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Before I start let me claim that this is my original idea. Anyway:

Loose Cannons
Remember this is not a stereotypical anime. No clichés, all outside the box (Mental Note 1)


After the former trio of Loose Cannons were mysteriously murdered, American teenager Kilik Ninja is called to Japan to join a high school operation called the Loose Cannons; teenage vigilantes who thwart all sorts of crime within Japan. Alongside Kilik are five individuals with the necessary skill set able to rid Japan of such terrors. From common street thugs to high dollar organizations to demons and monsters Loose Cannons are ready to fire.

Characters (There are many characters, Heroes and Villains alike)​

Kilik Downing (Maybe I’ll change the last name Mental Note 2. Maybe the first name too)
Age: 15 (Freshmen in high school so far)
Weight- 149 lbs
Height- 5"4
Hair- Brown; A little spiky (gotta learn how to draw Mental Note 3)
Eyes- Brown
Race- Caucasian

Skills/Abilities- At an early age Kilik has learn almost every form of kick in a fighter’s arsenal thanks to his martial artist Grandfather. Kicks from taekwondo Do to karate and other martial arts. Super Speed. Also the youngest Grim Reaper since he was 12. Regeneration, larger wounds take longer to heal unless he forcefully regenerates which requires great deal of energy. Speaks fluent Spanish and very flexible that he can perform acrobatic faults.

Weapons: Scythe, a huge silver scythe with a black metal handle. Scythe also takes the form of a little boy with a long strand of black hair following outwards representing a scythe’s blade. Scythe is also able to adjust his weight on his master's command; can be the heavy like 10 tons or like as a feather. Not a conscience character by any means just a weapon for Kilik to use when the mission involves a Cannonball Approach.

Battle Attire- Black Hoodie with an angry skull on it, black tracksuit sweat pants, black and white Nike’s or sneakers.

Biography- Born in the United States, Kilik Downing was already special in terms of powers coming from a long line of super powered beings. Also, Kilik Downing is the sixth youngest member of his intermediate family. Mother, Father, Eldest daughter (1),older twin brothers (2), older brother (1), older sister (1), Kilik, little sister (1). Upon fierce training with his Grandfather, (Name still undecided but he has still deceased Mental Note 4) Kilik was trained at the young age of 4 to become a great martial artist and to use his abilities of super speed wisely.
Later on during his years from 9-12 he was a crime fighter alongside his older siblings fighting crime across the US even though the Ninja family stayed in Charlotte, North Carolina. However, tragedy struck when Kilik was 12 after he was killed in a bomb accident in a warehouse somewhere to save his older sibling Maxi. Having died an early death, Kilik’s story was far from over when current Grim Reaper, Ishral, greets him in Hell alongside Lucifer to discuss terms of him becoming the new Grim Reaper. Briefly thinking it over, Kilik agrees and dons the new identity of the Grim Reaper. Given all his materials, Scythe, and general description of his job (maintaining order of death and life on the living) he returns to being a living being while his funeral is in progress.

Given more time with his Grim Reaper attributes, Kilik Ninja becomes an unstoppable crime fighter in United States almost virtually ending major crime in the States. How will this young man favor in Japan’s new setting?

Attitude- Brash and straight to the point. Talks a lot of shit against criminals and opponents who are equally y but knows how to back it up. Shows respect to stronger opponents who give him a good fight. Likes to be a people person and can makes friends very easily if he wants. Rarely makes friends with villains, rather kills scumbags trying to take over the world.

Likes- Jokes, puns, Mexican food, videogames, babies, rap music, pissing off Kasuka, manga and anime, hanging out with friends.

Dislikes- gangsters, villains, politicians, projectile weapons, mercenaries, disrespectful little kids, explosions, diplomacy, being hugged by Moe .
Associated Supporting Characters- Scythe, Lucifer, Ishral, Tiffany(complicated), Mom and Pop.

