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  • i bought my ps3 in 2008, played call of duty for 2 days straight, literally i didn't stop for like 40 hours. blu-ray drive burned up. sony wouldn't honor the warranty. so i started collecting broken ps3's. revived that sum a bish like 4 times. about 6 months ago it started eating up hard drives for no reason. took it apart and never bothered to put it back together this time. i need to get a job and get another one but, i'm dreadfully lazy and uneducated. a bad combination for work in my city. so, until then i'm on xbox.
    Haha, my bad, I meant to reply to you yesterday but I forgot

    Anyway, I've actually listened to Just Forget before, as a matter of fact I listen to it almost everyday lol

    Never heard The Final View though, and I'm pretty damn glad that I have done so now

    And I've heard a couple of tracks from Fat Jon before also, but you can go ahead and post them if you want
    I never said you were a ho, I said I wanted to treat you like a ho. Big difference, same feeling.
    You should check any one of the females' friend list. Everyone knows the quickest way into a ho's pants, is through her friend list.
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