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  • You've decided to get a PS4? That's good to hear! It's going to be a worthy investment once you see those crispy graphics ;)

    What other games do you enjoy playing besides fighters?
    Yeah, I've been playing with WW since day 1 so I pretty much know everything about the character. If you ever need advice, hit me up. I've heard it all and seen it all :proud:

    You still play online?
    Since I think Sektor dies in the comic, I'm hoping MKX's cyborg has a mournful variation for him :laugh:
    Damn dude that blows. At least you're getting the PS3 version. Hopefully you're able to cop your PS4 sooner than Fall.

    Did you see Kitana using Jade's staff? That was fukking sick lmao
    I just want classic Astaroth back. Big butt naked dude with the beating heart. That's one game I don't think I'll ever even be able to touch you in. I'm beyond ass at Soul Calibur haha

    Yooo! Have you seen the thread I made about the sequel? It's on PS4 and it's going to have Co-Op! I loved Skyrim, but I still haven't finished the dlc. Save file got corrupted and I lost interest.
    You're right. I can't believe they didn't even change the costumes. It looks almost exactly like the last 2 games because of it.

    Mordor looks pretty sick. I saw you playing Oblivion a while ago. Didn't know you liked those oldy earth type games. You should try Dragon's Dogma. That game is beyond delicious.
    Do you like Tekken 7 so far? I think it looks good, but I'm not as excited for it as I should be.
    Kitana looks good no doubt, but I'm looking forward to the true bae. Goro <3
    Not sure. There isn't too much on next gen that interests me right now. Probably just MKX, Tekken 7 & Street Fighter V. And I'll be sure to whip your ass in all 3 :love:
    You actually got GoddamGoddes?! :rofl: Damn dude I love how lenient PSN is. XBL wouldn't even let me have DJ_MuddButt

    I loved the Tomb Raider remake. The last 2 missions sucked my balls back into my body they were so intense.
    Lmao I'm glad I got my name change in too. Only a few people even know what it means now.
    Don't worry, I still have some time to make it. I'll be sure to get super ig'nant with it haha

    Yeah you can carry it over.
    You'd better hope you get a ps4 before I do because I swear to ~ Outworld's Goddess ~ I would steal that :laugh:

    I approve. Still thinking of something completely stupid for my PSN. When I first got my XB1 my gamertag was "Paladin-Of-Poon"
    What is it? I was gonna buy a PS4 this month, but had a surprise dentist appointment that hurt my 'fun money' pretty bad lol
    I'm down lol.
    I main Deathstroke now (My true love <3), but I still know how to use a lasso :mad:
    Yes, I haven't been on here for a very long time. I am super excited for Mortal Kombat X, NetherRealm Studios always does a great job of hyping up their games.
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