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  • Yeah. I hate the kind of fatalities that can be done anywhere on the stage and only require directional input. I accidentally do Triborg's "Teamwork fatality" because of this, when I was trying to come up with a creative way to knock out the opponent and spare their live, cause I like them.
    Hey man. I've been wanting to say this for awhile. I'm sorry for all the times I've killed your wife, Tanya. I'm sorry for all the times I've left you wifeless, including by decapitation, mutilation, and brutality. I assure you that it was all in self-defense and I never meant to kill or brutalize anyone. I guess it's great that Tanya can spawn back infinite times, but I do feel made for hurting a part of your family.


    Wuuuuuut? How old are you now?! There's a slight chance that we know each other.. Very slim, lol.

    Graduated Highschool in 2014, and I had two options. Military or College, and I chose the Military. Kinda missing Georgia, mainly the weather. It's too freaking Cold up here :cry:
    You're from Georgia?! :O

    I was born and raised in Milledgevile, but now I'm in Virginia stationed by the Navy.
    You should wait a bit to get a PS4, fight the anxiety getting a PS3 right now would be an error, you'd be delaying buying a PS4 and that's the console that matters the most right now. I think.
    Perhaps I will grow to like it, but for now I'm skeptical about it. I'll worry about fighting mechanics once the most of the characters are announced haha!
    It's good to hear that, I too am enjoying Freddy and just like you I have his whole movelist, and his fatalities, memorized. I also don't lose that much with Freddy, with him I usually get all flawless victories in the arcade ladder, up until Shang Tsung, Kintaro, and Shao Kahn. I want to see your LBP Freddy Krueger lol
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