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  • Well I'm kinda iffy.
    Trying to stay off for a bit. Getting a PS4 in about 3 weeks.
    I could get one now, but I really am trying to wait and preorder the Destiny:Taken King bundle. Loved PS3 destiny and I am ecstatic for Taken King.
    But I seriously want to play MKX. I don't know what to do yet but I'm debating.
    I'm kinda on and off here.
    The reason is because I have nothing to contribute. No more news for any MK. I log on once a week because I want to check notifications.
    When I get my PS4, I'll probably be back on here for a while to share my full experience with Tanya, lol.
    Sorry for the absence.
    I agree completely.
    I had thought about it, and it's a stupid idea.
    Hey man, you got any social media I could catch you on? :)
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