Loose Cannons

The part where you mean the cliche in where a character the main character knows becomes evil "all of a sudden"

That makes me think that the main villain was either already evil from the start and just playing the hero/Kilik for a fool, or at least he was already well on his way to becoming evil when Kilik knew him and didn't become evil as a result of a tragedy that traumatized him

Or something

I dunno
Metal you're something right in my eyes.

So! The finally main character will be revealed sometime this week
Hey thread, Imma update ya with the last main character bio

Karyn Bakker

Age: 15
Weight- 135 lbs
Height- 5”3
Hair: Red (Short hair)
Eyes: Dark Purple
Race: (Netherlands) Vampire

Skills/Abilities- Well, Karyn has the ability to heal virtually any wound on the human/vampire body simply by biting their neck and giving her blood to the injured person. However, since its using her blood then she runs the risk of giving too much and pass out or die. Has the ability to sprout large red bat wings and fly. Also has a rare defect in her body allowing her not to strongly hunger human being’s blood like normal vampires; however, the hunger comes ten times once every four years (she still has to feed but she prefers food). Other skills include baking, cooking and sewing. Also has vampire strength and at maximum can lift up a car no problem.

Weapons- If you count her fangs then yes, Karyn has fangs.

Battle Attire: A short white evening gown that stops at the thighs with a circle on the chest with loose detached sleeves (easy access for the wings to open/close appear from the shoulders) with a red shirt underneath. White knee highs red spandex suit to cover her thighs and red shoes to match. On the back of the white dress top is a red plus symbol.

Biography- Karyn is the eldest daughter of a Dutch vampire family located somewhere in the mountains of Japan to hide themselves from a world-class elite vampire hunter since the dawn of vampires. Out of fear, the Bakker family sent Karyn to civilization so that the family would not be all taken out at once. Rumors were spoken that the elite vampire hunter, Dmitri, was advancing towards the West after clearing out Europe looking for new prey to find. Since the age of 11 or so Karyn Bakker was all alone in Tokyo Japan waiting in fear for both her life and her family.

To survive the land vampires have always been diagnosed into two categories: Medischs (Medic) and Stakers (Strikers). Females were mostly Medischs so it would be natural that Karyn would be one. This gave her situation a slightly difficult take which lead to one option. Karyn would have to live amongst the humans, what was now prey for her vampire kind were to be her allies. It wasn’t that difficult per say because Karyn like the outside world unlike her family members. Blending in was essential and without any hassle. Karyn was she as a very likeable person yet no one knew her secret.

That is until her birthday. Nighttime had already fallen and yet the newly twelve-year-old Karyn Bakker had been wandering the streets blinded by The Hunkering. The urge had been bottled down all day and she tried to lock her apartment door yet she somehow escaped as the hunger took over. The Hunkering transformed (not physically like bulking muscles) Karyn from Medisch into a Staker. Stakers were known for their immense hunger so the same vampire instincts applied to Karyn. Once Karyn saw her first victim, the feasting had begun. 45 minutes or so The Hunkering had drained a mere 30 humans. Karyn was on her thirty-first human sucking his blood when three individuals confronted her. Of course being naturally greedy due to her hunger, Karyn attacked yet was taken down immediately with a single blow. As the young Karyn blacked out from the blow, she caught a glimpse at the gloved hand that struck her: it read the initials LC.

Karyn had woken up within a hospital strapped to a bed and confused. Normally she would have been restrained in father’s coffin back at home yet here she was strapped to a bed. To answer her pondering, a large man stepped into her hospital room an introduced himself as Principal Ranji of Fujisaki High School. Deliberately Principal Ranji stated he knew that Karyn was a vampire and that he had sent his team, the (original) Loose Cannons, to stop her rampage. Instead of commending Karyn for her actions, Principal Ranji was actually rather interested in the young girl. After Karyn's assault, Principal Raj had noticed the two small holes on each person's neck. Deducing the attacker to be a vampire, Raj did research and found Karyn.

