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  • This is bradley abbott turners number he would like you to txt him when you are ready 7143486959. Good luck
    Yeah I mean 10 seconds is probably a good length, but once they're dead I'm not really bothered anymore.
    "is true some of these ppl think that by making a fatality more gruesome makes it better, is cool if is gorish after all it is mk but make it short and sweet, i was reading some fatalities suggestion and i couldnt stop laughing. some ppl were like "first i stabs him multiple times in his chest and then after i split him in 2 i ripp off his arms and then beat his face in with his own arms and stomp on his back then go in his belly and rip out his guts and throw it at the screen. lmfao like really he's ben dead for like 2 hours and ur still mutilating him lmao"

    the above statement i made it a while ago,i know u didnt include mines.but just incase, go read the fatality i have for cyrax and u see that is short and sweet. and the barraka one the opponent is still alive after he makes the y incision.same with nightwolf they die after he throws the tomahawk, but even this wouldnt take more than 10 seconds.but if ur talking about other ppls fatality like i mentioned i couldnt agree more
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