Loose Cannons

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Notes about this picture:

I was originally going to give Cevrvantes shoulder width hair but I thought it would look more like Kilik so I ultimately went with short hair.
I gotta say though, I like this look. Makes him look like a straight forward guy but also like a leader. While drawing it I thought he look like he adult Gohan but when I finished I thought he looked like an older Danny Phantom :lol:. Overall I like this look much better than earlier Cev.


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This was drawn during Music Appriecation class lol. This is what I imagined what my promo would be like had I ever actually gotten this far. Of course this ain't their final draft but its what I got so far. Also the cast here are wearing their battle attire which I included in the neck/shoulder area. From left to right its Moe, Vincent, Kasuka, Cervantes, Kilik and Karyn.

A couple things as well: Moe and Karyn need some work. Scratch that, a lot of work. I can't decide on their hairstyles at the moment so I'll continue to work on it. Also I got an opinion from a friend of mine and I agreed that I needed to have a set style for the eyes. I was thinking that male characters would have the same type of eyes as Kilik or Vincent with one light in the pulp while females had a different type of eye and two lights in the pulp (see Kasuka's eye for an example). I don't know I'll keep drawing and trying to improve on a more cuter Karyn and a much better Moe.

Please any critque whatsoever is fine
If this is then.art style your wanna go with cool beans but your should try to at least invest in copy paper instead of using your notebook set eye styles is a good idea other thank that its nice to see your main cast together at last your should try and study then human anotomy so your can get some badass poses up this shindig be warned causes this happens to alot artist including me your art style may change and your not know it's but everyone else will and one more thing

Can I draw trey in a picture with killik please
Copy paper and studying of the human anatomy; sounds like a good idea then.
I appreciate the advice as always.

You may draw them indeed good sir. If you need Kilik's battle attire it is in the story just before they go meet Raj and Jessie
Nothing too important. Just figured out how to end certain episodes or the content for the episode itself.
Its rather funny how I have my whole series planned out lol.
Your telling me not only do I have my whole series planned out then same can be said about mk vs sf even though I kinda spoiled that
You fool you.

Dude help me out with Moe's hair style. I want it to be shoulder width but a short of wild style but wild enough to make him still seem sexy. (no homo)
Also do you have any running gags in your series?
Quite a few actually

Comet sporting random injuries and not even noticing

trey's unhealthy addiction to cheesecake

kiyomi creating an alternate persona which is a ditzy klutz

Akemi trying to adjust to slayer life while not hunting ferals for example she finds out super strength is a norm among slayers when she tries to lift a 450 ibs hunk of metal that is raily's blade the surge edge

Referenes to fighting games

Wit getting busted unintentionally by any male characters when her is perving out on some the girls and getting torn limb by limb while then guys are completely oblivious to the fact jolt is then only exception to this gag

May also share some tracks I found for hybrid odyssey later
You're going to have to re-word that Wit gag because I didn't understand a word of it.

My running gags are:

Vincent and his fear of girls

Kasuka and her hidden love of steak

Cervantes and his hatred for puns

Kilik throwing Scythe (in human form).

Moe and Kilik's war on Boobs vs Booty.

Cervantes spanking Kasuka

and last but not least Kasuka punching Kilik in the liver.
Ok here

None of then male characters with then exception of jolt are aware of then fact that wit is perverted yet ironically they are then ones who contantly blow wit's cover indirectly when her is watching then girls undress which results in wit getting torn apart by then girls literally even though her can almost intantly grow limbs and even organs back.

Also wit suffers "ink bleeds" as opposed to nose bleeds and I do have a funny one episode gag where jolt introduces wit to fur affinity and deviantart.
That second idea is godlike :rofl:

Jolt: Behold the internet's wiles of furry art!!
Wit: This, this sort of place exists?
Jolt: Yes Wit.
Wit: *Shaking uncontrollably in front of the laptop* I... I need you to leave the room Jolt.
Jolt: I understand. *Leaves*
Wit: I'VE FOUND PARADISE!! *Stream of black ink hits the hallway wall after Jolt turns the corner*
In order to keep her true identity of being a ninja a secret she essentially pulls of a clark kent by having a secret identity as a nerdy unappealing girl to to everyone but her guild but in her true identity towards strangers she is very evasive and cold rarely talking if at all also she never fights ferals directly thanks to some words of wisdom from lalo she only fights if she has to as opposed to then popular trend ninjas going gung how on hoes she will work like an actually ninja sabotaging then enemies plans helping her allies out not even her freinds will talk to her on missions which means most if not all ferals are gonna be aware of her presence beliving any disadvantage she puts them in is badly dealt shit hand of luck
That is a rather interesting concept. You basically set her up as the engineer/spy of the guy. That's both unique and new in my eyes man.

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I'll check it out tomorrow. Need sleep for this Calcus class. When are you going to post a picture of Trey and Kilik anyway

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That's fantastic. Can't wait to see it.

Now help me with Moe's hairstyle

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