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  • Fair enough, mate. No idea if I'm doing anything then, so we'll wait and see, lol.

    And, before I forget, if you ever see me online on psn and want to play, hit me up. I'm always willing (that makes me sound like a slag, lol)
    I would say sorry for your loss, but I know how annoying it can be. At least your Dad (hopefully) got to see his grandchild born, though. Yeah, that sounds like effort. Gotta do what you gotta do, though... even if it is for shit all.

    And it depends when it is. I know I'm busy as shit soon. If I can, I'll come down. Do you know where it might be?
    I thought that game looked shite. I don't know why, I just didn't like the look of it.

    Ah, fair. I love punk music and any most offshoots of it. Having a band, a baby and work must be hell, though.

    Yeah, I've been fine. Not much to say, really. What about you?
    A kid? Wow, congrats (and condolences for all those lost nights of sleep). And a band? Cool. What genre?

    Yeah, I'm proper hyped for MKX, too. I'll probably get a PS4, but I don't know when. Probably just before MKX is released.
    I just work at a local shop, lol, nothing special, its a pretty normal job for a 19 year old I guess. All I watch on TV is Top Gear and Mrs Brown's boys, everything else is dog shit. I could never see myself signing on, lol. I'm too proud, i'd rather starve.
    I know that feeling all too well lol. I swear, i'm so glad i've moved out from home because the amount of soaps my sister watch made me want to suffocate myself with a carrier bag. If you ever get the time, send a message to me on PSN. I'm on loads of the time since I only work part-time and i'm single (the two things that kill a gamer's playtime lol)
    Feel like dicking around on any classic fighting games any time soon (SF2, SF3, MKAK etc)?
    Right now I can only use the 2 characters, but i'm starting to use Anna and Lars now. I love Aris, I don't care about that sexual harrasment thing. I found it funny because she was exposed as a bit of a slag. I think that you don't need Koreans to teach you, per se, but you can catch a few things by watching their matches. Only practice is my favourite player, you can watch a lot of his matches on youtube.
    Im havent got one. im toyong about with M.Law, Mishimas, Kazamas and Lei. Leis silly hard to use effectively imo. Aris the sexist king of trolls, says the whole goal is to make yourself a moving target. I wish i could understand Korean tongues more than listen to him mind. He knows what hes on about mind.
    That must be hard for you. I hope they get well soon. It's understandable why you've been avoiding fighters.

    I'm not stupidly good yet, i'm just figuring the way the game is played and everything is clear now, but I haven't played anything other than practice mode since then. Who are your mains again?
    Are you up fpr some TTT2 soon? My gf is moaning about me playing it too much so I don't know when i'll be on it, but if I see you online shall I send you a message or something?
    LOL I love hearing people go absolutely mental. I guess some people just shouldn't play games, lol
    Thats ridiculous. y'know what i'll try when we next play. I won't practice Kenshi at all and i'll see if I can win against your sub.
    i've spent like 2 minutes in the training room with Kenshi and i'm pretty sure I could beat a good sub with him. Thats how bad that matchup is for sub lol. He really shouldn't be quitting after that.
    I bet for you it'll just be a "f*** the food, lets drink" festival :laugh:

    Ok, looking forward to it.
    We should play some mk soon. I guarantee I won't be playing as well as usual (too much shit going on IRL) but we should get a few in anyway as i'm fed up with playing randoms who abuse online tactics.
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