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  • Thanks. lol
    Pieced it together in photoshop. ;-)

    BTW, my Cobra Commander costume should be in by tomorrow, via UPS. :-D
    Got a black balaclava to wear under the mask too, to make it look more legit.
    I'll put the pic with me in the costume as my NEW avatar
    Here it is!

    I thought I saw you in the TRMK room but I popped in, owned some guy and then left but you were already gone off the list, anyways, ha.
    Thanks man. ;-)

    I'm the same way. Ha ha ha ha ha

    I always liked Cobra Commander, Venom, Carnage, Bane and The Joker more than their Hero counterparts.
    I don't know why, but I always rooted for those villains, as if they were the Heroes. LOL
    No don't do that I ment just the dlc files, unfortunatnly I am not at home, and im not that familular with my PS3 to explain how to delete them, or even if you can delete them on the ps3 but when I get back home which could be friday morning at the latest I can check and see if i find a way to just delete the DLC files. Sorry I can't be of more help at the moment
    Uh...okay? Not sure if that was suppose to be insulting or hurt my feelings in some way but it didn't =)
    I think it would look cool but not as good as your current signature. Simply for the fact that Noob and retro SZ have that ninja pose going on. Which adds symmetry to the image. Idk though. It's all opinion.
    You can lead a gift horse to water but you can't look at his face.
    People with stones in glass houses shouldn't build a deck of cards.
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