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  • After all that time you said you pre-order it now you say you dont have it I knew you are bull shit
    I completed all of Umbrella except the mission in Europe and some of the little bonus missions.

    The game is much too difficult at times. I like Darkside because it isn't hard or easy, plus the controls are better and it has my favorite RE, RE2 in it.

    Even Ada's "death" is HORRIBLE in Darkside Chronicles. It makes NO sense lol she "dies" but doesn't have a scratch on her and her voice actress was bad.
    Ita all good. To be fair its kind of a wierd song anyway. With her voice, and the little kids chanting. But I like it.
    I used to play L4D on xbox, but I traded it in to play on PC. Currently I just play Dead or Alive 4! You interested in DOA5 at all? I still play MK9 but have not really played since February. I kind of want to play AVP, maybe I will check it out when it has dropped in price.
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