Loose Cannons

Well I can help you out reference wise

Some characters to look at that will help

SC3 killik

Tekken lee and hwaorang

ken masters

Tidus (hell you could just look at they entirety of final fantasy for reference

Note you dont have to research everyone who has they hairstyle you're targeting for Moe it's will also help if you look at other hairstyles to takes certain aspects you like and create something unique
I like Udon's Ken hair style the best. I well most definitely look into the others as well

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I drew this picture before I left college for my summer break this year so I was in a bit of a rush. Anyway I originally planned to have Karyn having a hairstyle similar to the Karin from the anime Karin the Chibi Vampire (look it up). But for some reason I like this hairstyle better, think I'll keep working on it.

Also I updates ALL of the main characters profiles from the earlier pages so if you got time and/or bored check it out.
Everyone is 15 except Moe who is 16 and the heights and weights are more "realistic". Also numerous grammatical mistakes have been fixed.

Also I finished the first episode so if you guests or gents passing through here would like to check it out then head over to the fanfiction thread.
14. Shipment Fiasco – A new product has hit the market in the country of Japan courtesy of Mother Mu Tong; Head Engineer of Imperial M&S’s mechanical division. Introducing the FAs-100 (Full Automated Servant) house/servant robots made to cater to basic human needs that are controlled by the advance A.I, Izabella. However, the FAS-100 robots are malfunctioning and turning against their owners with deadly assault. The Loose Cannons must go full throttle to stop the rampaging robots and shut down Izabella before the city of Tokyo (and many more locations) are overrun by machines.

15. Neo-Genesis - After preventing the potential robot rising, the LCs along with Principal Raj are left with unanswered questions. Where has Mother Mu Tong disappeared too and what are her plans? What was this “Neo-Genesis” that Izabella had mention before her destruction? Some detective work is to be done by both Kilik and Maya to figure out the connections of Mother Mu Tong. After investigating different companies involved with the mechanical division of Imperial M & S, an in-the-moment dying old CEO leaks the information to Kilik about the whereabouts of Mu Tong while Maya gathers info about the concept of a Genesis Pill. With the information gathered to track down and potentially cut off the mechanized weapons and armor for the Imperials, the LCs have a chance to cripple The Emperor and his army. However, Mother Mu Tong will not go down so easily without testing the Neo-Genesis pill herself.

16. The Professionals – The mechanic division of Imperial M & S has been defeated! This allows Kilik the perfect opportunity to interrogate the defeated Mu Tong on the general plans for The Emperor’s conquest. After receive the information (and more), Mu Tong breaks out of prison and is now on the run from her own boss The Emperor. In order for her to make it to safety in the comfort of her homeland, she hires mercenaries who just happen to be Kilik’s three older brothers Max, Yun and Luke along with their cyborg comrade [Name still pending]. However, Mu Tong warns the mercs of the difficulty of the job consider that The Emperor would send his two personal bodyguards to deal with a traitor/fugitive. He would send Jack and Ivan; The Professionals.

Okay here's three more episodes from the list along with their descriptions. I removed Avoiding Complete Dominance from the list considering that it had nothing to do with the story's value overall. Really it was just going to be how Cervantes, Kilik and Kasuka deal with the Yakuza but who gives a shit about them when you have the Imperials to worry about, amirite?

Here's the rest of the episode names in case you're too lazy to go back and check back a few pages:

17. Dating Privileges
18. Sketchpad
19. Scientific Discovery
20. Scientific Conclusions
21. The Hunters and the Weak
22. The Prey Battle Back
23. Disruption of the Food Chain
24. Ride into Battle
25. Revolution from the Oppression
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The Professionals introduces Kilik's brothers Max, Yun and Luke along with the cybrog who's name will probably start with a K. Anyway, these mercs are normally deployed by the US government to handle extremely dangerous covert missions on foreign grounds. In terms of mission success rate, it goes at 100%

Max and Yun are fraternal twins with Max being older by a whole minute. Max is also the leader and yields two katanas called Yin and Yang and has the power to teleport. Along with that, his grandfather has taught him multiple fighting styles yet Max's karate is absolute. He's cold, brooding, smart and deadly which is fit to be the leader of the small group of mercs.

Yun is broader and stronger than Max and overall has a better personality than Max. Yun can fight with a mixture of sambo and Muay Thai along with his power to control and liquid on the planet. He can also shape his body into liquid so he's practically invulnerable to hurt. In terms of power, Yun is the strongest in the group.

