Rate the last Movie you saw.

Avengers Infinity War 10/10!

The absolute BEST Marvel/superhero movie I've ever seen. I already can't wait to buy it.
i saw that Solo movie. I thought it was alright. not Avengers good but it was a fun movie at least. I don't know what all this hate for the movie is.
Black Klansmen 5/10

It was a pretty well done movie, but almost everyone was a flat character and some parts just came off as foolish. If that's how things played out in real life then it was truly an adventure but also a very foolish way of going about things

I think some might like it, but I found a certain part at the end akin to tasteless propaganda and I'm a black person irl. Idk why but it just rubbed me as very cheap and tasteless from Spike Lee.

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The Predator 7/10

The movie was fun to watch. It pays homage to the 1st two films, plus some scenes were cringy but funny as well... Also the Predators have some slick armor and evolved.. It's worth watching normally. And also...

NEVER let anyone, especially a kid mess with unknown technology from another galaxy.
The last movie I watched was Green Book. Very deep thoughts, help to realize what kind of relations between people are unacceptable and what should be in ideal conditions.
Britney Ever After


A very poor portrayal of Britney Spears honestly. But I still like it because I'm a Britney fan and I still find the performances cute. Also, I at least have an idea of how it was really like to be Britney from 1998-2009.
I'm a Britney fan too. Love her!

YAAAAAAS!!! :) She needs to be a voice for Cetrion in an MK game or have a version of Cetrion with her as the face model and voice (just like how Sub-Zero has Dimitri Vegas).

Her Fantasy perfume commercial is the perfect reason why she can be Cetrion. Then Madonna can be Kronika! ;)

I watched Wonder Woman (2017) the other day. It's an 8.5/10. Could have been more to the story but I can't wait to see Wonder Woman 1984.

Lady Bloodfight:


Very MK related. Cold have been more girls mutilating guys though. LOL

Also some of these actresses can play as MK characters...

Amy Johnston as Cassie Cage or Sonya Blade

Muriel Hofmann as Jade

Kathy Wu as Cetrion or Kitana

Jenny Wu as Li Mei
I'm too lazy to post the new mk movie trailer but im sure everyone knows what google is. It looks promising but it might be a little too try hard. Goro looks great but other than that it doesn't really have the charm of the original. I'll check it out hopefully I'll be surprised.
I kinda like Turning Red ngl lol.

I have seen:

Top Gun Maverick - 9/10
Everywhere, Everything All at Once - 10/10
Thor Love and Thunder - 0/10
Bullet Train - 8/10
Scarface - 10/10
Taxi Driver - 7/10 (8 when I finally understood it)
and Nope - 8.5 out of 10
Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre - 6½/10 (IMDb has it at 6.3 right now, which is probably about right.)

It felt like a cheap Mission Impossible perhaps. Still fun and worth a watch, but not quite the quality you might hope for.