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  • dude i Love your avatar, I was thinking of it maybe as a baraka alt. but i know it will never happen.
    Mecha-Baraka FTW!
    So bad they closed your thread, you can add the info in 13th's thread though, thats why I made Rain thread a week ago :p
    If you see the video a bit closer you will see the psychic toss is his "throw" move.
    It's kinda funny because I am originally from Buffalo, NY, now live in Southern Ontario, Canada and people almost always ask 'where are you from?' or 'you're not from around here, are you?' and I say 'no, I am from Buffalo, NY' and they feel stupid because they think I am from Europe when I am just from 2 hours away over the border, lol.
    If its for an usefull reason, no it wont, if you check most of the char threads the OP has 1 or 2 posts reserved.
    Hey kaballer, your inbox is full i cannot PM you, lets make a clean dude, cya =)

    ha, really though, it's all cool and I still like Fox, no matter what, just want to make sure that the right info is being passed along. I am not gonna blame anyone because there was a misunderstanding somewhere along the line. Perhaps he just read it wrong and it set him off. Either way, it's all good <3

    Someone just told me about the profile messages so I had to clear up what happened.
    Fox was banned because I told him to not act like a mod and report offensive posts so we can take care of it. He replied telling me that he 'does not take orders from mods' and that I am 'not to tell him what to do'. He then started to mock my 'Thanks =)'

    I do, however, find it funny how he is telling everyone it was not deserved and making it seem like I ban for fun.

    PM from Fox17

    Sir yes sir, I wont tell you what to do, and you wont tell me either, is simple, next time if you dont like what i do just ban me but I dont recieve orders. Thanks =)

    PS: I did report the post. Again, Thanks =)
    I got the urge to play the Konquest. But yeah it's pretty good, probably the best of the second gen games. (For me that includes Deadly Alliance, Deception and Armageddon)
    Yeah, I am, I have a discussion with Jade that was followed by a week banality lol
    Ill add that 2,2 is less damaging but faster than B+1,2 and covers more are, the rival cannot jump or dash from 2,2
    I asked about how to use SZ's puddle, he answered me it is useless lol
    I suggested adding a teleport move and he started to laugh and said that SZ didnt need it
    He also said that 2,2 is way better than B+1,2 and a some other things like tips against teleporters

    Here is a link to the entire show, SZ's part is the last one, if you watch it pay attention in some part the guy says "Fox 17 asks" lol

    LINK: http://www.justin.tv/s1lent1/b/286476444
    did you see tom brady's last night show? I asked some questions of SZ via the forum and he answered me in the show.
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