Luke is the middle brother of the family and is blind due to a crime boss ripping out his eyes when he was 14. Luke is the medic/chiropractor of the group capable of dealing with many injuries, poisons and other stuff. Luke also has the power to send flames from his body but needs a spotter to become fully optimal. In short, Luke mostly keeps to the sidelines of the missions and is only needed if the group is in a dire need of help. Personality wise, Luke is the kindest person of the bunch.

Last but not least is Cyborg K (temporary) who was manufactured by a company in the US to become the ultimate chameleon/stealth cyborg. A human male volunteered his life to become a prototype of that company's product and resulted into that very cyborg. K has human simulated "skin" but is completely metal on the inside. His "skin" is able to shift into any human feature and environmental surroundings on its own command. However, because it is a prototype and made for stealth, it is rather weak and not built for combat. That being said, K mostly helps Luke with spotting enemies and identifying injuries.


Karyn was suppose to be Max's love interest and vice versa. It was suppose to be this whole awkward romance spectrum but I changed it for something better to the story
I don't trust fanfiction.net plus I don't go to any other forums

so for know just my computer and this website
Why is fanfiction.net untrustworthy?
Because fan fiction.net is such a large site that anyone can steal someone's work without the proper paperwork.

Overall, its just a step if precaution really. Once I copyright it I'll share it for more critique
Because fan fiction.net is such a large site that anyone can steal someone's work without the proper paperwork.

Overall, its just a step if precaution really. Once I copyright it I'll share it for more critique

That is fantastic to read. Send me an email right after the copyright, please.
That is fantastic to read. Send me an email right after the copyright, please.
Glad you like it, once I get to that copyright so that I can post more.

Did you already read the story on this site's fan fiction thread?
The stories were good and intense, I've not read all but half of the first page, keep up the good work [MENTION=10945]YungQ94[/MENTION]. :)

Age – 3000 years old. Immortal

Weight - Depends

Height – 4’9

Hair – Black

Eyes – Green

Race – Actually forgot his own race but appears to be Caucasian with a light tan

Skills/Abilities – (Strap in because this is going to be a lot) Aside from turning into a moderate size scythe, Scythe has the ability to change his weight dependent on his partner/master’s, Kilik, vocal commands or rarely off his own will. The commands are split between the words, light, normal, heavy and human. Also to take note is the main difference between human and scythe form is that in scythe form Scythe cannot be picked up by anyone except his partner Kilik.

[In Human Form]
Light- Makes him light as a feather, able to move pretty fast and able to be picked up easier by anyone.
Heavy- Makes him slow as a turtle yet powerful like a train.
Normal – Resets any command to make him the weight of a ten year old boy.

[In Scythe Form]
Same principles except:
Light – Has the speed and power of a dagger. Used to disarm enemies, deflect fast projectiles or slightly wound them.
Heavy – Just makes him a bit harder to swing for Kilik [Like an axe] so he takes up a two handed sword style to support his weight; also able to cut through almost anything with a stationary swing.
Normal – Has the weight of a normal Scythe. Kilik wields Scythe in an unusual manner with him switching between styles on a snap. One minute he’s using a staff orientated fighting style then suddenly switches to a one handed short sword style.

With abilities out of the way, Scythe has an infinite abundance of skills that he has picked up in his long life span. A superb artist (even helped some of the most influential artists on the planet in the past) can draw anything and is optimal in almost every single art form on the planet, a talented musician and a part time philosopher

Weapon – Not a weapon at all but has a sketchbook he carries around for communication and linked with his memories. Has an insane writing speed and even predicts the answer a person is about to say making a pseudo-conversation with him actually enjoyable. Whenever mad he tends to write extremely long passages that take about 1 or two minutes to compose.

Battle attire – A black and silver short sleeve button up shirt with gray cargo pants along with black and green tennis shoes.

Biography- Mikael’s origin dates all the way back to 1430 B.C. in the Middle Eastern part of the world in the country of Israel. After Moses had freed the slaves in Egypt, they had taken to thriving in their new homeland with many of the former slaves becoming farmers. Mikael’s father, sister and mother lived in a fertile part of the country where they were all to farm and herd animals of the sort in peace. On Mikael’s tenth birthday (to which he was looking forward to), Mikael was finally able to go out into the field with his father to harvest wheat instead of peeling apples and sorting vegetables. The young boy was finally able to wield a scythe and conduct field work making him the happiest Israelite on the planet.

