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  • That was for all of the fatalities <3

    Have you played MK9 recently? Ever since Gamespy went down and MK9 got new servers it feels like the connections got sooooo much better.
    What is it about Injustice that makes you think you wont be good? It's pretty identical to MK9.

    Yung is the guy to talk to about SFxT. I think he's the only person who likes that game :laugh:
    I feel you on that feeling. I'm getting tired of Vegas.
    But i have the opposite problem, I've been trying to keep busy but can't lol. I live on my own now and my managers keep cutting my hours. So I'm trying to get a job as a stagehand, setting up concerts.

    But Injustice is an awesome game. It's really zone heavy though, so if it frustrates you in MK9, you'll kill yourself when you play Injustice. But a lot of the female characters are high tier. Wonder Woman is really good, Batgirl is broken good, Raven is decent, Killer Frost is pretty good, CatWoman is alright. There's a demo in the PSN Store if you want to try it out first, Wonder Woman is one of the characters you can play as in it. I personally love the game, but a lot of die hard MK fans don't like it.
    It's just a good thing I don't play with a mic on. I must've been cursing in 6 different languages.
    Fun as hell though. Can't even count how many full life comebacks you made. Every time I thought I won I was looking at the You Lose screen :laugh:
    Have we ever played Tekken? You may beat me in MK, but this King has been growing strong for 12 years :mullet:
    That's the whole catch of it. The game is free, but matches cost coins. I posted this over on SRK

    Arcade Coins let you play Arcade mode. You cannot play it without a coin

    Battle Coins let you play Online Ranked and Player matches. Again, no coin no play. You get free 5 coins every hour I think.

    Premium Tickets can be used on both Arcade and Online. If you use them for Arcade you get more XP and gold. If you use it for an online match and you win, you get another Premium ticket. Meaning you can play forever if you can keep winning. If you lose you get more XP.

    Premium Coins are the exact same as Tickets, but you get Coins from the PS Store.

    XP is used for your ranking I think. Just a dick measuring sort of thing.
    And Gold is used for enhancing your character. Like a RPG type deal that lets you pour points into a characters Power, Endurance or Vigor. Power is damage dealt, Endurance is a bigger health bar and Vigor increases your chance to land a critical hit or entering Rage.
    Thought you lost interest in the T. You never got Tag 2 and thought you gave up on it
    Get on that shit! It's free on the Playstation Store.

    It has a VERY small cast of characters and the dynamics have changed to be more like Tekken 5 where there aren't crazy long juggles. You have your simple juggle combos, but no bounds.

    From the start you have King (<3 <3 <3) Kazuya, Lars, Lili, Asuka, Jack, Paul and Law. You can unlock Steve, Leo and I think Heihacihi. Also has RPG elements where you can upgrade stats.

    More characters, stages and the ability to customize is coming says Harada
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