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  • Yeah I didn't get much for em, but it helped out. Tbh, they were all games I forgot I even had so that made it a lot easier. I think the most I've gotten at Gamestop for trading games was $45 and that was like 6-7 games, plus a coupon smh.

    Must be nice having your main in the game, Stryker is in MKX but he only shows up in like 4 scenes tops lol. I like Ferra/Torr so I've been practicing with them a lot, and I've been messing with Cassie with a little Commando Kano on the side.
    Lol, partially; when my old laptop hit the crapper I couldn't really do crap online. I'm definitely wasn't gonna use a PS3/PS4 browser lol. After a while (like 2-3 months later) I kinda just forgot I even had an account here tbh. I didn't get a laptop until a month ago plus I wanted to avoid spoilers which seemed to pop up everywhere. I watched a friggin cooking video (don't ask why, just embrace it) and there were spoilers in those comments lol.

    I've been saving for like months; that and I traded in some of my old games. Also gave up on the durty channels; man that was the worse part, all that pent up anger for all those months. Now all gone, thanks Ed Boon.

    Lol but seriously, who do you think you'll use in MKX?
    I've been good man, can't complain. Well I probably could, but who'd care lol. Yeah, it has been a minute; in between not having a laptop/computer for a while and being stuck in school/work stuff I haven't had much free time until recently. How have you been?
    You're right, I have to look harder. I've heard of Redeem/Revive and I the Mighty, but the other you've listen are amazing especially The Venetia Fair.

    Classics? I'll give them a try, and 2004? Could you drop some bands for me?

    Meh, it just sounds weird as shit to me, and yea.. I'm here in Texas for another month and then the Navy is going to station me in Maryland. I can't wait, man. By the time I leave here, MKX will be out and I'll have a PS4 and shiz. This X1 is kinda shitty, tbh. KI is ass now so I have no reason to play it anymore.
    God, I miss the 2010 sound of Post-hardcore. Everyone sounds the same, nowadays. Even some of the older bands are becoming lame now, and my friend told me about the new Woe, Is me (Issues). They're so bad, I hate them with a burning passion. They sound like a mix of R&B + Post hardcore.. It's disgusting, and a disgrace to the genre :cry:

    But.. I've met new people here in Texas that listen to DGD, A lot like birds, and even Circa Survive, but they haven't heard of Hail the Sun. D:
    The Glass Elephant dropped in 2012, right? That's old to me :laugh:

    No, sir. I have not, but I should.
    I'm hyped for the Instrumentals man, and I agree with you on Tillian. Honestly, I want another EP for Secret Band and Sianvar and I'll be fine.

    Eh, I'm trying to get back into the groove of things. I've been listening to older bands like Lower Definition, DGD's Older stuff, Emarosa w/ Johnny, and a little bit of Ediola.
    Holy shit, 9-27-14. :laugh:

    New DGD album dropping this April, I'm so hyped.
    So would you label TFOT as experimental? God, I'm trying to figure out exactly what genre it is. <_<
    I remember you mentioning them, but no, lol.

    That's hella dope tho, son. Those Uncleans are top tier. Have you heard the new Elenora? They sound the same, but a tad heavier. It took a day to adjust, but nonetheless still great.
    Kinda wish he didn't leave DGD. A lot like Birds is good, too, but still.. I dunno, kinda hard to explain.

    I can listen to Carl Barker and I'm down with brown town over a million times and never become tired of the songs.
    Lol, damn, you were right. He needs to find a new band, with a unique sound and that band will flourish.
    New Fit for a King dropping next month! :cry:

    I won't be able to get it until December tho.
    Damn, Mathcore is heavy :laugh:

    It's.. weird, but I like it.. Mathrock is OK, lol.
    Like I said, Waifu has nothing on mine.

    The shittiest, sir.

    Show me your Waifu, she doesn't have shit on mine :mad:

    Fvck your music! I don't listen to that crap :rolleyes:
    This iPhone is ass, the rawest form of ass on the planet. Even thought the Galaxy shits on apple hardware-wise, but Apple's UI is so simple and I like it, plus the app store > Google play or whatever y'all use lol. I'm thinking about getting the 5S now because it's hella cheaper, and hardware is just about equal. Me too, I hardly call people though because texting is more convenient. Facebook? Manga? Yo, you gay :laugh:

    Music video comments are whack too.. "Hur hur this is generic" :|
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