However, the next day, everything changed.

While Mikael was out with his new scythe tending to the field with his sister inside sorting the fruit, a wild dog had darted past his peripheral vison straight for the family’s small herd of sheep. The wild animal had already gotten a hold of one of the sheep viciously attacking it leaving the boy stunned on what to do next. Mikael had never fought before much less fighting an animal. He only knew two things at that time: he had a scythe in his hand and that he’s been swinging all day. The wild dog finally noticed Mikael after he was finished with the sheep and began circling the boy. Mikael did the same having some sort of unprecedented instinct on what to do in this situation. Finally, the two went at each other in a battle for life and death. The dog had done significant damage to the inexperience boy, yet Mikael proved the victor in a precise moment when the dog leapt into the air to attack and was struck in the heart with Mikael falling backwards. The boy had won and protected his home and family from potential danger.

Mikael headed toward his home in order to mend his wounds and tell his sister of his heroics. He had proved himself a man, surely his family would praise his actions. Walking into his home, however, he was met with the sight of his sister being attacked by an outlaw of the sort pushing the young girl down in attempts to choke her. Mikael hesitated for a moment’s notice and immediately recognized the same situation as the fight with the wild dog from earlier. Mikael rushed the bandit with full force and defended his sister by stabbing the several times in the back before the man fell over face down in his own blood. His sister was shocked at her younger brother pulling off such a violent act. Mikael on the other hand was conflicted with his actions overall. The wild dog was one thing, yet the man was completely different. It had gone against his parent’s teaches of taking a life, but was completely necessary to defend his home from two separate attacks.

Mikael regarded his sister’s reactions and saw that although she was in shock, she still locked at him with worry instead of fear. She hadn’t shunned him, meaning that he had ultimately done right. Mikael finally dropped his tension and began to walk to his sister to console her and to put this entire mess behind them. However, the bandit from earlier was very much alive as he reached out to cover Mikael’s mouth before he sliced his throat open with a pocket blade. Unfortunately, Mikael’s previous assault had hit no vital organs whatsoever allowing the outlaw to play dead and strike at a later time when Mikael had dropped his guard.

Mikael had failed. He dropped to the ground face first gasping for air as he instinctively reached for his scythe to protect his sister despite his injury. However, the bandit kicked the weapon from his grasp and raised his own blade ready to end the young boy’s life had it not been for his own sister to use a full forced charge to push the bandit a few feet back before getting in the way of Mikael’s injured body. The bandit quickly recovered and was prepared to strike down both siblings, yet was fortunately stopped with their father bursting into the house punching the outlaw hard across the face. While their father continued to beat the life out of the criminal, their mother rushed to Mikael’s side with his sister holding him begging her brother not to die. Mikael’s life was fading along with his vision. The last thing he saw was his sister’s face filled with joy that he was able to protect his family. Glad that his actions were ultimately good. For a ten year old boy in his position, it was enough.

How Mikael got to the dark voided space was beyond him. What he did know was that two figures were currently talking with him being in the middle. The figure to his left was a formless being with red glowing pupils and a deep voice while the figure to his right was a man glowed an intense white light donning a soothing voice in contrast to the other figure. It did not take long before the conclusion of the conversation end with him being given an option. Either ascend to heaven with the gatekeeper or remain on Earth and become an instrument for life’s natural order. All things were to die and live, the formless figure said. However, it was up to the instruments and their wielders to maintain who lived and who died in an orderly manner said the gatekeeper.

Both options were difficult, yet Mikael choose the option of life. He had died too early and wanted to see more of the world. He wanted to continue farming and eventually get better at it just like his father. Ultimately, Mikael wanted to see his sister. The glowing man nodded and left the formless figure with the boy to discuss his new contract. Despite having committing a sin against the testaments of man, the formless figure still considered the boy a child of God as all instruments, or weapons, were called. After God had claimed the lives of the first born children of Egypt, both heaven and hell made an agreement to keep the children as weapons for the personification of death himself to maintain the balance between life and death. There would be countless wielders that would take on the form of death meaning it was the children’s job to choose a suitable form as a weapon. Mikael went with the form of his most reliable and trust instrument: a scythe.

