taken and on top of everything had to go back home to see Donovan. Vincent on the other hand ran away from school during lunchtime back to his house. His aunt had the day off so maybe he could spend time with her instead of the mean children back at school. As Vincent opened the door to the apartment, he was met with the worst site in his youthful life; Donovan forcing himself on his beloved aunt. The sight was utterly sickening and all that negative emotion he had bottled down over the years came bursting out all at once. Donovan’s gun was placed in his holster on the table that was high enough for Vincent to reach. Setting his sights on Donovan with rage filled eyes, little Vince pulled the trigger ending Donovan’s life.

The trial was simple; his lawyer got young Vincent off with the claim of self-defense and was sentence to 30 hours of psychiatric therapy. Thankfully, even though Mary came to Japan and was resistance fighter, she had married Donovan, which had technically labeled her as a Japanese citizen resulting in no deportation. Vincent, however, was miserable and tired of the constant visit to the bland white office. He never understood why he was being punished for his actions; people of Donovan’s character should all disappear. Of course Vincent only told his aunt this information who in returned came up with a solution; early police training for Vincent teaching him the ins and outs for fighting for Justice. This training included using pistols that surprisingly Vincent excelled at, especially dual pistol shooting due to his natural ambidextrous nature. Vincent trained in other weapon fields as well yet he was severally lacking in the hand-to-hand combat field. Over time, Vincent and Mary both regained their lives with Mary eventually became chief of police in her district to battle the growing outbreak of gang violence. Vincent appeared as a normal student who would occasionally fight crime at night becoming a vigilante and catching the interest of Principal Ranji as well. Going to the new high school (which was random event) Vincent still fought crime on his own accord, maybe being part of a team isn’t such a bad idea.

Attitude- Can overly get along with him since he doesn’t really bother anybody. Can be silly at some times and can be serious at other times. Although he fights for justice, he is not that naïve in any way so he is a bit of a realist. Serious when he makes the appropriate shots, as a gunman should be yet cannot for the life of him talk to any girls that he does not know.

Like- Guns, videogames, anything that he can fix, his hair, the color red and black, his aunt and step brother, pizza, cigarettes.

Dislikes- Rapists, scumbags, alcoholics, judgmental people, talking to girls, the government, courthouses and hospitals.

Associated Supporting Characters- Mary Vapores, Chase (again going to change that) Vapores.

Liking Vincent?

Speaking of Kasuka, I'm changing her short-shorts to yoga pants.

Also I am going to change everyone's age to 15 except the new character that is coming out next.
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Oh you, and yes no cleavage. I think Kasuka can do without showing her large breasts to every man, woman and child within eye sight. I want to create a strong female appearance with her and No cleavage is the way to go.
Well, you don't have to have no cleavage to be a strong female character

I mean, look at Revy, Motoko/The Major from Ghost in the Shell and Faye Valentine of Cowboy Bebop

All have shown plenty of cleavage before and none of it takes away from their portrayals in their respective series

I do like the idea of a conservatively dressed female anime character, though, so I agree with you on no cleavage


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Right, I'm just saying Metal that if Kasuka had clevage or her clothes ripped every episode, it would be dumb as hell. Course they'll be clevage here and there cause hey, its anime


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Kilik's headshot from the side (please a lot of critique for my artwork)
View attachment 4140View attachment 4141 I wasn't sure which chin to go with

Hairline is usually about 45 degrees upward from the ear. Unless it's shaved off, he seems to be lacking sideburns. Although mouths off the side is pretty common in cartoons, it's not a habit I would recommend picking up at this point. The human jaw isn't mobile enough to move that far to the side of the head. In a profile view, the jaw has a slight bulge and the protrusion of the lips are visible.


The neck needs to b shifted back some. The vertebrae that makes up the neck should resting at the base of the skull.

View attachment 4274

Couple of things, the soul patch is referencing that Cervantes will have facial hair throughout the anime but in a manlier style. I just wanted to see what a soul patch would look like on his character.

His eyes are like that because he is using his powers, hence the aura coming out of his eyes.

The aura is not permanent but will burst out when he's either mad or just about to perform a complicated task which uses more of his strength

The nose will be worked on.

Also the right side of his face, something has to be done but I don't know what exactly.

Kasuka will be next :D

The jaw should taper slowly at the chin instead of slanting so sharply. Ears should not be not placed that high on the head. The top of the ears usually line up with the eyes and the bottom at the base of the nose.
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Yeah I got a question. Does Barry Manilow know that you raid his wardrobe?

Shira: Haha. The Breakfast Club.

Yung: I have no idea on how to give you advice on drawing. Draw what you think looks good for your character. For the girl I like boobs, so I'm voting for big boobs, but it's your character so enough said. :)
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