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  • yeah, I've had one for over a year now. Got that Wind Waker gamepad too. I'll add you when I get off work later
    Amen to that my fellow food employee.

    That's what restaurant work really is, one long endurance test. But I'm glad you enjoy your position. I hope your still here on this site to share when you get to that grand pedestal that you want to achieve.

    I know you can't see my face but I am thoroughly impressed. Do you enjoy your job?
    500 dishes are hectic but if you love your job it's worth it right?
    It's the only one I could find that demonstrated the start up of the block string. It's 30 seconds, then reset
    Long time no see, I only recently got back on this site too from a half a year break. MK X had me crawling back.

    New PC? nice, we should play something. I'm pretty much done with TF2 though, the game has gotten way too ridiculous for my taste, but I'd consider playing with someone.

    Have you been to any concerts in the past year? I'm going to see Devin Townsend of Strapping Young Lad fame in December. I'd see more shows, but my friends don't exactly share the same style as me. But theres a few we can all agree on.
    oh grand KMFDM wizard, I think I just made off with a steal today at the used CD warehouse.
    I own a lot of KMFDM stuff, but was always missing Naive. And I think I just obtained the original 1990 edition that was recalled and went out of print due to a copyrighted sample
    (wikipedia, where would you be without it)

    But the fact that I got it for 1 measly dollar makes it all worth it, seeing how used copies of it can go pretty high online. The guys working there should have done some reasearch.

    Some pics, I swear I didnt just rip the price tag off something else and stick it here lol. And it appears it just arrived at the store exactly today.

    Do you own the original cassette or CD and not the "Hell to go" version?
    got em on amazon. Each were like 20 bucks used. Stroll in the pork is too damn expensive though, so I didn't bother with it. Maybe someday. Original swining is also rare, but red raw and sore has more songs and it easier to find. So I'm content with that.

    Enjoying the hell out of these, havnt even heard of some of these remixes before. I love the Fountain of miracles remix. And I don't have a twitter and only use FB for IRL shit. I got a tumblr though.

    But I'll be on the lookout for any new Raymond Watts material.
    You replied to my last message on here on your own wall.

    I caught the show they did here. I had VIP tickets so I was on side of the stage and got to meet Trent. Though there's no pictures or anything unfortunately :(.
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