The contract was almost complete and Mikael was to be immortal to serve his sentence among the living. The figure revealed himself to be Lucifer and that the boy was now to report to him when he was called upon whenever a new Death was appointed. With the contract sealed with a drop of Mikael’s blood and a large tattoo on his back, he then returned to the living in the same place he had died: right into his sister’s arms. The family believed it to be a miracle and shout their praises along with Mikael; however, Mikael could not shout due to his throat still being cut open. He had come back to life, but he had arrived without his wound healing meaning he was forever without a voice. Overall, the price was small for the boy considered that his reward was still his family.
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A brief summary of Mikael’s life after his return to the living. 40 years had passed resulting in the boy in a confusing manner of still staying the same height and same complexion as he was when he was ten, yet had an enormous beard while still being considered a 50 year old man. His parents had long passed away while his sister had gotten married and had three children to her care. He had gotten by with his life by being able to draw hieroglyphics very well on sheep skin that he lugged around as a form of paper. Mikael was considered the best farmer of his region and enjoyed his job, but found himself wanting more than just crops. The event 40 years ago resulting in his return to life began to raise some questions within Mikael’s mind. Between life and death, what was the true reason for many people living their lives? Why did they work, murder, procreate, lie or fight against their fate as he had seen in his years as a farmer. There was more to be seen and heard of meaning that he couldn’t sit still any longer. Kissing his sister, nephews and nieces goodbye, Mikael traveled further east to find new ways to live life.

Over his lengthy travel he had encounter many experiences and extraordinary people. Mikael learned much from the Greeks and other surrounding cultures including philosophy from Socrates himself, grew a dislike towards cats when he went back to Egypt, had an attraction towards Cleopatra when he got to draw her since she liked his art style and even got to meet Jesus over dinner one time. His first assignment as a weapon to death didn’t come until a rather calm induvial from Britain during King Arthur’s rule in the 5th century. The two had maintain order until King Arthur had passed away resulting in Mikael to be free to drift once again. However, on a voyage to some country in the 7th century, his ship crash and Mikael was lost at sea for 600 years along with his crew members. Fortunately, the immortal boy was found near the coast of the Republic of Venice and was unharmed but had forgotten his name. Thankfully, the tattoo on his back had somehow translated to the word Scythe meaning that he would take that name as his own.

During the time period of 1300 – 1700, Scythe lived his life as an artist and musician during the highly acclaimed Renaissance period. He was able to meet creative minds and experience wonderful moments before moving to England around the 19th century where he had meet his wife who was running from a group of bandits that had considered her a witch. The two had lived happily together resulting into having two sons with the woman later on. Unfortunately, due to his immortality, he had outlived both his wife and older son who had both grown old and died. Unable to see his younger son and his family die of old age, Scythe left with his goodbyes and drifted towards Germany while leaving there before and after WWI. It wasn’t until during WWII that he hopped on a ship back to America and lived out the rest of his life as a freelance artist until the next Death was appointed in the year 2026.

The new Death was perhaps the youngest boy Scythe had ever seen during his time on Earth. The boy looked at all of the weapons and heard their descriptions, yet was intently staring at Scythe with infinite curiosity. The boy finally told Lucifer on which weapon he would pick which was Scythe after all. When asked why he picked that one, the boy responded, “Cause I always wanted a little brother.”

Scythe mouthed his laughter at the statement and found himself happy that a boy such as himself considered him as an option after so long. If anything, the boy himself reminded him of his younger son back in England: young and full of potential. Scythe introduced himself via notebook and asked for the young boys name in return. The boy said, “My name is Kilik and I’m new to this whole death business. I’ll be looking forward to learn from you, partner.”

Attitude – Very upbeat and cheerful. Mature when it calls for it but overall silly and loves to try anything that interests him.

Likes- Anything except cats.
Dislikes – Racism, prejudice induvial and unstable boats.

Associates - Kilik

Alright a couple of things:

This is the last bio I will share meaning that all of the main characters bio's are finished. Clearly I haven't posted in two years so I'll have to get up to date on posting more stuff like updated portraits of the characters and such.

I'll need to update the story's description as well and rewrite some parts of episode 1 because I have found a more concrete way of establishing the setting within my world.

Also Mikael in Hebrew means a Gift from God so you know I'm stroking that symbolism to the max.

If you guys got any questions feel free to ask.