Kilik's headshot from the side (please a lot of critique for my artwork)
Kilik Ninja 1.jpgKilik Ninja 2.jpg I wasn't sure which chin to go with

Cervantes Vasquez

Age: 15 (Freshmen in high school so far)
Weight- 152 lbs
Height- 5”6
Hair- White
Eyes- Purple
Race- Caucasian/Spanish decent

Skills/Abilities- Physical telekinesis that has a purple aura to it (Green lantern in a sense but without the ring and nice haircut). Makes his body glow purple when he uses it and can use it in multiple ways as long as its physical weapons (Nothing absurd like a Gatling gun shooting aura shoots). Can also use his aura to protect him as long as his mind is not mentally strained. Not a martial artist by any means (although his father is), just a super powered street fighter. Uses fierce punches, knees, any other sort of brutal street fighter tactic.

Weapons: Nothing but his body amplified with his purple energy to inflict more pain.

Battle Attire- An open school uniform’s jacket (Red outline and black ground) that has been design to look like a cannonball explosion on the front of the shirt and on the back says, “Loose Cannons, Open Fire!”

Biography- Also born in the United States Cervantes was Kilik’s neighborhood best friend. An only child with his mother Ivy and his father Joseph, Cervantes did not make quite as many friends during his childhood except one, Hanako Kasuka (female by the way). While manifesting his aura powers passed down the male side of his family (Natives of an alien race coming down to Earth to give Spanish Conquistador Francisco Vasquez his aura powers) Cervantes was always looking to control his power. With Kasuka there, Cervantes never actually concentrated on it much until Kasuka moved back to Japan with her mother, older sister and father devastating a young Cervantes.

Without his female best friend (and first love), Cervantes trained harder to use his powers fully. By the time Cervantes was in the 8th grade he had fully manifested his power (to his knowledge at least but that's why we have character development) but was still unhappy with the absence of Kasuka. Seeing his apparent sadness Cervantes mother decided to send Cervantes to Japan to complete the rest of his academic life and hopefully to find Kasuka even though Cervantes father’s health was failing at the time. Upon arrival in Tokyo, Japan, Cervantes adjusted to the Japanese fairly well within his first week.

While living his normal life as a middle school student, a train accident occurred that trapped most of the passengers on board in a subway station. Surely, the passengers would have died a fire death if it was not for Cervantes being a aura wielder to save the day. After saving the day, Principal Ranji of _________ (Name has not been decided yet Mental Note 5) recruited Cervantes to join Loose Cannons after the juniors (former members of LC soon to be dead) become seniors. Cervantes is reluctant to join until he sees Kasuka with Principal Ranji doing crowd control (already a member of LC as soon as she joins high school in the upcoming year). Commence romantic rekindling and Cervantes agrees to become a member of LC.

Attitude- A very good nature person who remains calm in the direst situations but gets severely angry when Kasuka is hurt and loses his head. Very mature for his age but might act very silly at times with his male teammates. Will not kill a villain unless necessary.

Likes- Kasuka, movies, helping people out, spanking Kasuka.

Dislikes- People who hurt Kasuka, sadistic people, evil in the general sense, puns, Kaiser

Associated Supporting Characters- Mom, Dad, and little sister Ami.
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Kasuka Hanako

Age: 15 (Freshmen in high school so far)
Weight- 143 lbs
Height- 5’'5
Hair- Purple (Pigtails)
Eyes- Purple (Wears glasses at school or not fighting)
Race- Asian/Japanese

Skills/Abilities- Kasuka has the ability to output her chi into large amounts making her move faster, jump higher all that good stuff: mind you she is still human. Her chi (which is purple) is also able to defend her body from harm if she is able to concentrate. Along with her large output of chi, Kasuka is well instructed in the martial arts of both karate and judo moves. Also a very smart girl who can use her brain to get out of dangerous situations or to solve something.

Weapons- her martial arts (karate) and her wits.

Battle Attire- A blue tight-fitted workout shirt: shirt shows her belly button and that is about it (No cleavage). Dark blue yoga pants with a white outline on the sides and barefoot with foot sleeves on. Also white bandages covering her hands and black pigtail ribbons in her hair

Biography- Kasuka was born in Japan but had to move to America with her mother, older sister, and father due to a political dispute when she was just a baby. Having come to America, her parents did not want their daughters to forget about their Japanese heritage so they taught rigorously taught them the ways of Japanese arts at their own homes. While her older sister took interest in the medical field, Kasuka took a very special interest in karate. Having seen her interest, Kasuka’s grandmother signed her up at a local karate dojo when Kasuka was at the age of four. Having a natural ability to fight, she excelled quickly at the top of her class as a karate fighter.

