Scorpion or Sub-Zero?

Kano isn't a what?
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Shang would also like to have a word with you...
Thank You

Plus Sonya is inspired by Cynthia Rothrock, so yea
Terminator is a robot.
Kano isn't a robot.
Terminator =\= Kano
Kano is human.
He only had a metal faceplate / eye implant to replace his damaged eye.
Big difference.

I'll give you the Lo Pan / Shang Tsung, though.

I never said that the parallels were exact between them but the INSPIRATION more or less.
I never said that the parallels were exact between them but the INSPIRATION more or less.

You never said anything of the sort.
You replied with:

Implying that Kano = clone of Terminator.

Whether that's what you MEANT or not, is a different story.
Gouki was comparing Sub-Zero with Iceman from X-Men and I replied (in my previous statement) that Scorpion is pretty much a clone of Ghost Rider.
I'm sticking with the ninja who is responsible for the creation of the ESRB, Bi-Han (MK1 Sub-Zero).
The Spine Ripping badass.

Are you sure?
From your name I was getting a strong Kobra fan impression

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Meh that last bit of mine was just a joke, I don't see a problem with him. At least not in the games storyline. The game made him more of a hero. Where Legacy has made him not so much.

I appreciate other storylines, but the only one that holds weight with me is the game's.

scorpion is by far my favorite but, sub-zero is still too bad ass not to be a very close second. they are like peanut butter and jelly, both are fine by themselves but, together they are greater than they could ever be separate.
Personally I've been a Sub-Zero fan since day 1, but Scorpion is the de facto face of the franchise (which I have used to defend him on a consistent basis), so for me, it's a push.

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