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  • Same here.
    In MK9 it was Noob Saibot, Sindel and Sheeva that I couldn't stand.

    Yup. I will enjoy MK X when it comes out and the others like londonhellgate can screw off.
    Noob-Zero said it best: "Stop shitting on my Cheerios."
    I stopped replying to him a while ago.

    Aside from not speaking properly (which makes it frustrating to read and decipher), it's also like speaking to a brick wall.
    Yeah, NRS did a great job in revitalizing it, but I agree.
    NEW face don't automatically = "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH, THE WORLD'S GOING TO END!!!!!"

    Will there be some characters that we don't like in MK X? Probably.
    Does it mean the end of the world or that we shouldn't give them a chance? No.
    If the whole MK community put on horse blinders like londonhellgate and Tarkatan Trash do, where would characters like Quan Chi, Shinnok and Fujin be today?
    Don't know what's up with that dude.
    He's a constant complaining asshole, and I just put him on my ignore list.
    I could understand hating on not agreeing on some things about the new MK X, but damn, that dude is like a black cloud hanging over the MK X forums.

    I've been an MK fanatic since 1992 (when I was 10).
    Hell, I'm such a fanatic of the original MK1 thru UMK3 era that I just recently (after the MK servers went down) deleted all my MK9 game information, re-installed it to get rid of Quan Chi and CSZ, and re-downloaded Rain and the other compatibility packs with classic costumes.

    That being said, I don't want to see the same repeated stuff over and over again in MK X.
    MK9 was a GREAT fan service game, and served well as a reboot, but MK X looks awesome, and characters like D'Vorah, Cassie, Ferra/Torr and Kotal Kahn look amazing.
    Issue 26 page 14 is where your avatar is from.

    (Aka I'm reading deadpool comics and I wanted to know when I would recognize your avi in it. :proud:)
    I'm sharing my opinions, sorry that you don't like it.

    tl;dr your visitor messages from now on. Stop harassing me.
    Yeah its definitely different.

    Instead of running from zombies society is slowly trying to return to the norm. Of course they can't with that mysterious game show
    Well fvck my knee cap and call me Jill.

    I'm sure you'll overcome it you beautiful creature :love:
    I'm so late on Prototype 2. I almost bought it the other day, but since I have Bioshock and DS2 to finish (as soon as I can put Resident Evil 6 down), I bought my friend Dead or Alive 5 instead as a birthday gift.
    I have a friend who's into MGS big time, but I've never really gotten into it. I've only owned the first, third, Peacewalker, and Portable Ops Plus
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