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  • Hey Mods...

    Can you explain in plain English why Spambots are suddenly not being banned on TRMK, despite being reported for being bots?!
    Patrick McCarron
    Patrick McCarron
    This is not the place to notify us of stuff, as I don't get notifications from this. But let me explain:

    1) Don't know how they're getting in we're tweaking stuff to improve the difficulty

    2) We were not getting ANY reports being sent as the reporting system was not setup right, that was my fault. It's fixed now.

    In the future please DM me when things like this happen.
    Sweet! I'm on vacation until Sunday so I'll have something to look forward to when I get back. Thank you!
    I'm still waiting for more skins. I think a Fantasy pack would be cool. A legit princess outfit for Kitana, dragon Reptile, knight Kenshi. What do you think?
    After I get that trophy, I'm going to stay in White Lotus because I have to be faithful to my man (Liu Kang).
    I decided to switch after White Lotus inevitably won the war. Now I'm in Brotherhood of Shadow. Lin Kuei will be the next faction I join after I win a faction war with BOS.

    I'm having trouble playing as other characters. I'm not sure why it's a lot harder to execute combos in this game than it was in the last. I'm probably annoying everyone since I only play as Kitana :(
    I saw your message too late! I didn't record it. It honestly was pretty lame though. It's just a chakram slicing the opponents head in half.
    don't know if you are in to assassin's creed but black flag is good, just hate the sailing parts. infamous: second son is good, need for speed: rivals is good, I am currently playing CoD: Advanced Warfare, which I am not much of a CoD person, but, this one is great. madden 25 is awesome, madden '15 is pretty looking but actually hard so I got rid of it. nhl 15 is good. just a few to name.
    Niiiice T man! I got one, too, I love the throwback jerseys, they are the nicest jerseys ever <3

    That GIF is AWESOME, I love it!! Best play of the game, plus, Bryant's catch =)
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