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  • I'm using Bane, but I'm trying to learn Ivy & Deadshot.
    Yeah dude Tekken is awesome. I'm in love with it right now.
    I don't know anything about Lili, but I do know that Ranked is broken right now. Nobody can find any matches. I've had the game since launch and I haven't played a single Ranked match.

    The game itself feels amazing. I love the tailspin mechanic so much more than Bound.
    I'm maining Bane now, but I'm working on trying out Ivy. We should definitely play sometime.
    My King is on a whole nother level now lol.
    I've got good news for you.

    Kitana's Premier Tower is coming next week. The_pathfinder already quoted you in the Kitana thread to inform you, but I've got photographic proof on my Twitter page to back it up. You have my permission to use that photo.

    This week is the Heroes Premier Tower. Kitana is playable in one fight on that tower (I ended up getting Assassin Kitana, oddly enough).
    I had been thinking about Kitana in a Princess Zelda type of dress for some time, but that's not practical for Kombat.
    Have you gotten any of the Mobile unlocks yet? There's an exploit that Lord Greyjoy exposed on several threads today. Basically, you go to the Ranked vs Player leaderboards, and look for the #46 ranked person (GrumpySenpai is what you're looking for, and his Ranked vs Player main should be Kitana), and download that guy's profile. You should get some Kombat Kard pieces, as well as Klassic Kitana, Farmer Jax, and Injustice Scorpion. I'm not sure if you get Ninja Mime Johnny Cage though, and I can't konfirm or deny it either way because I already have Ninja Mime Johnny Cage. I wanted that Klassic Kitana badly.

    But next time you go on MKX, I advise you to hurry and do this, because this may be patched out.
    How do you upload your screenshots & where do you upload them to in order to use them as your profile picture/signature? Thanks for responding! :)
    Speaking of whom, I got his Revenant costume after my 26th win overall in Ranked earlier today. I had been trying for 15 straight but to no avail, but it turns out that wasn't necessary. I completely forgot to record and/or get a screenshot because apparently priorities elsewhere (specifically speaking, playoff basketball on TV) gave me enough of a brain fart to cause me to forget.
    Oh yeah, I also forgot to inform you that you're now Factionmates with my cousin. I would send you her PSN username but she doesn't have PS Plus.
    I'm deciding to aim for the No Loyalty and Jump Ship trophies. I hesitated even today, because I had cracked the top 100 in the Lin Kuei.

    And I thought I was joking when I said "blue ninja kostume = definitely Lin Kuei" when I answered your question of what faction Kitana belonged to, not knowing that was your next faction.
    I just saw it posted on the Just Talk thread.

    I'm sensing a theme with these 5th Faction Kills. It's a bladed projectile to the head in both cases so far. I considered jumping ship after I got to level 50 in the Lin Kuei so I can get a gold trophy eventually (as well as the Dragon King background set), but it goes against everything I stand for to bail on defending a championship, so I stayed put. I could go White Lotus now, but I'm not sure if I get immediate access to the 5th Faction Kill since I did not contribute to the White Lotus winning.

    And for the record, I prefer the Lin Kuei's 5th Faction Kill. I grew up a Sub-Zero fan, so obviously there's a little bias there. I've got it on my YouTube channel, so I can show it to you if you're interested.
    I know our Factions are effectively tied, but if yours ends up winning, do you plan on posting the White Lotus 5th Faction Kill on YouTube? I already have the Lin Kuei's posted on mine.
    The Mage and Archer are two great classes. Both classes are ideally played at long range. However, once the Mage gets a specific class specialization, it's unkillable and can be played with any desired style.

    Yup, so far this gen sucks when it comes to quality games. If you're looking on the PSN store, give Infamous: First Light a try. Dragon Age: Inquistion and Bloodborne are the games I'm playing right now.
    Unfortunately, you can't mix class abilities so no Magic Archer. The three classes are Warrior(sword and Shield or two handed weapon), Mage and Rogue(archer or dual wielder). The Mage is ridiculously overpowered because of a certain class specialization. I'll let you figure it out for yourself. You can literally solo dragons with ease once this particular specialization is obtained. It's a great game, you'll enjoy it.

    You should try to get one of the PS4 bundles. I got the GTA5/TLOU bundle for $400. Did you preorder MKX?
    Yeah, the character creator is pretty extensive. You can also play as multiple races: human, dwarf, Elf and Quanari.
    Dragon Age: Inquistion is a great game. Average story but it has a surprisingly vast open world. You can literally spend most of your gaming time exploring. My first playthrough took me 100 hours and I didn't even do all of the side quest or complete the dragon hunts. You'll definitely enjoy it.

    I would strongly suggest buying the PS4 before MKX. That way, if there's any conflicts between your internet setup and console, you can fix them before launch. Connecting the PS4 to my router was no easy task. Your situation might be different tho. You never know until it happens.
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