Rate the last Movie you saw.

The equalizer. 7/10.

Too one sided, and had several holes in the plot. Action was sick, but it took about 45 minutes before things start becoming interesting.
Birdman - 9/10

I don't even know what to rate this movie, I think I need another viewing to let it sink in, I would see it again but it's only playing in a few theatres in the country for now apparently, and the one I went to was about 30 minutes from where I live. but one thing for sure is it's a unique movie and Michael Keaton gives a damn good performance and continues to make me question why he's so under-rated and underused.

The premise is he plays a washed up superhero actor trying to make it big again through a broadway stage play, while trying to keep his sanity at the same time. Nothing drastically strays too far away from that concept and its mostly dialog driven, but the acting and character interactions are so good. It's shot to make it look like the whole movie is just one big take, so it really makes you immersed in whats going on. Edward Norton does a great job as usual too, but Keaton is the real star here. There's a scene where he goes on an angry alcohol fueled rant to this play critic that openly admits she's attempting to ruin his career before it even starts because she hates Hollywood actors, and Keaton's character goes on this long spill about what the hell has to happen to someone in their life to make them such a critic and how she only see's things as labels. It's amazing.

I strongly recommend this movie, hopefully it gets a wider release soon and earns the money it deserves. Its my favorite film of this year.


Finally got to watch it, thought it was great. Everytime I read something negative about this film it was about not enough Godzilla, I thought it was a perfect amount of Monsters and can not wait for a sequel.
That space movie?? That's in theaters as of now. It has a good story, but that's where I stop giving it praise. I could barely sit straight, the actors were uningaged in the movie, and 3 hours was way too long to make a point. Don't see this movie!!! It's called interstellar (edit)
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Fury: 7/10

A decent action movie. The new guy that was added to the squad and the commander of the squad were the only decent characters in the movie.

The movie also points out the horrors of war, (guy burning to death shoots himself). Some scenes were rather touching such as the German girl with Norman. I would love to see this movie again on my tv when it comes to home video.
Night of the Demons 2: 4/10

I don't know what I expected from a sequel to a B horror movie classic, but it atleast had decent demon effects.
TMNT 2/5.

Terrible story, acting and character models. Glad I only payed $6 to see it.
Still not as bad as the Paranormal Activity series... worst series ever. (Coming from a horror/thriller fanatic)
Interstellar: 8/10.

Pretty slow in the beginning, but once things picked up, my mind was blown. It's a complex story but that's the beauty of it.
Interstellar. 10/10. Wow, I was absolutely blown away. I'm sure it was over the typical movie goers head, like Inception. But wow, space is scary.
Pacific Rim 8/10 The story wasn't groundbreaking, but DAYUM! Them Kaiju and Jaeger fights were SICK! And all the visuals were great! And it's kind of bad if a movie's side characters are more memorable than the mains...
Godzilla 9/10 Nice computer animation, nice story but the thing I didn't like was the ending. Godzilla is alive in the Pacific Ocean and yeah we know he is "good" but he can come in any time and destroy the whole city. Ignoring that the movie was great.

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Somehow watched an old Beyoncé movie called obsessed. I'd give it a 6/10 since the roles were played well, and that last scene fight with Beyoncé kickin some ass was boss. The movie is definitely underrated.

Also Lisa is so damn infuriating her role was played pretty well.

The problem with the movie is its weird choices, what's the point of Ali trying to destroy the family with no one falling for the trap? Also the movie's pacing seems weird. But the action scenes were surprisingly decent, so 6/10 it is.
Into the Woods 8/10

Actually had very little expectations for this one, obviously its not a 9/10 like the original broadway/old globe productions, but was still very well done. Glad to see the Sondheim music remained rather untouched and the changes that were made still sounded great. Most of the actors understood the characters, I feel like maybe the baker's wife didn't get the comedy in the character. Another small issue was I feel like some story points weren't told well, and I worry people who aren't familiar with the musical might become a tad bit confused and lost. All in all, very well done.

Also Chris Pine and Billy Magnussen's "Agony" was fan-****ing-tastic
"The Other Woman" (Cameron Diaz, Kate Upton, Leslie Mann, Nicki Minaj) 10/10

Despite being a chic-flick. It's one of the most hilarious movies I've watched in the past few years.
Cameron Diaz was the highlight of the movie. She made me laugh my ass off every 3 to 4 minutes. Leslie Mann's characters idiotic, loud, obnoxious personality made her adorable and funny when she was in her scenes, Kate Upton was that clueless girl whose boobs they close up on every 15 minutes in the movie who had the least lines in the main women in the show, was more of just the trophy to attract men to watch the movie in theatres. Nicki's semi-main role made the scenes she was in the best, with the snappy ass black businesswoman she was in the movie. Haven't seen her act before. Was surprised to see she's actually a very good actress.
Overall, this has become one of my favorite movies. Everyone should go watch it. Male and female. It appeals to both genders.
(Also Kate Uptons huge boob shots and Nicki Minaj's huge ass made it better to watch. :love:)
Clive Barker's Hellraiser - 10/10 Angels to some , Demons to others

Clive Barker's Nightbreed [new uncut version] 10/10, loved it so much

Alien - 10/10 - Sigourney Weaver, nuff said
I saw the Devil (South Korea, 2010) 9,5/10

A korean movie about revenge without limits. About a man who in fact sees the devil.
true to the motto:

"And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you."

One of the best movies i have ever seen. But i guess it's not for everyone.