Having a keen interest in wrestling, Kasuka also wanted to participate in the sport as well but her father viewed it as too “Westernizing” to her Japanese culture so he enrolled Kasuka in the next best thing: judo. Quickly picking up judo as she did in karate, Kasuka quickly excelled in the martial arts setting like a second nature. One day, when she was eight, Kasuka was partnered up with a new recruit in judo exercising with a boy named Cervantes. Having no talent for the judo arts whatsoever it was easy to beat the new recruit. However, Cervantes showed great determination and competed with the young judo expert even though he didn’t make a scratch on Kasuka. Cervantes was amazed by Kasuka’s natural talent for martial arts whereas Kasuka was impressed by the young boy’s enormous will. Naturally, they became friends. During their friendship, Kasuka and Cervantes were inseparable. Kasuka liked this boy who had the will to never to give up and the ability to use strange powers such as flying and other nonsense. Although the pair was the best of friends, Kasuka’s father, however, silently did not improve of this Western boy fraternizing with his youngest daughter.

However, Kasuka had to leave America due to a diplomatic dispute in Japan that required her father’s full attention. Her father commanded that the Hanako family depart from the USA so that they would be together as a family. Leaving Cervantes (her only friend and first love) was a truly heart aching procedure on the young Kasuka but she dealt with it just as her father told her. In Japan, things were unsettlingly different to the peaceful US setting. Both karate and judo training were much stricter than Kasuka’s previous schools had ever been; also not to mention more hostile. Nevertheless, Kasuka being a tough individual, she prevailed in her training and eventually moved up to winning national tournaments around the time she was 11.

Principal Ranji, having been to another national tournament featuring the 3-time champion Kasuka Hanako, was personally pleased in Kasuka’s skills. He was even pleased enough to recruit Kasuka to a future career as being a part of the Loose Cannons program. Kasuka gladly accepted, claiming that the tournament scene was changing and wanted a fresh start in Japan. Instead of countless matches against martial arts opponents, she could do some good for her country by being a part of the Loose Cannons

Attitude- A positive person and a little strict to boot. Projects a big sister complex to about everyone she meets except Cervantes. In the face of enemy’s she is usually calm and in control (even outsmarts her opponents sometimes) of her emotions but gets outrageously mad at Kilik (see the dislikes)

Likes- Cervantes, cats, her teammates, her family, blue, martial arts, wrestling, steak

Dislikes- Her father’s stubbornness, losing to a degree, slackers, being called fat

Associated Supporting Characters- Mother, Father, Sister who is the school nurse, Grandmother who is 100 years old

Any questions?
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:/ I am confused cause I've never seen the breakfast club...

Anyway new entry Shira, whatcha think?


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Oh you, and yes no cleavage. I think Kasuka can do without showing her large breasts to every man, woman and child within eye sight. I want to create a strong female appearance with her and No cleavage is the way to go.


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Just got around to seeing this and needless to say im impressed and not bad for a start in drawingand I know im gonna be taking a liking to the characters' crazy chemistry in the future


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Byrd don't hold back on that critique of my artwork cause I'll need it, bad.

Next character is being worked on so three main characters left to go. Also I'll begin working on Cervantes headshot at some point this week


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Well the one major area that needs work is the chin it's not supposed to be slanted like that plus it needs to stick out some more from the neck


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Ah, well thank you cause I see it. I'll work on that and you can't tell but I f!cked up his nose so many times :laugh:


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photo (2).jpg

Couple of things, the soul patch is referencing that Cervantes will have facial hair throughout the anime but in a manlier style. I just wanted to see what a soul patch would look like on his character.

His eyes are like that because he is using his powers, hence the aura coming out of his eyes.

The aura is not permanent but will burst out when he's either mad or just about to perform a complicated task which uses more of his strength

The nose will be worked on.

Also the right side of his face, something has to be done but I don't know what exactly.

Kasuka will be next :D


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I've read all of this before and gave you my honest opinion on all of them, I really love each characters Bio and backstory. Dying and becoming the new Grim reaper was a badass backstory along with the other characters.

I can't really give my opinion on your drawing because I'm crap at it lol.