Shortly after, Karyn was unstrapped by Raj because he himself for he wanted Karyn to heal the people she drained. Guilt ridden, Karyn agreed and decided to show Raj her ability. Sure enough, all 31 victims were restored to their full health. Principal Raj was beyond amazed, such medicine was not created to administer such effects which perked the interests for the Principal even further. So an offer was made; join Loose Cannons or return to hiding. The choice was obvious for the young, lonely Karyn.

Karyn’s inclusion into the Loose Cannons program was benefit to the groups cause. All wounds inflicted during patrol or missions were instantly cured. Also Karyn was the most esteemed chef ever at such a young age. She was dearly loved by the three Loose Cannon fighters and the feeling was mutual. Finally, Karyn was able to rid her lonely status and be involved in something worthwhile. Maybe she could ask them to defeat the vampire hunter so that her kind was not able to fear anything any longer. However, Karyn was not able to ask for any request when the original Loose Cannons were murdered. Her friends gone and deeply heartbroken Karyn was at a lost. After the funeral for the fallen heroes, Principal Ranji asked Karyn to stay for he was still continuing with the Loose Cannons. Maybe the new Loose Cannons will be able to help her to replace her loneliness. She was also hoping that her Hunkering would be stopped by her new teammates as well for her birthday was coming up within a few months.

Attitude- A very kind soul and very understanding too. Rarely performs bad deeds and always quick to help. Does not prefer to use violence yet she can understand why. Ironically enough she is pure for a vampire.

Likes- Cooking, sewing, baking, knitting, flying during nights, anyone’s company, a good conversation, going to churches

Dislikes- Cursing, violence, blood, skimpy outfits, being pressured, arguing, perverted things.

Associated Characters- Mom, Dad, Vampires from her country
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Do you mean Kasuka's bio? I already did that player dog. Or do you mean the drawing?

Also thank you for reading Metal you cool kid :)
Major Weaknesses

This topic was brought up thankfully by Critical_Limit so let’s exploit some weaknesses.

Kilik- Entering churches makes him weak. Slows down regeneration and essentially “dying” in a church could result in Kilik being “dead” forever. Religious objects such as holy water or crosses have a burning effect on Kilik as well.

Stepping away from the grim reaper stuff, an opponent with long range physical attacks can make it slightly difficult for Kilik if he does not have Scythe. Whips, maces, tasers maybe.

Cervantes- Cervantes power relies on focus and control so obviously his main weakness would be intense sound waves and or intense flashes (flash bangs, seizure inducing colors at a close range, etc)

Kasuka- Disrupting of her chi is her main weakness. Injury to the arms or knees can disrupt it making her weak. So breaking an arm is not an option to her.

Vincent- Not being able to see his opponent or a fast moving opponent. Restraining of the arms make it tough as well

Moe- Flying opponents fighting Moe while in the air. His grappling moves (main arsenal) can’t really damage anyone if he’s in high places.

Karyn- Umm anything really. Vampire method’s of taken a real vampire out will not work (onions, sunlight, water). She’s kinda sorta human.


I’ve had this idea ever since I played Soul Cailbur on the Dreamcast at my cousin’s house. What if my favorite characters interacted with each other? What if they were kids saving the world from Inferno, the game’s final boss? Of course I did not know it was called fanfiction at the time, my imagination went wild. I started to think about Maxi, Kilik, and other characters being related into one big family. The fighting crime part mainly came from the television I watched as a kid with team based action cartoons/anime. Things such as Teen Titans, Dragonball Z or even Justice League all helped with forming my idea.

At some point during middle school however, I realized that I couldn’t simply use the characters since they were owned by Namco yet I still had my idea. Eventually it started to fade as I grew up but something re-interest me; watching anime. I’m not really sure when Naruto came on but when I started watching it I did like it at first. The characters, back-story and action was hype! Thankfully, for the internet, I was able to find more anime like Ikki Tousen. Ironically, at the time, I liked the anime for its fighting and story (and tits) yet these animes were starting to follow a pattern: The main character wanted to become the strongest. Of course his/her friends/allies would help with their dream yet it was kinda, annoying. Not saying bad just it was the same. This was not the same for other animes of course which is why main reason why I dove into different genres.

