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  • Nope, I'm going to buy it retail on release date. I could really careless about Goro :laugh:
    That sucks! I love mixing classes. I usually do some sort of hybrid of mage and archer. I don't like being in the heat of battle. I'm looking through the PS store and I hardly see any good games out :(
    I'm going to try to make a magic archer so it should be fun! I'm getting my PS4 next week, ughh! I'm so excited!
    Are you able to create your own character? That's what I really want to do haha!

    My internet is awful! I won't be able to play online well until I move places in September. It'll give me time to practice.
    Well, I want to get the Tomb Raider Definitive Edition and Dragon Age Inquisition. I don't play video games a lot anymore so I want some that will take me awhile to finish. Not sure when I'm getting my PS4. Should I wait until MKX's release day or buy it before?
    Definitely! I don't play online often because my internet sucks right now. I will play online on PS4 when I get MKX! I'm so excited!
    Wonder Woman and Zatanna are my mains in Injustice. I'm trying to get Hawkgirl to that level but it's been a rather difficult journey.
    Forgot to mention that you have to Upload the re-sized image to and use the
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