Scorpion or Sub-Zero?


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I just wanna find out who you think is better and why
Scorp or Sub?
Guys, please keep it a clean arguement/debate
an opinion is an opinion and no opinion is wrong

i'm excited to see what you guys say :)
What d'you mean mate? As in which character you like best or who you think is the better fighter? I've personally always liked Scorp more because of his story and maybe that's why I prefer playing as him as well but they've got completely different fighting styles so I can't really say who's better. But yeah Scorpion 2012 my fave MK character since MK2 :)
Considering they seem to be pretty evenly matched, I'd say skill wise, they seem pretty even.

But I like Scorpion better.
I always favored Subs character design but I play better with Scorpion. I dont think one is better than the other, (IMO) they seemed to be evenly matched.
Bi-Han is a bad ass and achieved more in life (and death) then both scorps and younger sub combined. however costume wise scorps gets the best duds however younger sub has the most looks in MK9. All in all tho ima have to go with the flaming skull toasty for the win... :twisted:
Eh, I think they're evenly matched in terms of fighting skill. Personally, I love both but if I had to choose, then I'd say Sub-Zero. Preferably Kuai-Liang due to his backstory. I love Bi-Han as well, but Bi-Han's a power-hungry jerk.
I honestly cant choose, I prefer playing as Sub Zero but prefer the Scorpion character. Impossible for me to say.