Now I always loved team based cartoons and I still do. Teen Titans, Justice League, Power Rangers, Xiaolan Showdown, hell even Kappa Mikey. However, the anime that may have set the stepping stone for me was Soul Eater. Wow, this anime was different! No main character wanting to become the strongest but an actual anime where they fought crime and worked with each. It was like Teen Titans to me in a sense. This anime was not the stepping-stone to want me to create this anime. The anime that truly motivated me was Gurren Lagann. Sure, the team that was formed to fight the bad guys were not related but their main goal brought them and people around them as a family. I wanted an anime that had that same charisma as Gurren Lagann. An anime where the main characters are cared about and the story interesting fans till the end to see their goal through. Yeah, an anime where it is loved for its everything, that was my dream.
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Loose Cannons Episode 1 - A Fresh Breath

The warehouse ablaze with intense flames was hot enough for anything from a distance to feel it’s intense heat. Any sane person would not dare to approach such a hazard yet from above in the hovering aircraft there stood two brothers arguing on a complex issue.

"Where is Max!?" Yun shouted towards Kilik.

"He’s in the warehouse! He said to leave without him!"

"Max will not have enough time to get out of there alive. He's crazy!"

Yun was right of course yet words would do nothing for this situation. Leave Max to his death or… A decision was made in Kilik’s eyes. "Must be a family thing cause so am I." Kilik said before he threw himself off the hovering aircraft much to his brother's pleads and shouts.

The pilot for their get a way shouted to Yun, "I gotta get out of here before this place blows! Not to mention your brother here could bleed out any second now!"

"Just hold on for a minute damnit! You wait until both of my brothers come back on this ship." Yun said as he glanced to his other sibling Luke with his unconscious demeanor and bandage covered eyes. ‘Both of you make it back in one piece damnit.’

Into the flaming warehouse Kilik free fall into a landing was tricky. Somehow he was able to put a hole big enough for him to slip through with the remaining energy in his body.
Kilik looked up to view his older brother Max slicing the arm off of the pyromaniac Inferno with his dual samurai swords Yin and Yang and then finishing the enemy with a twin decapitation slice.

Max heard the crash, of course, behind him and turned to see Kilik approaching him barely walking. "Kilik what's your problem!? Get back on the plane and le-"

Before Max uttered the word leave, Kilik sprung forward and punched Max with a fierce right. Not giving Max the chance to recover, Kilik grabbed his brother's combat vest, threw him in the air with the energy he could muster and performed a launching kick to his older brother's chest sending him flying through the hole he had made upon his arrival. 'Two for two. I think my aim is getting better, heh heh...'

On the outside, Max was near the plane as Yun reached out and grabbed his vest from behind pulling him into the plane.

"We have to go back! Kilik's still down there damnit!"

"What!? But-"

Both brothers scrambled to the aircraft's opening to look for any sign of their younger sibling. Both Max and Yun finally laid eyes on their brother's face through the smoke and he was... smiling.

'Being so young and to die is really a shame, I'm suppose to believe that I'm invincible; untouchable even. But in the end I die like any normal person, hilarious really. After all I've done, the good and slight mistakes within my life that I made and I go out like this? Hahahaha, how hilarious.

Maybe... Maybe this is how heroes are supposed to die. Knowing that it’s the end, that they had a good run. Knowing that you can die with a smile on your face because you have earned it.

Before the white flash and heat of the explosion engulfed Kilik's form, he heard his name shouted from above by his brothers. At least the ones who loved him would miss him. Max would be his proof that he died doing one last act of heroism.

However, after the explosion, Kilik was able to hear his name called by something, no, someone else. Someone he had no idea about, until he opened his eyes.

That was the starting point of a completely new path for the recently young appointed Grim Reaper.


Things may change and such but for now what do you bros think?
The official story will most likely be in Script format
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"I guess it runs in the family because so do I"

Haha that was a badass one-liner, anyway, I really enjoyed the dialogue and character interactions. The actual story is good, too. Keep up the good work, champ