Loose Cannons

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You already stated kasuka's weakness but never went into detail

I picture hilarious moments between Vincent and the gun store owner

Will Moe have a wrestling mask?

I bet Karyn is gonna be unaware of how physically strong she is and somebody in loose cannons is gonna be on the receiving end of it would be funny if it was moe

Moe will not have a wrestling mask.

That last part is exactly what I'm aiming for lol. She is not unaware but she tends to forget sometimes
Ohhhh joy somebody is going to get hurt and some valuable stuff is going to get broken

The wait is killing me but I must stay strong and patient
If there was some way I could scan my written stuff and edit it on my laptop it would make shit soooooooooooooooo much more easier
By jove I've found out the powers of my first season villain.
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Damn you yung you had me thinking there was a big update

Now excuse me as I go weep in the corner like whining little bish that has been dealt a shit hand for his entire life cause shit just ain't fair like that
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So uh, Season One Episodes 1 - 7.
Just summaries and such. As far as writing goes I am thinking in advance rather than actually writing shit down meaning I'll do more writing during my spare time. Plan for the year? Finish Episode 1 - 4.

1. New Beginnings – On the first day of the job, the team is asked to take down an Imperial crime boss and to put a stop to his drug shipping trade. Along the way, the team meet a childhood friend of Kasuka’s who is working for the enemy.

2. New Beginnings Part 2 Resuming in the middle of the battle in the warehouse and on the streets of Japan, the newly formed Loose Cannons team faces off against the two durable Imperials grunts. However, the conflict later moves to the grunt's own Imperial boss. A closing to the Loose Cannons first mission: will they succeed?

3. Renegade – After obtaining the help of Moe Higashi, the LCs are building its reputation of stopping different sorts of crime throughout Tokyo. However, a vigilante by the name of Renegade has already been in the spot light of stopping the Imperials before the new team had already formed. Also on Renegade's trail (besides the police and Imperial scouts) is Fuijisaki's ace reporter Mari Hopkins who is looking for a news story worthy to write about. The hero of the night comes strapped with a sniper rifle, two pistols and a grappling hook gun. Is Renegade friend or foe? Is he/she willing to join the Loose Cannons?

4. Late Night Shift – During the day and early evening, common thugs cause trouble and mischief allowing the newly six member LCs team to stop them. However, one crime boss and his gang only operate at the late hours of the night moving machinery and illegal drugs across the country. The solution to stop the nightly push in illegal crime activity is to have a night patrol in which Kilik volunteers himself to take up the task. Things get more interesting when a bored Kasuka and insomniac Vincent Vapores decides to tag along in the late night shift.

5. Chubu's Amazons Lost and Found – The team's growing synergy is looking to become an unstoppable force! That is until a masked girl with a cybernetic right arm and right leg effortless beats them during a diamond robbery. Everyone’s morale (especially the males) is down in the dumps until an all-female group of vigilantes (complete with costumes and masks) from Chubu come into the fray. To retrieve their own team member, the Amazons and Loose Cannons team up for the first time! A chaotic tag team complete with a snake enthused Imperial master thief, mind control minions and an old tournament rival.

6. Rift – What does it take to separate a promising friendship between Kilik Downing and Kasuka Honoka? A shirt lift in front of some unknown thugs (Ba Dum Tss). After an embarrassing moment and some serious slugging out done on Kasuka’s part, the two can’t seem to get along at all. Things go from bad from worse when the relationship of the two can’t even fight along each other without hurling insults and fists! Can Cervantes get the two team members on friendlier terms during a big mission?

7. Value – Considered the medic for the Loose Cannons, Karyn is vital to the LCs health. However, she has never ventured out with the team until now. After Moe receives a near fatal stab out in the field, Principal Raj decides to have Karyn be hand onsduring missions. Only one problem, our little vampire doesn’t have any experience! It takes a team to raise a Loose Cannon (or so to speak). Can Karyn be a useful aspect to the Loose Cannons?
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Well that's good to see you're still hyped :D

Hope you're still writing your stuff down on notepads and such
Of course now I could ask whether or not you want to know synopsis on my episodes but instead I'll share them in anyways in a minute
Next set of episodes

8. The Hard Work that Shows – Cervantes is the leader of the Loose Cannons yet is extremely weak to the team in one department: technique. After continuously getting his ass kicked my martial art based thugs Cervantes searches for a style suitable for him. Of course without the natural talent Cervantes is slightly S.O.L on learning a new fighting style. All hope seems lost until a gym downtown seems to hold boxing lessons one day.

9. Tohoku’s Discipline Lessons – After Chubu the masked vilgantes were over and done with. WRONG!! Enter Tohoku’s regional heroes who are here to save Japan! Only the Loose Cannons are here for the same thing... After a brief clash of interests, Kilik and the Loose Cannons decide to let the new kids have some fun thus allowing the LC’s some much needed R & R. Can Tohoku handle themselves? Spoiler alert, of course not.

10. A Miniature Loose Cannon – Someone left a baby with Cervantes and Kilik. Cervantes is worried but the fearless Kilik is absolutely ecstatic. All seems well as the cheerful infant quickly makes an impact on the Loose Cannons lives until the mother of the child returns. As it turns out, a samurai influenced thug is obsessed with creating the perfect samurai for, “The Emperor.” There is no way in hell the Loose Cannons or the mother will be able to give up the baby so easily.

11. LC Bounty – Can anyone put a stop to the red hot Loose Cannons? What about some bounty hunters? No, no, no. What about ALL of the bounty hunters? All of Japan’s notorious bounty hunters are all gunning for the Loose Cannons for the whopping money award of 100 million dollars alive; 500 million dead. The hunt for our dear heroes is on, someone really wants them dead.

12. The One Who Stole his Heart and More – Moe did not believe that it was possible for him to fall in love. That theory was proven wrong when a fiery red headed woman entered the restaurant his old man and himself worked at. He was smitten at first sight and so was the woman. The relationship was a great turnout for the big man until he discovers that his red headed vixen is on the opposite sides of the law. Moe must decide whether to continue his relationship with a well-known jewel thief, or play the hero.

13. One Against All – Ordinary citizens are performing heinous crimes such as bank robbery or murder. Why would regular citizens pull off such devious criminal activities? All leads seem to point to the “magician” Hugo, a clinic doctor and part time scientist at Imperial M & S. The Loose Cannons easily put away Hugo who surrenders all too easily at first. The next day, Cervantes breaks Hugo out of prison. Soon enough, the whole team is performing bank robberies across the nation. However, the only one who is not committing theft is Kilik. Something’s up and it’s up to Kilik to stop his fellow teammates all by himself.

Also here is just the names for the next six episodes.

14. The Growth of an Empire
15. Shipment Fiasco
16. Dating Privileges
17. The Professionals
18. Sketchpad

Names may change but general synopsis will not
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Here's the situation people:

A couple of months back I past by this poster and the meaning of colors. Now most of them fit all of my main characters dead on but two colors caught my attention:



This is when I began questioning my stuff. You see Kasuka has blue chi and Cervantes has purple aura. My question is should I switch their colors to give them more meaning like the poster says? Or do I keep the colors?