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  • I don't know if you saw, but I fought Gilgamish for you.

    I can't even get his life bar below 95% lol and I'm maxed out on that game.
    Let me know how it is I've been trying to get my code but it's a no go so I'll just wait. Mp isn't important to me so Im not trying to hard.
    So it said I'm a spartan but I got no code? Idk. I'm not really hayped about it anyway. but if I do happen to get the code I'll let you know.
    IDK but that trailer kinda tells me they're focusing on Mp even though papy said they're not. we've gotten what 4 or 5 trailers, a demo, a ps blog? Except for the E3 demo and one trailer the focus has been on showing off the MP. I can understand not wanting to ruin the story but come on give us more then this is going to be him breaking free from his oath to Ares.
    I beat LoD like a week ago. Even got all the stardust and killed the secret boss. Great game man. Meru is probably one of my favorite RPG characters ever. Dem additions got rhythm.

    Anyway, I was really disappointed by the ending. After the credits there was nothing but a black screen with nothing to do. Did my game glitch or was that really it?
    Right my bad. anyways only way I see young ares being shown is if they explain the furies dealing with the titanomachy (it was mentioned somewhere in a official blog post at godofwar.com) but that would seem a bit odd to re-design him for one scene this must be his look in this game either way we will know in a couple hours...
    Well no, Ares came after the Olympions where vomited up, because he is Zeus's son and Zeus was never eaten by Cronos. I'm really interested in seeing how it's explained too.
    I didn't get it even though I bought it. They had some Bs excuse as to why. They said my order was late and I'd need to wait and comeback. So I did and it never showed up. So in return I got Gow3 free and my money back. I never did business there again.

    You'd probably plat them all before I do. I like to take my time with them so there's no telling how long It would take me. lol
    Sony entertainment. Yeah that's what I was saying, They could take Kratos out, give us more back story on Deimos and then go into God of war 4 or 5. There is just to much left unexplained when it comes to What happened to Deimos growing up it could expand and freshen up the franchise.

    I think they'll make God of war untill T.C. carson (Kratos's Voice actor), says no more. Then I'm almost positive they'll reboot.
    Well he and Deimos are both sons of zeus, So seeing Athena return as a shade and guide for Kratos in god of war 3 after saving Zeus. I wouldn't know why he couldn't do the same after dying trying to protect Kratos. it would be something new seeing as how Athena isn't fond of Kratos now that he didn't give her hope.

    I'm wondering if there is enough fan demand SoE would go and do a side story with Deimos so we can finally know how he survived for so long and how he grew to be as powerful as Kratos was as a god. If they wanted to give Kratos a time out and replace him with Deimos for a game or two I'd be just fine with that. As long as it was assured he return in the future.

    I think SoE F'ed up killing him off so fast.
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