Loose Cannons


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Presenting the big main character of the series!

Moe Higashi (Freshman)

Age: 16
Weight: 202 lbs
Height: 6’’8
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Race: Asian/Japanese

Skills/Abilities: Given his muscular structure, Moe is damn strong for a human. Hell, he is strong enough to lift a car thanks to hauling huge nets of fish every day. With that being said, Moe has no idea how to hold back his strength which is good against villains but bad for his teammates. Speaking of fish, Moe and his father are esteemed fishermen in Toyko so Moe practically knows every fish in the sea and can negotiate like no one’s business. Moe is also street smart (not book smart) so he can get himself out of trouble just by talking. Also he is smooth with the ladies, really smooth.

Weapons: Uses his fists but the use of environment is one of his main tools along with a plethora of wrestling moves (Elbow drops, clotheslines, giant swings, etc)

Battle Attire: Shirtless, A red tie(despite having no shirt on), black gloves and black pants.

Biography: Moe Higashi was around the age of four when he reeled in his first fish from the shores of Osaka, Japan. The pride of catching a huge fish with his fisherman father and middle school teacher mother was enough to spark his love for becoming a fisherman. Moe desperately wanted to become a great fishermen just like his father that he spent most of his time with his father learning about the fishing process. Although fishermen work was physically demanding, Moe kept up with his fisherman work till the day his mother got unfortunately ill. Due to a long line of cancer on his mother’s side, Moe lost his mother around the age of seven. The impact of Moe’s mother’s destroyed Moe’s father completely that it drove him to stop working completely and halted Moe’s dream of becoming a great fisherman.

Having lost his business in Osaka, Moe and his father had to move to Tokyo, Japan where things went bad to worse for 8-year old Moe Higashi. Having spent a year doing no kind of fishermen work and his father heavily drinking, Moe had gain a humongous amount of weight. Well that maybe not have been a problem in Osaka, Tokyo proved different for the children teased Moe constantly for being a “fat country bumpkin”. With no inspiration of the sort, Moe was all but ready to give up until he befriended the kind girl in hhis math class, Hanako Kasuka. Kasuka lessened the pain that Moe had to go through yet he still needed inspiration to stay in school. Kasuka suggestion taking a form of martial art such as judo because of the throws you could perform on opponents. Moe, having nothing else to lose, headed to the judo club after school to join yet was sidetrack with the wrestling team practicing in the gym. Having a surge of curiosity, Moe walked into the gym and fell in love with his new hobby; wrestling. Wrestling was an enjoyable sport for Moe that resembled the demanding physical labor he once yearned for. Over the span of two years in the wrestling club, Moe had slimed down to a prime wrestler.

However, joining the wrestling team did not come cheap; the eleven-year old Moe needed at least 200 dollars this time to wrestle. Asking his still depressed father was going to be a miracle yet Moe knew how to use his tongue to convince his father why he should wrestle. Moe brought his father to the scrimmage on the day of his mother’s death and completely amazed his father of his skills. Moe’s sole act of wrestling brought his father back to life cleaning up his act and opening a sushi shop in Tokyo. Fortunately, Moe was able to bring his father out from depression and be able to pay for his wrestling fees. However, the sushi business was too slow a process for Moe that he wanted to get funds for nicer gear and clothes, he would have to resort to a different option. On his way back home one day pondering these questions, he saw a teen handing a kid his age a huge wad of money in an alleyway. Having that urge of curiosity, Moe wanted to know how he could earn money like he kid he had seen. From that day on, Moe’s life changed from wrestling and attending school to selling drugs and being paid to knock heads around.

Moe had seemed to lose his way for the Sushi restaurant was slowly losing business, which meant he needed to work harder to earn the money to keep the shop afloat. Moe gotten himself so deep into selling that he was now the right hand man to one of the branches of the Imperial Crime Syndicate (Will explain later, for now keep guessing). Having to sell drugs to keep his father from going out of business, Moe led a double life; one life worked at a sushi shop and wrestled while the other was selling drugs to other teens. His father never knew of these transitions but his grade school friend, Kasuka, knew about this and struggled to save Moe from this cycle. During his first year in high school, Moe had gone from the carefree fisherman wrestler into another teenage gangster in Tokyo. Hopefully including Moe in the Loose Cannons project will change his ways.

Attitude- When he doesn’t have to put on the façade of a gangster, Moe is carefree, out spoken guy. Passionate about whatever he does so he will stick with his decisions no matter what.

Likes- Making children happy, the ocean, swimming, fishermen work, food eating competitions, fish, fully stocked females, boobs

Dislikes- Flat chest females, bullies, museums, people joking about his mother, running, huge female butts

Associated Characters: Moe’s Father and various children throughout the series, Krystal (see episode 11. Also name subject to change)

Any questions, mortals?
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I'm glad you brought that up!

For them meeting up it will be the premise for the first two episodes while trying to bring down the Imperial Crime Syndicate at the same time. That way, I don't have the fans waiting for that one character to be revealed nine episodes in


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If anybody was wondering what type of villains were going to be in the anime then I must say they are based off historical figures. Not the big names like, Hitler or someone of that cailbur, yet something along the lines like a pharaoh or Chinese emperor (hence the Imperial Crime Syndicate)

For season three I think you guys are going to love the main villain cause it'll relate to Kilik mostly but instead of a generic angel gone bad I have something much, much more exciting.


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So he hates flat chested females
Then he must reeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaallllllllyyyyyyy like Kasuka :twisted:


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Lol you will fine out soon enough cause I think I'll write the first episode for this after I get everything settled.

Metal excellent question, no. Too cliche for me, however lets say he has some history with the Devil ;)


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Like the normal cliche is that it use to be someone that the main character knew that all of a sudden turned evil. Not this anime son, you will all definitely be surprised